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  1. I'm disappointed he's PM, but like his weak measures it probably won't change anything.
  2. Will this be added to the school history syllabus about an evil foreign invasion of Thailand I wonder?
  3. What an odd statement. Anyone would think our illustrious leader had been elected by the population and he was showing responsibility. Weird.
  4. I see the 720p Webrip by uploader GalaxyRG on Magnet has inbuilt subtitles for the Russian dialogue,
  5. In the usual places: One Lane Bridge I can see some episodes. The Bad Seed only found one episode that's downloading very slowly. Where can I find them all?
  6. He's obviously referring to metal amulets, three being a lucky number of them to wear. This is a good example - telling the virus to point itself elsewhere.
  7. It's just as easy to roll a dice at home as in the office.
  8. Does it come with a WiFi connection and charging point, or are they optional extras? I think there's an option for a 'data dump'.
  9. I thought they did the whacking? Yeah, but It always cost me extra.
  10. Surely a hospital is the ideal place for anyone with a complex.
  11. I thought it was the job of the pretty to undertake any 'whisking' involved.
  12. Exactly the same thing happened to me over ten years ago on the first Songkran morning. It was about 8:00 in the morning and needed go into town to pick up something work-related, I thought I'd miss the water by going early. Big mistake. Came off the motorbike, had my girl friend on the back. Someone called an ambulance. Police also turned up, by which time the culprit had run away, Police shrugged and weren't interested as it was Songkran-related. I ended up with a dislocated thumb when the bike hit the ground. Ever since I don't even leave the house for the entire week.
  13. 'provincial lockdown more likely' I think given the procrastinating so far, the headline should be 'panic lockdown more likely'
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