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  1. Firstly, I've posted here as the Covid forum specifically says it's not for political discussion. It's not intended as political, but I can't see any other reason for what's happening. I don't know if it might be moved elsewhere by a mod? I went to the Post Office earlier today to send a parcel to Finland, as I've done regularly for a few years. I asked the woman who puts the packages into the Thailand Post cardboard boxes, to box up my package, telling her it was going abroad. She told me straight away that it was not possible to send packages abroad right now. When I asked why, she said is was due to Covid, adding that I could only send parcels to China and Hong Kong. I couldn't help but ask why China & Hong Kong were OK, but the rest of the world weren't? The lady called across to the counter staff who just replied "Covid!" I said to them that I wasn't arguing, but as Covid was worldwide, why was China & Hong Kong OK? The only reply they could come up with was "Covid" every time. Came home and did a search on TVF. I found a topic by CharlieH who posted a link to Thailand Post's recent statement on Covid-19. They mention 'changes on transportation information by its partner airlines'. Their list shows that China & Macao (but not so much Hong Kong) seem to be offering most letter & parcel air mail services. According to the list few other countries are still offering surface mail services. Finland doesn't even get a mention on the list of suspended destinations.
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