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  1. 'misunderstanding' I looked it up my Thai dictionary: A word used when the truth will cause a loss of face, or when someone has been caught in a blatant act of corruption. <Sarcasm alert for the hard-of-learning>
  2. Hey yeah, I saw that video. Cause them some physical pain by hitting them with a long wooden stick and they'll believe you within seconds.
  3. But once they saw you had one leg missing and were bleeding all over the floor, they eventually believed you?
  4. Lady Penelope: Parker, take off my coat. Parker: Yes, m'lady Lady Penelope: Parker, take off my dress. Parker: Yes, m'lady Lady Penelope: Parker, take off my underwear. Parker: Yes, m'lady Lady Penelope: And Parker, don't let me catch you wearing them again.
  5. Was it 2:19 AM or PM when Peter emailed you that? Anyway, surely not applicable to buddhists. Carry On Corrupting, as Sid James might have said.
  6. I'd have thought 'heaps' is not exactly the word when talking about diarrhoea, 'piles' neither. Perhaps this one will run and run.
  7. While it's a good move and will hopefully reinforce mask use into the locals minds, I do wonder about the transmission via contact on surfaces. If for example there's a packet containing food or drink put into the alms bowl, that could be a weak link.
  8. Perhaps he's assuming them thar rednecks think they are gonna shoot that virus stone dead?
  9. Three women talking. No one wants to be the first to leave, in case the remaining two talk about her.
  10. Just how many of these support posts will there be?
  11. So, if they are officially selling face masks abroad, that's obviously OK. I see our glorious leader doesn't have the balls authority to stop companies exporting them, even during an ermegency. After all, it must be 'profit before health'. Perhaps he could start using that phrase, or incorporate the lyrics into a hit song.
  12. Agree absolutely about that. The numbers of people I've seen wearing masks and fiddling with them in-between touching other surfaces which we have been told can harbour the virus for up to 72 hours. One example being plastic and stainless steel according to recent research.
  13. Going along similar lines, there are certain people making the headlines, ( who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons here), that should be banned from ever breeding... Yup, just keep them all filling the hazardous waste bins and avoiding breeding.
  14. Firstly, I've posted here as the Covid forum specifically says it's not for political discussion. It's not intended as political, but I can't see any other reason for what's happening. I don't know if it might be moved elsewhere by a mod? I went to the Post Office earlier today to send a parcel to Finland, as I've done regularly for a few years. I asked the woman who puts the packages into the Thailand Post cardboard boxes, to box up my package, telling her it was going abroad. She told me straight away that it was not possible to send packages abroad right now. When I asked why, she said is was due to Covid, adding that I could only send parcels to China and Hong Kong. I couldn't help but ask why China & Hong Kong were OK, but the rest of the world weren't? The lady called across to the counter staff who just replied "Covid!" I said to them that I wasn't arguing, but as Covid was worldwide, why was China & Hong Kong OK? The only reply they could come up with was "Covid" every time. Came home and did a search on TVF. I found a topic by CharlieH who posted a link to Thailand Post's recent statement on Covid-19. They mention 'changes on transportation information by its partner airlines'. Their list shows that China & Macao (but not so much Hong Kong) seem to be offering most letter & parcel air mail services. According to the list few other countries are still offering surface mail services. Finland doesn't even get a mention on the list of suspended destinations.
  15. Being 'a complete W****er' would that involve making a deposit in the hazardous waste bin?
  16. If they find one, it will not be an easy task. That has made me think about where you can guarantee to find a rubbish bin - outside every 7 Eleven. In a way that could be bad news, because if everyone thinks the same then all 7 Elevens could be full of discarded face masks. There again, I can't see that many people 'thinking too much' about it, and coming up with the same idea.
  17. Are they leaving On Nut as that's where they think the Health Minister lives?
  18. I never imagined the police would be involved in germ warfare. Will they have to defend themselves using weed-killer?
  19. Aha, a former secret policeman using his 'monitoring skills'.
  20. Greed. Plus that awfully nice Health Minister who doesn't have much of a clue about the virus and its transmission. Now where did I put the fruit bowl? I seem to remember there’s A-nut-in there somewhere.
  21. Thank dog he's not a government minister. We all know if he was, the figures would be confirmed in two days.
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