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  1. Plus, if the foreign press publish the details more, it might in some way make those guilty realise their names can be publicised with no defamation law to hide behind.
  2. How will the insurance work? Will it cover all hospital bills, or will there be a cash payment if you contract it:
  3. Look at www.world-today-news.com In the search bar at the top of the page try looking for 'Catch the wives of famous local politicians'
  4. That gives the impression they can continue to pollute the outer areas at will. After spending time and money building a new station, the SRT now appear to be working out how it will actually work, suggesting it hasn't been considered until now.
  5. Perhaps her study site is going to become the launch site. Seems ideal with internet and a spacious rice field.
  6. Judging from the photo alone, it seems that both the tourists were enjoying themselves. Even though they weren't socially distancing, I'm sure A-nut-in-here will be round to point out the error of their ways.
  7. I did try, I searched on Play Store for 'Line Gambling Report' - nothing. Wot a swizz. Even if it was a government run app for 'gambling', that would be legal. Same as the lottery - described officially as 'not gambling, but a game of chance'.
  8. Why does this remind me of a line from 'Tommy' by the Who? That deaf dumb and blind kid cop sure plays a mean pinball candy crush.
  9. Absolutely true. Whereas depositing 10,000 Baht directly to my bank account will.
  10. Has Mr Owl considered 'Curly Wurly" as an alternate nom de plume on Thai Visa..? The old nom appears to have achieved a certain notoriety on TVF whereas no-one would be keeping a lookout for errant Curly Wurlies... I think Curly Wurly has peaked too soon. He's just 'liked' your post already. Looks like some sort of continuity error.
  11. I see "Echolalia is different from Tourette syndrome" Who the flock are kidding sh!t winker cant. source: https://www.healthline.com/health/echolalia
  12. I've mentioned this before: As a Brit I said to my US friend four years ago that I'd like to see Trump win - purely for the entrainment value. From that point of view I wasn't been disappointed. Looks like Ronald McDonald has left the building.
  13. Hahahaha .. is she a pizza .. I remember the Dalai Lama ordered a pizza once. He asked the guy to make him one with everything.
  14. They can't be all that at 100 bart's a pair .. sounds a bit shady to me .. The Chinese guy should have stuffed them where the sun don't shine.
  15. ' light exercise' - does that mean you need to get up to switch it on and off yourself?
  16. There's lot of positive stories about Nigerians trying to send people millions of dollars laying in a dormant bank account.
  17. They need telling. They're obviously incapable of doing their job on their own volition.
  18. It looks like all 3 episodes of S03 were shown this morning? I see E1 appeared on magnet five minutes ago, hopefully the rest will follow.
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