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  1. 46 minutes ago, owl sees all said:

    Yes! I hear you.


    I was a bit late as my friend came to see me and the time just flew by. Left at 15-30, and by the time I'd gone to the farm to do the regular chores; feed the carp, water the plants etc., it was late. Tomorrow!


    I've got the strangest feeling that I could get a yak-yak with this. Should I stop now or test the water?

    'I could get a yak-yak with this'    Just get on with it and buy two of those long-haired Mongolian cows.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, owl sees all said:

    Could be right there bluesofa. I don't know if the Ford Cortina was fully made in Dagenham. They might have made the engine. Then again; maybe that was made in Spain. But where the Cortina actually rolled out of the factory I'm not sure.


    No! It wasn't whether the Cortina was made in Dagenham or not. It was the thought of taking a nice lady into the back of the car to inspect the upholstery. It was the dream of a Dagenham boy, when he snared a Barking girl, to be asked:  "Have you a cheap hotel in mind Owl?"

    "No Sharon, but I've got a Cortina."

    'snared a Barking girl'   Sounds like a real bitch to me.


    It looks like it was Dagenham according to wiki, but it is rather vague:


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  3. 1 hour ago, owl sees all said:

    You have put thoughts into my heard owl. But, wait a minute! The shop that sells them in Ban Dung has a lovely lady selecting the better ones for me. Can't let her down. Must visit today (Monday) to see what she has to offer me.

    'put thoughts into my heard'

    We were always told it would make you go deaf. Looks like your enforced holiday has affected your spelling, Owl. (as opposed to spelling bee)

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  4. 20 minutes ago, rooster59 said:

    Police have arrested a 23-year-old man who broke into a Japanese restaurant in Phuket Town Wednesday night (Jan 20) and stole B7,500.

    (from the link above)

    "During questioning, Somwang told police that he had committed three other break-and-enters for money because he was unemployed, Lt Col Sathit noted."

    He appears to have a yen for this sort of thing.

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