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  1. It's the same in Chile, where they've been using a lot of Sinovac and currently having a Covid wave. The figures actually suggest that hospitalizations and serious illness are primarily in the unvaccinated. People forget you can still contract Covid even if you've had two doses and can still count in the increasing number of cases. But the evidence in Chile is even Sinovac is proving effective against hospitalization and serious illness. People need to look deeper than just surface statistics.
  2. Search a bit and you will find from the official data that most hospitalizations and serious cases are from the unvaccinated, while the vaccines are preventing serious illness and death.
  3. Evidence from Chile is that it is effective in preventing serious illness and death.
  4. I had pretty much the same effects for the day I received the shot (which was about 10AM) but was back to normal after a good night's sleep. I didn't exercise for a couple of days afterwards and don't do anything really strenuous anyway, just brisk walking for an hour or so, but I still feel pretty wiped out after doing that, much more so than normal (5 days since the shot).
  5. There is no list of approved and licensed translators or translation companies. As long as the translation and format are correct and there is a stamp on it, it will be approved.
  6. Province: Bangkok Date: 10 June 2021 Location (name of hospital or other): Thamasat University Are you over 60/chronically ill? No (54)/No How did you register? Through my employer (passport required for registration & on site) Vaccination received: Yes If yes, Type of vaccine : AstraZeneca Given second appointment for 2 September, which I believe is exactly 12 weeks after the first shot.
  7. Dr. John Campbell makes the point of Hancock's 40% several days ago and the latest PHE data showing 60% at 5.02 minutes. His daily updates are pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJrfPFTk3pU
  8. Old news ... https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-delta-variant-60-more-transmissible-than-alpha-and-more-resistant-to-vaccines-phe-reports-12330068 https://www.itv.com/news/2021-06-11/covid-delta-variant-around-60-more-transmissible-than-alpha-kent-variant-public-health-england-data-finds
  9. My daughter has just received her 2nd Sinovac jab, which is 3 weeks after the first one. I got the AZ shot yesterday and the second appointment is in exactly 12 weeks' time.
  10. I had my first AZ shot about 24 hours ago. Something similar, with mild flu symptoms and feeling knackered but a good night's sleep and I'm feeling back to normal now. I was given an appointment for the second shot in exactly 12 weeks' time, not the 16 weeks some people have had. I got it through work at the Thammasat Uni centre.
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