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  1. I'm seeing plenty of footage of people protesting peacefully. Not hard to find if you're interested. It doesn't take huge numbers of people to set fires or criminals to take advantage of the cover protests provide. Been there, seen it firsthand. From this situation, I've seen a lot of reports of peaceful protest, even people protecting a police officer cut off from his buddies. Fires and looting too of course. But looks to me like there's a lot more genuine protesters than criminals.
  2. From what I've seen, most of the current protesters haven't been doing that either.
  3. Seems pretty much standard for anyone on the right as well.
  4. I did one last week and just got the money back in my account yesterday.
  5. You'll be booked for sure because you'll be driving a private vehicle not public transport.
  6. A few years ago, in the area I was living they just blasted a couple of the kids off the bikes. Don't think it would be that easy to hit the tyres - much easier to hit the kids.
  7. What charges do you think the other cops should be on? More difficult to decide on them but they must have a level of responsibility.
  8. There were 2 other cops sitting on him as well. But he never did anything in any of the footage to look a threat.
  9. Matt Hancock just agreed live on TV in front of the nation that they will review all penalties on families travelling for childcare.
  10. Maybe. But surely better than adding even more lies and adding fuel to the fire. And it's a good part of the country, not just political opponents - they've completely misjudged the mood, which is why I think he would have been better apologizing and showing some humility. It's keeping the rest of them on the spot too, seeing Gove almost trying to pretend that he's done a drive to test his vision before was just silly.
  11. The illegals are doing what they think is best for their children.
  12. But Downing Street was refusing to answer questions about where he was for weeks. When her article came out the lies were clear.
  13. I suspect it might never have been revealed if Cummings' wife hadn't done her Spectator article and Radio 4 piece lying about their coronavirus experience.
  14. That's fine. Not why I think he should resign. Still if he was so worried about his son, why did he let him bring drinks and take his temperature when he was stricken with the virus?
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