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  1. They're quite capable of climbing over straight walls. If you've only seen it a couple of times in two months, are you sure it's resident and not just passing through? Are there any drains etc. that it could be coming up? It's not a huge one so could probably squeeze through fairly narrow openings. Other than that, as above, you need to try and shepherd it out if you've got a gate there.
  2. It's very scripted. Interesting how some of the things they're saying would still be in the script today.
  3. Fine, you're making an ideological point. IMO private companies should not be allowed anywhere near public health to make a profit. We can agree to disagree.
  4. Then why is it illegal in the UK, for example, which has a quite advanced vaccination program? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-56294730
  5. Can you give examples from other countries where private hospitals have ordered vaccines ahead of governments and have already had those orders fulfilled and are currently distributing those vaccines?
  6. With all the vaccine production problems that seem to be occurring in different countries, and the late delivery and postponement of many existing orders, it doesn't seem likely that private hospitals will be anywhere near the head of the line when governments are still waiting for orders to be fulfilled (and nor should they).
  7. They'll run into problems with the millions of working class travellers who have already booked their annual trips home if they try and stop them now.
  8. Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) has already back-pedalled and said it was a misunderstanding and have now clarified. Only high-risk people who visited places where there were confirmed Covid cases should do the 14-day quarantine
  9. I just showed the email on my mobile and they didn't ask me to get it printed.
  10. No way JiminPattaya is going to be walking in and getting vaccinated at a private hospital before the government has seen to it that the vast majority of the Thai population have had it. Where do you expect private hospitals to get supplies from when governments all over the world are booking supplies months in advance?
  11. I would have thought that was up to the hospitals to sort for themselves. And they're going to be way down the queue that the drug companies are selling to for a long time yet.
  12. But the receipt doesn't have the address on it? And I also never have it in my passport if I'm at the airport - always remove it before travelling because they have no interest in it.
  13. To be fair, that guy didn't take it so seriously either and more than 80 died in the US. It's definitely not flu. Quite a lot of young people in the UK dealing with the effects of Long Covid. That's what I wouldn't fancy getting - it seems quite debilitating over a long period, but still being researched of course.
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