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  1. I found Treadstone excellent. Love how they've kept the intensity of the fight scenes just like the Bourne films. Another excellent indie film is Pig Hag....if you're curious about hw relationships work with all the tinders and Grindrs, this is for you. Dublin Murders....Im finding this hard work...Im usually good with accents...even Scottish ones but this one...maybe I need to turn up the volume....long bits where nothing really happens. Might have done better in Danish.
  2. What a sour bunch of detractors! Trump is the only US leader who has shown the cojones to stand up to China. Even Schumer gives him that. As to the deal, well, I hope he doesn't bring up HK. That is not part of America first.
  3. This is the only venue men should be behaving like this. It's an honest transaction with two willing parties...you'll never find a tart accusing you of groping her... unless you don't pay up later.
  4. wow...many of these women now gonna be using gooding's own line on him: SHOW ME DA MONEY
  5. They lied to the public, thats what they said but the only idea they had was impeachment.
  6. I saw that exchange. The off camera reporter said: is Rudy still your lawyer? Trump said (in true genius fashion): I don't know...I haven't talked to him yet. Don't know how you can twist that to suggest Trump isn't sure Rudy is his lawyer. This guy is too smart for you and the whole battalion of Dem pros out there.
  7. By now, a learned guy like you should know that many a time, right and wrong are a matter of perspective. Information warfare is the name of the game. While Im no expert on constitutional law, the optics of what the Dems are doing are very bad and will come back to haunt them....but they have no choice...they must proceed because they have no governance ideas... the whole party has to choose between violently lunching to the left and an ageing Obama crony who is neck deep in overt and covert signs of corruption.
  8. Desperation...when you got nothin on someone except 'ignoramus'
  9. Well, my take on this secretive impeachment enquiry is that the Dems are terrified to publicly look like fools twice in a row. Mueller's report gave them nothing to prosecute. So they're keeping this enquiry hidden just to prevent people from seeing through their impeachment sham. I think they're going to drag this out as long as they can, with cherry picked leaks and no full facts...hoping to build up negative press for Trump. Desperate strategy.
  10. Senator Harry Reid, a highly respected Democrat, disagrees with you. Unconventional smartness is still smartness.
  11. Looks like its finally happening despite the douchebags trying to overturn it. God save this lovely lady.
  12. There was no misleading editing I saw. The employees looked pretty resigned to the direction that was being forced on them from above. Some probably even relished it. The whole idea was to show CNN's agenda which they've always denied and wrapped up in a generic nonsense label of 'following the facts'. He's shot about 100 hours of footage....I think you can review all the tapes if you apply to Veritas as a film editor.
  13. "Let's just stay very focused on impeachment, okay?" Jeff Zucker, President, CNN from the devastating CNN whistleblower video. Now that's a whistleblower. Unafraid to show his face. Nothing to hide. Makes it so clear to understand why the impeachment drums are always beating hard and fast.
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