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  1. Senior citizens like peace and quiet....guess they are going to promote the bridge on the river Kwai. Or they will need to hand out pacemakers to all the grandpas heading into Pattaya.
  2. no its good so far....there are more villains now....Grigorov the Russian oligarch played by Joh Malkovich is good, if a bit cliched. From now on its more about Ax vs Taylor while Chuck tries to claw his way back into power. Just finished the Netflix epic on Madeleine McCann....was good to see it all in one place. some crazy stuff that you cannot make up. Also enjoying motherfatherson a BBC drama series with Richard Gere as a media tycoon with family problems. The case against adman syed ...hbo doco also continues
  3. no surprise there...but this topic is about hollywoods beloved as cheaters.
  4. This live streaming feature needs to be regulated a bit more strictly. Facebook is now complicit in grooming any more would be nutters who watched this sick crap and gave it a 'like'
  5. Its good to see the Hollywood elite being exposed for the corrupt swine they are. And they have the gall to comment on Trump. Bunch of self righteous a-holes.
  6. Wow....this guy is deranged....I can only imagine he was high as well judging by his need to make two passes and use hundreds of bullets on people who were already down and not moving. Another nutter who resides among us is the poster who put a laugh emoji on the original post of this thread. Sad times.
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