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  1. Your sure making up and adding an awful lot I didnt say or make claims to. I never even mentioned the name David Icke, you have. However I shall address your rant about conspiracies... If you do not understand there are interested parties and investors who have specific projected aims and academic papers of how to get there, reports and think tanks, NGOs and government bodies along with private business and lobbying then you dont know much. Conspiring is exactly what happens all the time all over the globe, between business, individuals and yes even governments. Conspiring is a perfectly natural human state, the problem is idiots use the term like everything is a science fiction novel and expect to be given names, plots and a book to follow, thats not how global geopolitics or international interests have ever or will ever work... Conspiracies exist, they are real and always have...I shall give you some famous examples. Julius Cesar was stabbed to death in the senate Et tu Brute ( you too Brutus ).... as Shakespeares rendition would say or was that just a story ? The Ick id refer you too is Eisenhower, his outgoing speech makes it quite clear to be aware of those making plans unseen.. Even Kennedy the very next POTUS understood conspiracies exist .... Or maybe he was just another David Icke fan... who killed Kennedy, was it a conspiracy or do you believe the official narrative ? Do you really think fads like transgender explosion happen by accident ? or that BLM is a funded by poor black people ? or Antifa, or all the illegal migrant ships, buses and transports are simply mafia with no governments knowledge ? its just a few examples of what must be to some level Interests conspiring for some aim..Hitler didnt come to power without help and financing , the Bolshevik uprising didnt happen without conspiracy and finance, nor did Mao come to power without help ... who financed them ? I know the answer do you ? if not maybe your the one living in a bubble of ignorance. I stand by what I said the vaccine will NOT be a cure but a shot, there will be other viruses along and the same thing will occur.. lockdowns and panic, the jobs will continue to fade, cash is being fazed out globally and only a moron wouldn't notice things arnt going back to the way they were.. not even if theres a 100% vaccine tomorrow... Have a good day.
  2. Back in the 90s to early 2000s silver was big thing in Thailand silver shops everywhere, half the khaosan rd shops were selling silver jewellery and lots of silver smiths abounded all over the kingdom, so there was a lot of raw silver availability for industrial/jewellery use, you could buy reels of the stuff in different finesse and thickness and i could have taken you to dozens of silversmiths using it, but not investment bars apart from some Chinese ones. Surin silver was truly awful quality but good for resale. Silver Thai style rope/amulet Chains were a thing so were amulet cases and one off bracelets and custom work, this was usually by far the highest quality silver when we tested it and easier to resell, so thats what we kept as an investment while running as silver import export business back in the day, its the only way we found to invest in silver in Thailand I doubt its changed much. A Thai friend has been collecting/investing in Thai silver jewellery since the 90s and has literally hundreds of kilos of the stuff, naturally hes an expert at testing the grade and always buys just over or at spot, He also has a nice collection of coins and bars from all around the world but very little bought in Thailand. As as others have said investment coins/bars just isnt a thing in Thailand
  3. The experimental mRNA-1273 vaccine works by injecting a small sample of COVID-19's genetic code into patients. The amount is enough to encourage a response from the immune system, neutralising antibodies were found in the first eight people who took part in early safety trials. However, of the eight none were over the age of 50. There is no current information of phase 3 trails covering age or testing on people with other existing conditions.. As most terminal patients to CV19 are over the age of 50 AND have pre existing conditions it would be logical to trail it on those demographics most likely at risk to see if there is any underying issues.. not that i can see them trailing it on unhealthy people and thats the rub... they are the ones most at risk and the highest death rate by far... if someone is on existing medications how would it/ could it react or interact with the vaccine, what other side affects might it set off etc etc. The variables to me seem insanely high to roll out as safe... just cos big pharma says its cool whilst having total immunity to any prosecutions dosnt somehow fill me with comfort
  4. The world has been changed forever, it will not be allowed to return to the previous paradigm even if they had a 100% vaccine out tomorrow. Thailands days as a top tourist destination for the world is done... its not coming back along with many other nations tourism reliance A vaccine will not eradicate it, that isnt the aim, never been possible with any Corona or Rhino virus and almost certainly isnt with this one... 60% effective and antibodies with an undetermined effective time limit isnt immunity at all... living with another potentially dangerous virus is not a big deal, but its supposed to be because it scares people into doing and putting up with things they would never otherwise tolerate.. We were always going to end up having to live with the virus, its been well documented there would be one, the plandemic and global responses are working just as they are supposed to. People do not matter, agendas do. Never waste a good crisis
  5. This is what I meant by stupid useless rules that are obviously half baked. Of course there is a huge difference between a face rag and a stage 3 filter system with a proper seal, I have used plenty of most types and all manner of PPE because in my work over the years ive been required to and trained to know the difference. What works mostly all depends on the micron size and type of filter required for what environment and most importantly the seal quality, a simple lab technician, construction or bodyshop worker knows this basic stuff and also know face bags/coverings people are to wear are useless. Now im semi retired I have a full beard so even a stage 3 is ineffective so for me its either shave or use a full mask and filter system, as im not in a risk category im not doing either for a non lethal virus. If anyone bothered to learn anything about masks or ever used a proper exhale filter or unit in a polluted or gaseous/dusty toxic environment they would understand and think again about using a nosebag, but most here do not nor care.. they just blindly follow the rules mostly out of ignorance or to feel like they are helping and to be in the herd group think, obviously silly rules are only there for social control reasons so I will not comply. . . As you say critical thinking is sparce these days. ... That time is just around the corner my friend. 5 years away at best imo for most countries. I was in India in 2016 when they cancelled most of the currency and switched over to QR code payments, it has not gone back since and a smartphone is almost a necessity there already to be able to function properly. I mostly only carry a dumb phone when I go out, I like to minimise my reliance on tech and having grown up without so find it no trouble at all. I dont have to live in a bunker, I just legally dont comply with silly rules and adapted life accordingly some time ago so I dont have to and sure glad I did. besides ive been all over the world more than a few times and enjoyed it all when everywhere was still an adventure, fun and affordable, ive no big regrets in my life I hope you dont in yours. Live your life in ignorance and compliance by all means, but thats not for me. This is for those out there thinking your nosebag wearing make a real difference.
  6. Unfortunately this is the most likely future, it will just sideline and expunge those not conforming, the social media and group think bores will do the rest. I am pretty sure things will become far far more draconian and dystopian than most can imagine atm... im pretty sure international tourism and the average holiday abroad anywhere they wish is going to become extinct if not already. I made my plans years ago so we wouldnt become separated as a family, glad I did too.. I dont expect to be visiting Thailand ever again tbh... sad but thats life.
  7. Its good optics is all. just another example of people being egged on to police others..makes them think they matter or a good person or something.
  8. In case you hadnt noticed, life isnt going on precisely because of this stupid hysteria, it is however conditioning people like drones to obey through fear and social pressure. You wear a nosebag if you wish, im not.
  9. Pathetic, get on with life and ignore these hysterical knee jerk stupid rules...
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