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  1. Wind your false outrage neck in lad. Thailand IS acting with sycophantic tendencies towards china and just for economic gain imo, thats not racism just an appealingly irresponsible gov. Dont come on the forum if you cant handle others point of view.. simple.
  2. Yea and dear leaders favourite book is Pinocchio...
  3. Thats definitely a no then, obviously i hit a nerve. Clearly your bothered about our shared British Empires past, im not in the slightest, nothing to do with me what went on and its unchangeable no matter what, there is blood on every single nations and expansion throughout history, BTW Empire is my speciality and Scots regiments often took part in the bloody and what youd call shameful episodes with great gusto and ingenuity. They also ruled with an Iron fist, raped and pillaged for themselves in the process like many other British representatives of the Crown. I wont go into them here but can if you like later, You dont get to cherry pick just the bad times and cry foul, better to look at the overall result if better or not over time. How far would you like to go back... 60 100 300 500 100 1200 2000 years ? What have the Romans ever done for us is the joke ... well unlike you and it seems much of the whining Scots here I dont blame the Romans or the French etc for the past and very grateful for what they brought and did, its funny the Scots continue to blame The English since its really French and European rule its been under if we are going to recite history lets go there.....Scotland never even forged a nation let alone a government or law book, it was literally nothing but clans and chiefs squabbling and raiding, its old news and old history, the Highlands true historic past is mostly barbarian/Druidic and Viking/Norse ones so please stop with the yearning for what never existed... India was forged first as one nation by its most bloodiest and vicious ruler Asoka who also happened to become a devote Buddhist and wiser, as a consequence it became India's golden age and Asoka was also responsible for sending out Buddhist missionaries across the then known world to spread enlightenment. Bad men can and do great things. When he died India once again relapsed into chaos and bloody times until the British arrived and once given order by ending the bloody reigns of the Rajahs and technology India once again progressed immeasurably and continues to this day. Because of the British and due to the European conquerors, much of the world has been transformed in a few short hundred years to fantastic heights and to the peak of what we see today allowing you and I to post here., the WEST and yes much of it Britain and its Empire is in the main responsible for all the tech you use today and the standard of living most everywhere, most all modern common laws and 90% of the worlds commercial laws derive from British law, in short the great and good far far outweighs the bad... you cannot pick a bad apple out of a barrel and declare the barrel bad... that is what you and many attempt and do. IMO No one owes anyone anything done by their ancestors and i sure as heck dont believe a country does nor do i feel any responsibility for the bad. Its helped the world immeasurably to offset any of the transgressions or mistakes made, culminating over two great wars in self sacrificing the Empire for the sake of allies, Europe and in the end the world. Those who mock or dismiss that sacrifice do so out of ignorance and demean those who laid down their lives for what they believed was the greater good of humanity, probably most Scots have ancestors who did so no less than do I. I will remain proud of my past whilst acknowledging all that has gone before both good and bad... These modern concerns and examples of transgressions by a country in a world long dead and gone has always bemused me...I believe sons do not and should not pay for the sins of their fathers. Same goes for my country and its past actions. History just IS, its nothing to get upset about today, unless you have an axe to grind of course and thats REALLY what its all its about... Everything any Scot of note has ever done or invented etc has only ever been as a British subject. When it comes down to it Scotland has a totally insignificant history WITHOUT being ruled by England, whats worse is the chance a few years ago was thrown away and is as you have virtually admitted before a splinter in your mind today... I sympathise with that but not with your whining and attempts to make me feel bad because I dont and have at least in part made a difference to my countries future.. I hope someday you will be able to say the same about yours.
  4. uBlock origin added to your browser ... you will never see another ytube ad again
  5. meanwhile in Wuhan the authorities are telling everyone to not go out... not for food, not for nothing not in 7 days time.. stay inside that all or the authorities will be informed on you... .. period.. dont believe me ? listen to the announcement as its broadcast. https://mobile.twitter.com/jenniferatntd/status/1229533320268177409?
  6. Direct sales as opposed to indirect ? Ahhh he means more bribes for his lot not the middle men... got it.
  7. Just what the American people need... another billionaire telling them the other one is in it for himself not the country... ... too funny.
  8. Is it still going on ? wow someone needs to update them ... Reuters has become a second rate source, full of bad lazy reporting and holes...
  9. Just abused his power ? ummmm a little more abuse going on than just power.
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