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  1. On the BBC Scotland section theres a good breakdown of the questions NS must answer to the Holyrood Enquiry. If the conclusion or answer is probably or Yes to any one of them NS should be utterly finished in Scottish politics by next month and the SNP should not waste any more time on her and throw her under the bus without hesitation.... Read them and tell me you can from what we know and truthfully, say no to all of them.. bet you cant but I bet NS will. If you thought this wasnt monumental and a massive issue every Scottish Newspaper is running on the f
  2. Im sure that will be NS prime directive and game plan , to ignore, bluster, silence questions and continue on trying to keep her seat of power as head. Problem is its not the party or its message but the leadership that is what I see as the problem. IF there is no other answer to the leadership than a corrupt and if i may say, apparently a very vindictive and dishonest one too where does that leave the SNP other than with a major issue of trust and dis/honesty ? do you really think most Scots dont care about that ? Most I know most certainly do... Scottish pride isnt a small thing
  3. Said last year when and if the Alex issue was brought into the light things would get very interesting fast and open a well earned and corrupted can of worms... Lets be honest and frank. Someone has been telling big porkys and everything they are going to try and wriggle out of will make them look even less credible. Its not Alex, now hes been tried, vindicated and still having attempts to gag him from speaking you cant blame the guy for now fighting back, if anything he's to be commended for putting Scotland before the politics.. In short it seems The queen of Sc
  4. Respectfully oou sound a little over dramatic to me. imo its over exaggerated not under and cases are hugely inaccurate.. eg; In UK anyone dying within 28 days of a positive test is logged down as a covid death regardless of how they die.. even if they fall out a window. Numbers dying of influenza or other rhino/covid strains the past year has gone to virtually zero... numbers dying overall in the past year has not increased but mostly the same over 12 mths period in most countries... some laces have seen a jump but nothing big plus regions expected to have exploded have not .. A
  5. I guess in a land obsessed that spooks are real its relevant to Thais... given who owns the site thats all seems to matter about content here anymore.
  6. Dogs were pedigree,cost a fortune and meant something to her ... dogwalkers are two a penny and clearly didnt... btw color has zip to do with anything nor wealth, plenty from all nations think more of their pets and treat them better than people.
  7. My God, we have left... Get over it life goes on, maybe some should get over being butthurt and move on too.
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