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  1. Wonderful consistency with the PPE there, masks, Clear visors, then nothing and no social distancing.. obviously your immune when making merit but not in photo shoots
  2. Great to know, I shall avoid dealing with the new Thomas Crook just like the original.
  3. Its passed the first stage easily... 360 to 263. What none of the MSM mentions is the DUP are 100% behind this change and for good reason.. NI is part of the UK and any possibility of tariffs to any UK region from another is totally unacceptable and tbh deplorable it should even be mentioned in passing by the EU let alone agreed to in the beginning by the UK gov, but i guess it was move forward and rehash later at the time, that time is now since Barnier brought up the threat in negotiations.. more fool him. It will pass and that will be that...despite the yapping and pearl clutching.. the EU can still have a deal if they change their tune of dummy out the pram throwing or not... No deal is acceptable to most now in the UK and no surprise should it happen.. thanks to Barnier and Co.
  4. Its got nothing to do with climate change btw, thats just the political line. Bad or little to none forestry management for more than a decade is what is to blame. If you dont do controlled burns in a fire prone region there will be no natural firebreaks the resulting fires will spread far more and California is the worst of the worst at dumb green regulations that often make things much much worse..... Nature grows, nature dies and gets dry, unless someone clears away said tinder nature will do that too, with fire... better to manage with controlled fires than out of control ones.
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