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  1. Number's game, that's an easy one : Article No. 44 the Ultimate cheat code
  2. Or in other words prevent the opposition from getting their votes registered
  3. Telling the truth at the cost of influential people and making them lose face is the biggest crime in Thailand,..... Talking about reverse logic
  4. Public image to show the world that Thailand HELD an election was the only objective,.... case closed
  5. Yep, one motherf********er less in the land of smiles. No remorse, ..... but directly in front of little kids, I guess they were devastated to witness a gunpoint suicide right in front of their eyes, a shock of their life time.....
  6. Life is cheap in Thailand,.... authorities don't give a damn......
  7. Children in Thailand are the victims of FACE and status....
  8. Publish the story on social media, then it will put more pressure on the boys in brown
  9. Rote learning and pounding useless facts into their heads and pointless old fashioned Poo-yai traditions against their Individual wills and morals is what kills them mentally, PERIOD
  10. Other countries don't do that, because they are not privacy swines like you EC -morons
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