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  1. Thanks, the office I'm applying at is fairly new, they are also not so familiar with the process as there's not a lot of farang in the area. Maybe they got the list from another office. Hopefully it will work out.
  2. Thanks for your prompt expert help as always. This is exactly what I thought it was, I remember visiting the embassy for something like this when we got married. Now that we are married is it sill possible to get such a document? It is definitely on the list which was printed and given to us.
  3. We are in the process of doing our 1 yr extension. My wife is confused about a document that's required. The name of the document is in Thai, which I can't read. What she described sounded like the document required when getting married, to declare that you were not still married. Here's the name for any helpful ppl who can read Thai สำเนาหนังสือรับรองความโสด
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