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  1. Yenjit exchange office on soi 5 Jomtien next to the Immigration office used to be good. They've now moved. I found the new office on soi Chaiyaphreuk and went in last week to order some USD for a trip to Laos. I wanted different denominations and gave the lady a list. She asked for my tel. no. and asked me to come back next day same time (14:30). Next day I had something important to do so I called her at midday. Oh, sorry, mister, no have! Well, I thanked her for phoning me NOT, and asked if tomorrow would be ok. Yes, she said, I'll call you. Next day, no call, so as I was going to pass by the office anyway, I called in. As I entered the door she stood up and waved her hands in the air. Sorry, sorry, only have 100 dollar bills. No good to me, I needed some smaller notes. She said boss only gave her 100s. At that point I shouted my dissatisfaction and walked out. I went to TT exchange on soi 5 Jomtien and asked for the same notes. They didn't have them on the premises but made a phone call and within 5 minutes a motorcyclist arrived with my USD in the 5 different denominations I wanted. Kudos to TT and a disgrace on Yenjit.
  2. I believe, rightly or wrongly) that you are not obliged to watch a video. It's in a room at the side where they put you to wait. They show a video to keep you amused, but when they are ready to process you further you are called out.
  3. Hi. Could anyone recommend a car waxing service in the Pattaya/Jomtien area. Not glass coating, just ordinary waxing with preferably a good quality hard wax. I went yesterday to the accessory stall outside Tesco Lotus Suk/Thepprasit and was quoted 2,900 baht.
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