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  1. Try these : https://thediplomat.com/regions/southeast-asia/ https://www.asiasentinel.com/
  2. When will you stop banging your head against the wall ! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2019/02/19/honda-confirms-swindon-plant-will-close-latest-blow-uks-car/
  3. I also do not use the Cloud for storage but do use 365 for ease (and keeping everything up to date) - everything is on your computer(s) with 365
  4. Bit worrying when they have to put a large 'N' on the ground to tell the pilots which way is North !
  5. So after all this time the light bulb has been switched on and fatheads now understand how a roundabout should be used ?
  6. Yes but a prominent businesswoman and she is only selling Pla Ra, she should take the next step up the Corporate ladder and sell Sticky Rice
  7. Shame, the most comfortable plane to travel on by far
  8. Thank you Sheryl I shall ask him to call the number you gave and ask the reason as it was at a Government hospital where he is registered - 6,500 is a lot for old farming folk !
  9. Rather surprised when told an old (78) Thai chap was charged 6,500 Baht in a Government Hospital for his kidney medication - what happened to the 30 Baht plan ?
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