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  1. The only excuse I can think of is that he lives on a different planet
  2. public referendum - haha the Gov would not dare to have one as they know they would lose
  3. Just tried Tara, was very good in the past but now it's been sold the b/fast is not a shadow of it's former self - sorry to say
  4. It is always there as I first said – we are not interested in foreign countries - the subject was the new Thai ferries
  5. Would suggest the Government's first job is to keep the population alive, something they are doing very well unlike the West who’s Governments are failing badly according to the numbers of dead piling up in mortuaries
  6. Does not depend on anything, as long as it is public transport the car will be insured
  7. best in Jomtien - http://www.fraserspattaya.com/
  8. I'm confused, who are the impersonators, the ones standing or sitting ?
  9. a plan to tear up the country's P******-era constitution in favour of a new charter drafted by citizens If only !
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