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  1. Wait a minute..... Hillkoff on Th. Mahidol has moved? Or do they have another location?
  2. They also have an A/C room across the driveway, but it's ALWAYS full. 140 Baht 7:30 to 14:00. Not sure what the dinner buffet costs as I haven't been, but I have been to their Nong Hoi location for dinner many times and it's around 250 Baht as I recall.
  3. I had Aetna for one year. They denied every claim and raised my premium by about 6,500 Baht. My policy just expired. I'm going with Pacific Cross.
  4. No rice and plenty of Thais (perhaps 65% Thai clientele). No disappointments. They don't all eat rice with every meal. 140 Baht from 7:30? until 14:00 "breakfast buffet". Enjoy the Grandview. We won't go back.
  5. All physicians have private clinics. I've only known of one who doesn't but he is a young guy and as I understand it, recently moved to C.M. At least one of the ones mentioned has a private clinic. Just do a search in Thai language - simple. It's there.
  6. That is not true. Some meds (such as pre-surgery antibiotics) are not stocked in retail pharmacies. Yes, they are expensive - like 400-600 per tablet/capsule but you are usually only dispensed up to 5 of them.
  7. To say that she is the "BEST" is strictly your opinion.
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