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  1. When I had severe lower back pain from SI, I went to PT at Rajavej Hospital and after the heat packs, ultrasound, etc. the very talented head of the Dept. showed me some exercises using a large rubber ball (maybe the same thing the others refer to above). I purchased that rubber ball and like eyecatcher, after only about 3 days of following the exercises, the pain was gone. I had one minor relapse 6 months later that lasted about two days but other than that, no pain in about 2 1/2 years now.
  2. Oh. Nah, never used one. I doubt they are as good a negotiator as my wife. But thanks for the suggestion.
  3. I will definitely ask my wife to handle it for me. She is a master negotiator and an expert at dealing with the government. Thanks!
  4. So, 2,000 Baht fine - total amount? Expensive lesson... jacko45k, not sure what you mean about the "quick trip out of the country"?
  5. For the first time in 13 years, my 90-day report reminder system failed me and I never got my "reminder" email in my Yahoo mail box. I just went to make some copies of my passport and was very surprised to see that my 90-day report was due on 07 January. What kind of trouble am I in, what do I do/say and how much of a fine might I be looking at? Thanks in advance.
  6. This is my technician. I couldn't be happier with every repair he has done on my Canon over the years. Usually a 24-48 hour turn-around unless he needs parts. He recently moved and is on the Canal Road before Huay Kaew as I recall. https://www.facebook.com/bs.repair/
  7. Yes, Celebrex is good as is some of the other new generation COX 2 NSAID drugs. Perskindol creme Made in Switzerland is widely recommended by ortho docs here. It's quite effective. I had severe SI pain and the orthopedic doc at RAM offered to inject steroids directly into my hip, but I declined. There are most likely pain injections too. Maybe go see Dr. Chanakarn at his clinic. He's excellent.
  8. Have you contacted AA Insurance Brokers in Chonburi? I purchased short-term medical insurance from them for a trip to the USA in 2015.
  9. Hand gel is about 50 Baht a bottle at our local pharmacy.
  10. Not really. In fact it's an unusual situation. After the coronavirus passes, things should be back to normal. Everything was running quite smoothly from my experience for a good while now. In and out in a very short time, never a problem finding parking, etc. (since the opening of the new building).
  11. Can't say for sure, but probably something related to the coronavirus. Yesterday we drove past the Chinese Consulate and there was what appeared to be at least 100 or more Chinese in some kind of a panic; pushing and shoving and screaming and some appeared to be trying to push the huge metal gate. Several security personnel were trying to diffuse the situation. We could see the police approaching as we passed. Something is going on.
  12. No. I don't buy it. Nobody would kill 30 innocent people over 50K. His problems were much deeper than that. First clue is that his mother said he suffered from depression and a "bad temper".
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