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  1. There is a well-regarded allergist in C.M. His clinic was in Meechok Plaza for many years and I believe he has since moved next-door to Ruamchok Plaza.
  2. Some of the American accountants in Bangkok charge outrageous fees. One particularly greedy CPA recommended in the Bangkok forum wanted 58,000 Baht for 3 years. I think Dr. Krebs charged around 2500 Baht per year as I recall.
  3. There are doctors here who practice in the U.S.A. but as far as I know there are only pediatricians.
  4. Any updates? Joe Krebs former partner appears to be in C.M. but is apparently no longer doing tax work.
  5. On Thannon Wulai - where the Saturday Walking Street market is held. I believe the actual name of the shop is Schneider Electric, but a google search of "3M Shop Chiang Mai" will get you there.
  6. Yes, I agree. In fact most orders for air quality items like filters and masks on Lazada, have a 2 week lead time before the items are even shipped. If you check those two links impulse posted earlier, you will see that those sellers haven't even made one sale yet. I noticed that when I was searching for filtrete the other day. I asked at the 3M shop when they would have more and they said "hopefully soon" and they get dozens of inquiries each day.
  7. If you refuse to use Facebook to search for help then you are ruling out perhaps 75% of all leads on tradesmen. It's the way things are done now. In fact, some of them only communicate by FB messenger now and no longer even check their email. If you don't want to have a Thai speaker help you make telephone calls, then you have eliminated perhaps another 10% of them, so at this point you only have about a 15% of finding any help.
  8. Home Pro usually sells 2 packs for 200 Baht (buy one, get one free). 3M shop sells one pack for 200 Baht. But it looks like the stock normally available in Thailand is all sold out since things got so bad in Bangkok, so some vendors are importing from the USA and price gouging. Also if you look at those shops on Lazada selling these items, most are brand new shops and they have no sales at all, which at those prices is no surprise. You also have to be careful of Lazada shops located in China (or in Bangkok for that matter) selling 3M at the moment. 3M does have factories in China making filtrete, masks and so forth, but a Pharmacist friend told me that there are thousands of fake 3M products suddenly on the market here in Thailand.
  9. Hmmm..... I've only ever seen one color sold here and it's white. We buy it every year and have so for about 6 years now. The problem at the moment is that you can't get it anywhere. Home Pro, 3M shop, Lazada.... all sold out for weeks. I just looked at the 3M website. They are all white but one which is grey and I believe it was for odor control or something.
  10. I used to be a patient for a number of years but the last two visits left me very disappointed with him. I think he told me once that any surgical procedures he does start at 40,000 Baht. Get another opinion. His name is Dr. Rak, not Rat.
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