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  1. My god man, have you not been reading the whole thread where an individual got K Bank to provide him with proof of a transfer so that BBL could print him a letter to use at immigrations saying "yes" the transfer (even though coded as SMART) received through K Bank is in fact international. Or, did you just jump in halfway through the thread and missed that part? Thirty-one years means nothing if you don't read and comprehend what been said...
  2. You missed the point that no one should be intending to show up at immigrations with 12 different forms. The TW documents should be used get the reference numbers of said transfers so that a bank (be it TMB Kasikorn, or Bangkok Bank) can provide you with a letter that shows your transfers and verifies that they originated--through TransferWise--from an overseas location.
  3. Do you understand that there is a paper trail that shows you deposited money with TW from your foreign account overseas... It's not about money actually traveling from point A to point B, it's about documentation that "your funds" specifically originated outside of Thailand. That's what this whole coding debacle is about. Everybody knows money isn't physically moving around the world!
  4. What you're missing is that you must prove the transfers using a Thai bank account and a letter from said Thai bank. Statements and or letters are not accepted from your UK (or any foreign bank for that matter) account. I know you're new here, you just need to spend a little more time asking questions and doing some research...
  5. I'm going to contact Kasikorn's International Trade office through email, supply them with the information from TransferWise on a recent transfer, and see if they're capable of providing me with the aforementioned certification document without physically showing up at their office. I'll report back if I hear from them. If I don't hear from them, I'll see if there is an office locally (Ubon Ratchathani) and see what happens...
  6. So you think walking around among people who are way poorer than you--with an expensive gold chain around your neck--is a sound decision? Excuse me...someone is not playing with a full deck.
  7. Are you now using or have you ever used a VPN? Sometimes a site is inaccessible at some point when you are accessing from an overseas location. Could be the answer to your problem...
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