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  1. For the record, I just applied for a Non-Imm. O-A from Washington D.C., and the form has a spot where you can request 1 or more entries, and I paid the $200. So yes, reading the text on the website, it does say "Validity of VISA: multiple entries. So if approved, I guess I'll not have to worry about an extension until 2021...
  2. How do you get 2 years from an O-A VISA unless it is a multiple entry? What am I missing?
  3. Maybe you should start by clarifying what "FLR" and "PBS" means...
  4. mosan

    Retirement Visa

    Why would a Scam Artist bother with entries in a computer...and what computer are you referring to--Immigration computers? If it's fake, chances are the only place that stamp (or whatever) will be is in the recipient's passport (along with the others that were faked.) It will not be discovered until an official tries to research the number on the stamp and it doesn't pan out...
  5. mosan

    Retirement Visa

    What exactly determines whether a stamp is valid or not. Fake rubber stamps have frequently been found. And, chances are if a stamp in a foreigner's passport turns out to be fake, the foreigner will probably suffer the consequences. Not to mention the fake lawyer reported on in the Kaosod English story... Fake Lawyer Busted Over Foreigner Visa Scams http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/crime-crime/2018/10/12/fake-lawyer-busted-over-foreigner-visa-scams/
  6. Let me jump in here and say that getting a Non-Imm ED VISA just after having had several tourist VISAS or Exempt entries is a big red flag. Especially if you've also obtained a new passport--which they can link to your old passport. That said, you seem well prepared for the worst. Good Luck!