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  1. If they refuse less than 12 months have you seen any reports where phoning the hotline IO has achieved any change.? Not this subject, but any other topic.? I have never read any reports where someone has phoned and reported the outcome.
  2. You go to them for advice - not to get an incorrect answer. The agent should not get it wrong.
  3. I agree - the 2019 General Conditions clearly state it. I contacted April in France and confirmed it. I would pay over 100,000 Baht for 'Essential'. To cover a private room they said I would have to upgrade to 'Comfort' -which is another sack of money.
  4. Quite a few mentions about April { International } The Essential policy which most people go for I remind you that they will only pay for Private room for Accidents and emergencies. For scheduled hospitalisation they will not pay anything for a private room. Nothing at all.
  5. Look at www. gov. uk. All the details are there.
  6. If one driver I would make 2 stops. Highway 9 is like a car park. I suggest Hua Hin stop1. City Beach Hotel. Car park and walk to many restaurants. Surat Thani stop 2. Keep to the speed limits on 4 and 41. Boring as 90 kms per hour is I guarantee you will get the new electronic speeding ticket in the post. I got 4. Don't pay and you will not be able to get car tax renewed next time.
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