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  1. What proof - the video only mentions O-A. No mention of extensions at all.
  2. Even Thai Immigration have to realize if it was to include everyone then they have to ask things that are possible. Some people due to age or pre- existing conditions will not be accepted for insurance at all. They cannot ask people to do things that are not possible. Yes I know they could but I doubt it.
  3. I, like many here have insurance. And a good one with zillions of Baht cover. But I do not have 40,000 Baht IPD so I would not pass. Luckily I extended from a Non O so I do not think it will affect me.
  4. Well unless I misheard the video clip he says only for Non O-A issued at a Thai embassy or consulate outside Thailand..
  5. No - you will pay tax at the relevant rate after your personal allowance has been deducted.
  6. 10,000 baht for 40,000 OPD that the majority of people will not exceed or get close to. I normally have that much in my wallet.
  7. This reply show's what a mess this is. Only at some Embassies or consulates. UK yes but US and Australia . NO. A few others will. The same police orders but a zillion interpretations..
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