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  1. I am never going to take an mRNA vaccine. I am not at risk and Covid isn't dangerous enough to justify the lockdowns we have seen. I believe that Sweden exists and managed to get on with life without trashing their economy. We need to hold the Covid promoters to account, with life jail sentences and stiffer penalties.
  2. The government are surrendering to the CIA rent a mob. It is funny how the Covid hoax is forgotten when they want Antifa/BLM/whoever to go in. They crack down hard on anyone protesting the Covid lockdowns. Thai people don't lack freedom. In the west there are whole areas of discussion that are now illegal, or at least will get you thrown out of your job. But the midwits always fall for this "democracy" nonsense.
  3. I stayed in Koh Chang for a couple of months, up to a couple of months ago. I am thinking of going back for a week. Since I'm on my own, this time, I was going to stay in a place in White Sands called White Sands Garden, which is one of the places renting out little huts and also rooms. It is normally cheap, at around 300 baht. But they disappeared of Agoda. There are a few similar places up that road. But now I wonder how many other places are closed, and how many restaurants are open. When I was there, a few of months ago. there were already a lot of places closed. I
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