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  1. Thank you all for yr feedback, I will probably just take the Tower with me when buying the new laptop and get them to transfer the required files. Thanks again !!!!!
  2. VocalNeal, just checked "my computor" and it advises WIN XP 97.6GB total 75.8 GB free, Data D 833GB total 820GB free. Is this the info you require ?
  3. Firstly, I am totally a <deleted> when it comes to PC items so plse bear that in mind when replying. I currently have a very old DELL desktop (approx 12 years +) running on XP windows and I3 intel. I am considering purchasing a new laptop with WIN 10 installed and was wondering if it is fairly simple to transfer all my bookmarks and some files over to the new laptop or should I just take the old Tower and laptop to a computor whiz to get them to do this ?? Thanks for any assistance ??
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