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  1. Interesting "simple1" as I was leaning towards Westpac ?
  2. I need to open a new bank account in Oz on my next visit down under and was wondering about some good feedback from members with regards to which bank has the best internet banking service,customer service and also what are the current international internet maximum cash transfers allowed,still $10,000 per day ?? and what about normal T/Ts ? is their a restriction on these ? P.S I am an Australian citizen but resident in Thailand. Thanks for any kind feedback.
  3. The old Townsville hospital has now been gutted on the interior and is now upmarket condos !!
  4. Just wondering if there are any ex Townsvillians residing in Thailand that have been affected by the current mass flooding taking place in Townsville ?? I personally left Townsville 26 years ago but have sons & grandchildren there.
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