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  1. We can argue until we're blue in the face but it won't matter. What we have is what we have. Hopefully sanity will prevail and things will reopen, hopefully no Chinese will come bringing a fresh influx of virus, hopefully the Indians will learn what a shower is for, but we can't influence any of that. In the end, all we can do is to keep ourselves and those we care for safe. We're healthy, we're eating, we can drink at home, the weather is good, anything else is gravy.
  2. Iran or Israel. Who would I rather have as a neighbour..........
  3. In Pattaya, some "win" are female. I've often wondered how many passengers "grab a hold".
  4. How about insisting on long sleeves and long trousers/dresses to minimise skin contact? That HAS to reduce the chance of infection - as well as being more pleasant for fellow (unconnected) travellers. Me, I do this anyway, I'm fat and can get sweaty, so it's only fair to whoever sits next to me.
  5. Just wrap clingfilm round your head, same result.
  6. What exactly did the tourist do wrong? Can't be curfew, the road is busy. Arrest the win, sure, but the tourist????
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