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  1. I'm in the "stay at home" camp, so I've already made arrangements for food/water/etc. Also, that I check in with someone daily (Line). No plans to be the rotting corpse.
  2. It doesn't. Sunlight kills it on surfaces. Salt water kills it too. At first glance, beaches are the safest places to be. But. People gather in groups on the beach, that's the dangerous bit.
  3. My understanding, happy to be corrected; In the UK, if someone tested + within 30 days of death, it goes down as covid, no tests needed. In Thailand, it's only covid if the post mortem tests say it's covid. And, if there's no obvious reason for a post mortem, there isn't one.
  4. I would only go for a test if I thought I actually needed a hospital. If I ever think that I might be infected, I can self-quarantine at home without the extra risk and expense of a hospital quarantine. I made arrangements a while back with a local restaurant/minimart that, if it came to it, I could lodge money with them and they would leave food/water/groceries outside my door - contactless shopping.
  5. I got on the list at BPH, no mention of money yet.
  6. Knowing what to do and doing it are 2 different things. They KNOW that driving all over the country to mix with family and friends is the wrong thing to do, but they still do it. Rules always apply to other people, never personally.
  7. If you use milk, you need to use it soon. With water - and a splash of white vinegar for me - it keeps for a long time in the fridge.
  8. Mine is closed, the Juristic Nazi Person just does these things. No meetings in Covid times, so no committee to nay-say her, she's loving that.
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