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  1. Hi All,


    Hoping someone can advise me.


    I have an education visa for thai language in phangan. And yes i study legitimately and have even been doing my homework while I am currently out of the country working ( irregular contract offshore work) but before i left i obtained a re-entry permit. Unfortunately the end of the job has been delayed  and i will only arrive back into thailand on or around the 17-18th May ( and possible even a few days later!) and the visa extension that i currently have expires on the 21st may, which of course this is a sunday. I believe that if i enter on the nearly expired ED visa when i arrive back into thailand i should only get  permission to stay only until the last extension expiry date which is the 21st May, ie only a few days 

    What i would like to do is spend a few days in BKK before flying back to samui / phangan but if i do i may not have time to get the extension again by the friday the 19th.

    My questions Are as follows:

    1., If someone brings my extension paperwork to BKK, Can i do the extension at any immigration office or must it be in Samui? If so How long will i get?

    2.  Can i overstay the ED Visa extension that i already have ( with the re-entry permit) by 1 day and do the re-extension on the 22nd in samui.

    3.  OR Am i better off just entering on visa exemption, possibly extending it by an additional 30 days and then go back to KL for another ED visa as some point.

    4. Any other suggestions welcome.



  2. Hi everyone,

    This is an interesting topic.

    Am I correct in thinking that it is possible to enrol a foreign child in a private school and therefore the parents can get "guardian" or "caregiver" visa / extension of stay?

    We are a family of 3 soon to be 4 of uk and irish nationality, unmarried, and under 50, and our first daughter was born in samui in 2009. We stayed in samui / phangan for several years and left in 2010 for other adventures. We would like to return to samui but with all of the changes / enforcements etc i'm not keen on trying to stay one step ahead of the immigration department and want a legal option so we don't have to worry about looking over the shoulder and having to leave at a moments notice.. I work offshore on various non regular contracts of anywhere from 1 week to 2-3 months and usually try to work around 4-5 months a year but this can vary greatly. I would not seek to work in thailand and am not interested in forming a company. Basically we would live in thailand and i would work overseas to generate funds.

    So my question is if i enrol our 6 year old into a private school in thailand, is it possible for the whole family to have non-o visa's and then get an extension of stay based on guardianship? We certainly aren't rich but have sufficient funds and showing 500k or even 1mil wouldn't be a problem.

    If so what is the process and can anyone point me to any online resources that i can peruse. I have looked online but don't find a definitive answer.

    Cheers in advance for any advice...

  3. cameras are the modern day devils tool. the amount of time i have been caught out with cam or video evidence is not funny. though some might thing so.

    Oh BigC... please tell... if it's half as entertaining as your spelling.. i'm intrigued.. as other must be! :) how about posting some of these devil pics.. and i can't wait for the video!

    Ps... how about starting a thread with english translations of BigC's posts... it would be great... LOL

    Please BIGC don't take offence, as i love reading your posts.. they always bring a BIGsmile with your unique view of life... and spelling of course!

    Maybe start a poll.... Who want's to see BigC caught out with the devils tools!



    oh and i'd be up for the camera club....!

  4. Always amazes me that the "Tip Off" scam to let the big shipment through by ratting out the small shipment supposedly works....

    Now if i was a customs guy i would just herd all the people off the "tipped off" flight into a secure area and search every single one and their luggage until i got ALL of the couriers...... or just get the drug dogs out and be super vigilant all day in the baggage area..

    Not exactly rocket science is it.......

    "course that doesn't address the corruption angle.....

  5. The brown scum / slime is algae and is about now till about august... happens every year but i think this year it is has been washed very close to shore. I have seen this stuff every year for the last 8-9 years and usually it stays offshore. The oil is everywhere at the moment as i had the same sticky black feet after a few hours on haad rin beach.

    Can't blame the usual suspects this time.... Nature, and some muppets dumping / cleaning tanks offshore!


  6. Hi Simon.

    Generally speaking the lowest tides of the year happen around july / august. Highest tides of the year are around xmas.

    Any beaches that have a shallow reef in front will be exposed at low water and will be barely covered at high water.

    If you want to be sure of a good view then i would advise you to make sure that the villa you rent has no reef in front. from memory lipa noi beach near big johns seafood has no reef but beaches further south do have... but i might be mistaken.

    Also remember that from may to oct the winds generally come from the south west as as such any beaches on the south / west coasts can suffer from jetsam and flotsam... ie rubbish. I would expect that in high end villas this wouldnt be a problem as the staff will clean the beaches.

    I dont have access to the thai tide tables at he moment but try googling "pauls boat yard koh phangan" as he usually posts them somewhere on his site.

    Hope this helps...


  7. There is a rumour of serious discontent from the Thais and that there will be attempts to prevent people from arriving at the event but there will be a presence on the access in the early hours to "pick off" the worse for wear as they leave. Definitely not going now.

    Don't you mean the rumour that the BIB will be waiting near the entrance to search all the attendees to make sure they don't have anything they shouldn't.....

    ......... and then asking all the people that are leaving to please pee in this little cup to ensure that they haven't consumed anything they shouldn't.... :D:D

    Now, "Rumours" like THAT will seriously affect attendance....... :)

  8. Panoptil,

    If you really want to "help" these gibbons then i suggest you contact WWFT based in petchaburi. They have a huge tract of land and i believe some islands on a lake that are dedicated to gibbons. their website is www.wwft.org. The director is named Edwin and he has close ties to government agencies and the monarchy, who support his work.

    If you are on samui and want more info on this organization then i suggest contacting phil at Samui Snake Rescue, 08-96635085 He can give you all the info you need.

    If the mods delete his tel number then contact any of the magazines of samui as i think that they have all at one time or another ran articles on Samui Snake Rescue. These animals are in no way pets, despite what you see on the streets of samui!

    Mods, i hope that posting Phil's Tel no is ok as i have seen it posted on other threads. please feel free to delete if this is against forum rules.

    Oh and by the way, your friend can face serious jail time if caught with the remaining gibbons as they are, as previously stated, a class 1 endangered species... Maybe you can point out the error of his ways and persuade him to donate his gibbons to wwft also.



  9. Good place to start is Liz Luxen (http://www.liz-luxen.com), She is a translator who deals with the courts on a daily basis, she knows the system and can advise on best lawyers etc....

    Agreed the weed isn't a problem but the E's will be.......

    If it was me i would pay whatever it costs to make this go away.... however its probably too late for outright bribery and a court visit is now unavoidable. Deportation is highly likely but it still is possible with the right contacts that the E's could be Tested and found to be "paracetamol", and the immigration can be bought.....

    Back in the day (8-10 years ago) the process for a small amount (personal) of weed was as follows.

    1. Arrested - stay 3 days in thong sala jail.

    2. transfer to suratthani jail, wait 12 days for 1st hearing, released on bail.. ( about 30-40k)

    2a. If have local kpg contacts bail could be arranged in phangan thus avoiding 12 days in surat jail.

    3. wait upto 3 months for main court appearance.

    4. goto court, wait in holding cells till case called. Goto court in handcuffs.

    5. Judge hears case, 2000 baht fine.....

    6. (this bit is important) TELL JUDGE YOU HAVE NO MONEY

    7. Judge sends you back to holding cell.

    8. Lawyer pays immigration, then pays fine.

    9. You are released....

    10. Immigration "lose" your passport, and it turn up in your embassy in about 3-4 weeks.

    11. Collect passport, collect bail money, Goto border, pay overstay.... job done nothing else to worry about.......

    12 TOTAL COST 35k to immigration, 2k fine, 5-10k lawyer, 20k overstay, 5-10k hotels for kpg friends etc etc

    Items 6-9 are important as if you pay the fine straight away without sorting the immigration then you will be sent straight from surat to bkk immigration jail and then deported..... If british then the only way home is on a BA flight business class.... embassy will pay and claim it back.

    Things may have changed but procedure will be similar...... Of course the "few" E's will be the biggest problem and will push the prices up. I heard a while ago that a guy got 2 years for 5 E's, true or not i don't know.....................

    thats my tuppenceworth.....

  10. 1/ All those who haven't read Becki's "newspaper", do it now.

    2/Now tell me he doesn't deserve what he got and if he doesn't stop, much worse.

    Due to KPNnews myself and a number of associates have lost a sizeable amount of our various incomes over the last half a decade.

    This at a time when every satang counts. No exaggeration but in the last 3 years I have been killing myself waiting for non-existent customers scared away by Becki and the international media's laziness and ignorance in giving KPNnews.org link out to the world.

    "Please Stop!" wouldn't work with Batman, he has been on a martyrdom crusade for years.

    Unfortunately even more harm will be done by those who "grass" to their Embassies.

    "Please Don't!"? I'm in enough debt, so are ALL my friends, seriously if KPNnews stopped we'd notice an immediate increase, even due to his poxy weather reports!

    What a load of old tosh..... are you seriously telling us that due to one website you income has been affected? Sorry but maybe your income has dropped over the last "half decade" because you haven't changed with the times. The tourists visiting KPG today are VASTLY different from those a decade ago and if you haven't adapted over the last 5 years then it's your own fault.

    Oh and tourists are not affected in a big way by the continual police corruption, false arrests, local government corruption, and the heavy handed way the "local mafia" sort out their problems..... Maybe you should also consider that acts of violence have increased massively over the last 10 years, just go and hang around the Drop Inn for a few nights and watch how those bar boys treat the customers..... punches, kicks and severe beatings are handed out on a weekly basis.... BUT NO ----- Its all KPGNews Fault.... :o

    I have followed beckmanns site for a few years now and overall i think his articles are pertinent and show a dark undercurrent of phangan that most are unaware of.

    Blaming your loss of income on beckmann is surely a joke, and sounds to me like sour grapes because you can't manage your business.

    Anyway have fun waiting for your customers.........


  11. Chief of Police is probably hauling his most junior officers over the coals right now..... Fancy sending out your newest "armed scum", oops, i mean recruits, and they botch their first assignment!!! Doh! no supplemental tea for them this month.... :o and to boot, i expect that there will be more road blocks out in the coming month so that the BiB can replace the monthly "donations" they won't be getting from the party organizers.....

    On a good note: Glad to see that Beckmann is ok, and judging from his post on his website this story is far from over!!



  12. . this is private land and the owner can do what he feels like.

    HD, Isn't this exactly the problem with all of the illegal building on samui.....?

    So i can't wait till we see Phaze 2 of the project, - another 25 floor concrete monstrosity....... Or a row of shop houses!!!

    And HD will say, " yes but it is private land and the owner can do as he pleases......"

    Anyway, i am willing to bet that all of those "beautiful" villas will remain unsold for years to come....( like most of the cookie cutter developments i see around samui....), And the only green aspect will be the colour of the asbestos roof tiles.... Another "slum in paradise" ( ala Coco) in the making...

    What materials are the villas to be constructed from? How about posting an "artists impression" of the proposed villas HD....

    And finally what is the developers plan concerning fresh water? new pipeline, 20 liter water jugs, rainfall?

    I know that this will all go ahead and nothing anyone says on T.V. will make one iota of difference, personally i think its a big shame this "beautiful" development will be built......


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