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  1. happylarry

    Proof of single status

    Basically you are wondering whether to commit fraud by lying to the UK Government......do you really want to do that. HL
  2. happylarry

    "Legal" Advice Please

    As BS has said the moneys gone..... but if she is in an agreeable mood then you should get her to grant you a usufruct on the property, which will legally allow you to stay there for life. And for her to make a will leaving you the land in the case of her death. You then are the legal owner but have to sell it on within one year. Of course she can change that will at any time without your knowledge and in the case of your death then dont think it will be going anywhere. HL
  3. As a more simple way of understanding the usufruct, i was told this years ago....... In days gone by many Thai farmers would rent a piece of land and work the land and plant the crops and then just before the harvest was due the land owner would kick the farmer off the land and reap the harvest for himself. Because this went on the government brought in the usufruct to protect the farmers and their investment so they could do their work with no worries. It made sense to me so I hope this helps others.....lol HL