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  1. "While the Thais continue to see abiding by the law as some inconvenience in the way of personal freedom, such a system is destined to fail." In one sentence Rooster gets to the heart of the problem
  2. After WW2 Attlee attempted to engineer a fairer society, which benefited many people of my age, but the voters were fed up with austerity and voted him out after one term.
  3. Fixed deposit accounts are not fixed in any meaningful sense. You can deposit or withdraw at any time, probably with a slight loss of interest - which is so small anyway it makes no difference. I have just withdrawn money from my account, used for 20 years for the purposes of immigration, in order to leave the 400K needed for a marriage extension.
  4. To die? To sleep. Aye there's the rub, for when we've shuffled off this mortal coil who knows what dreams may come? With apologies to Shakespeare - from memory.
  5. Would welcome him and his scythe. Keeps putting me off with "Not yet"
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