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  1. You can apply for extension of stay after 2 months. Cost is 1900 baht. Do a forum search for the procedure/requirements. covered many times.
  2. Thailand

    90 Day Reporting - Online

    If the system was messing you around and you were not getting past the first page then post it. Send it by post today/tomorrow,it will arrive Monday chances are you will have the receipt of notification by Friday. Been no problems especially recently. Or go in person or use an agent.
  3. Thailand

    Where to find pet/child safety gates locally?

    Had a carpenter make them to prevent our dogs from going upstairs, unlike kids they were unable to negotiate the locking system and the gates were high enough to prevent them jumping over. Not very expensive if I remember correctly.
  4. They did what they had to do and it was almost the best outcome imaginable. Only the tragic death of the seal marred the most incredible rescue event I have ever seen .
  5. Actually the election was last week and I won!
  6. Another referendum coming soon!