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  1. Or the farangs could simply wear mask and comply with the requirements of their host country?
  2. On the other hand sent documents via Thailand registered post to an insurance company in the UK and it took just 6 days. And about 85% cheaper than EMS. No problems.
  3. That means that approximately 10 million in Bangkok have not registered? Wonder why?
  4. A Field of Dreams without the same ending I think. But good luck, another year maybe.
  5. FAA tiffy? 24, you can do whatever you like. I waited 20 years too long, but few regrets finally making the move.
  6. The main golden goose of China is a no go for sometime. Returnees are having 14 days in hotel quarantine and the 7 days monitored home quarantine. Staycations are the new normal in most countries for the time being.
  7. But he was elected as opposed to -----. And still has a huge following who will listen.
  8. And the best weather we have had in April/May in years up north. A Covid climate change?
  9. Somebody knows where some skeletons are buried perhaps?
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