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  1. Some places could be safe some not so safe.
  2. Along with other procedures it seems to have worked here.
  3. Similar scanner in use at Big C Extra Chiangmai a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Tracking devices implanted behind the right ear would be more efficient.
  5. There will be hundreds of hotel, restaurant ,golf course deals etc that will offer exceptional rates without any input from the TAT etc required. Already happening.
  6. By post, online, in person via the office, drive through- all options operational.
  7. I think the sharing of Pot will calm the situation.
  8. I think the sellers are telling porkies and are only in it for the money. But they may give the proceeds to deserving charities so it should be OK
  9. A voice of reason that will soon join the ex Trump administration list.
  10. And yet gain when you think the ptb have lost the plot completely they prove that they can push the dumbidity boundaries to even further lengths.
  11. No doubt his approval rating is going through the roof with his base.
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