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  1. Missed it by 3 years! 17 years continuously on "retirement" extension, spent around 20million baht here in that time, counts for nothing.
  2. Is that date correct? If you have lived here on "retirement" extension for over 10 years there are no changes?
  3. "GRANDFATHER RULE Stunningly, under the new order the old provisions that people who have been living in Thailand for continually on a retirement visa since before Oct 21, 2008 can still apply under the exact same conditions that they were first approved." Really?
  4. Probably the worst cappuccino I have ever had was from an Amazon outlet a couple of weeks ago so perhaps an alliance made in heaven!
  5. And with the new rules it can only get worse. I can't imagine how many people from different countries who won't be aware of the changes until they go to do their extensions of stay. Looks like a bonanza for agents.
  6. "Confirming the army’s political neutrality, and that they would always be on the side of the people" No comment necessary?
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