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  1. Contrary to previous posts we love Pai and go there regularly with our dogs to a couple of dog friendly resorts. Easy to simply veg for a couple of days but then we all have different requirements from our travels. Plenty of bends on the road, but also quite a few decent "break" areas.
  2. Interesting analogy from a friend who has lived in HK for 50 years and has no intention of leaving. "Some people here remain convinced that China should have acted out of character and given in to the whims of a few hundred vandals when they have many more similar and bigger issues to deal with. Look at it as if it was Thailand and the security law is LM." Puts it in perspective a little?
  3. Shame the 7738 who have already died on the roads this year did not have one. Or maybe some did,but then that would not help amulet sales?7,738
  4. Did mine at https://www.stpeter-eye.com/ some years ago, did what was required. Eyes still pretty good but the rest of the body is falling apart around them.
  5. And kills 500,00 people,but that's just collateral damage?
  6. This political correctness has gone way way over the top and probably for the first time ever I agree with Trump. And among others Mercedes changing their racing livery to black, out of control!
  7. "The Prime Minister said Thai people are now making more domestic trips, with many hotels now sold out, thanks to further easing of COVID-19 restrictions" Really, where would they be located then? Or is that full with Covid quarantine returnees etc?
  8. The only thing lacking is of course tourists as I don't see this as an attraction for the locals.
  9. The end of HK as those who lived and worked there know it.There is going to be a major exodus of companies and people. The BNO passports are going to be a godsend for many HK citizens.
  10. Certainly increased the post count and provided countless click bait opportunities. So, was there a menu stating buy one get one for one hundred and forty baht or not?
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