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  1. Sunscreen has unhealthy and cancer causing chemicals.. It will be good not to use it.
  2. Dude, the title of the thread is STRATEGIES to reverse aging and not secret to reverse aging. Did you old eyesight fail you or you are too unhealthy to be able to read properly?
  3. Doctors can't cured chronic disease. Doctors are totally useless in this. Based on my learning, cancer can be cured and many had reversed their cancer. Why don't the doctor tell her that she has totally no idea how to heal cancer based on their mainstream medical education on drugs. And trained to be a drug pusher by pharmaceutical industry.
  4. May i ask what does FDA got to do with Thailand? I thought FDA is from USA?
  5. Exactly. However, such statement are viewed as bitter or hard truth by some.
  6. They have way more than 800,000 baht to spend.. I said have and it means the ability to spend .. I didn't say they will spend. Pls read carefully.
  7. They are all over the place. I mentioned "especially the Chinese" and not "only the Chinese". Nothing is stopping them from making Thailand or Bangkok as ONE of their places of stay. Asian and Chinese come to Thailand to build businesses and invest. They have money to earn and spend. Heck, women comes flocking to them in droves. Mind you , these are quality women and not some Bar girls that farangs trying to hook and hope that they are as young as officially past a minute or 2 and be of legal age. I met a China Chinese lad at Route 66 and his table is full of fairly expensive bottles and girls are around it. He told me proudly that he will be moving to Singapore in a year, but at the moment, in Bangkok. I know a Korean guy who has Korean friends who ride big motorbikes in Bangkok. They parked their Bikes in front of his friend's Korean Restaurant and we have a meal there. These are good looking young lads and his restaurant owner friend's Thai slim good looking gf is helping him in the restaurant. Both of the 2 examples can spend easily 100,000 baht in less than a week. I am just trying to put on a perspective on how much is 100,000 baht. it is baht and not $ or pound. The number looks big with 5 zeros behind a 1 but it does not value much. Thailand value people who come to invest and set up businesses. They are the first choice for PR if you are talking about REAL permanent residence status. And not shouting loudly and make it seems like you are a permanent here while you are just having a temporary stay on a VISA. PS: Pension is not considered an investment to Thailand by the way if you do pay a little bit more attention to it.
  8. If expats, the western ones, are leaving in droves, the Asian ones, especially the Chinese, are coming in droves, with way more than 800,000 baht to spend per month. Thailand loves the Chinese and their wealth. I guess the Thai Chinese who hold huge businesses and investments in Thailand gave the ethic Thais the wealth impression of the Chinese.
  9. That is what make this thread so comical to read. They are a fine comic relief for my rest time.
  10. Excuse me. You are here on visa basis, which means it is a temporary stay here. Why do you sound like you should be on a permanent basis just because you are a law abiding and crime-less foreigner. If you want to be kind of a permanent basis here, then apply for a PR, that put you more on the permanent scale side. But there is a catch, you got to show that you are able to help Thailand economically in a larger scale than spending 100,000 baht per month. The last person i know who had his PR registration approved in Thailand, set up a textile factory ( which include employing Thai workers to work in his factory) 5 to 10 years prior to his PR registration, and he has married to a Thai woman and has a couple of kids before his PR registration. I think Thailand want people who are like this to be PR approved. That is before the Thaksin era when he has his PR approved.
  11. i guess the retirement visa by western farangs is dropping but not those of asian farang, hell , the Thais don't even refer Asians as farangs. I guess those who don't have the funds are making the most noise here and inflated the problem to the max as the view on their own problem is on the verge of apocalypse. i presume more Asians are taking up the retirement and Elite visa in the coming years.
  12. [[ He told the Nation that in 2015 after being a "law abiding citizen" in Thailand for ten years that his panic attacks meant that he could barely leave the house. He managed to go to 7/11 in the middle of the night but a visit to immigration was out of the question. ]] How can you be a law abiding foreigner (not citizen) while you were overstaying in not-your-motherland?
  13. Thailand has not developed a system to recognise the different aspect and facet of any farangs' contribution to Thailand. Money is very easy to track and account for as it so in numerical format. Remember.. Thailand is still a developing nation and has much to learn. They can't adopt anything more complex than money at the moment.
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