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  1. foreigners are not allowed to buy land in Thailand. Are you bull.....shi..ing me?
  2. so the drug would have added flavours and that would fetch a higher price? with due respect to the panties-sniffing culture of Japan.
  3. It has to do with white knighting and from the way you post, it is a white knighting post. I do not give in to any female emotional outburst. If she tries to be funny and i will be funny. You do not know how to handle a woman, then the woman will handle you. This is how it has been. Your white wash feminist brainwashing western <deleted> has overdone you as a man. That is sad.
  4. In Thailand, it is all about appearance, you have to live to this code of conduct if you stay in Thailand.
  5. i will hit back. I do not restrain myself just because she is a woman because i am no white knight and mangina.
  6. Nobody knows what happen inside the car ride to their stop. Maybe constant nagging by the gf or some manipulation <deleted> from her that drives him crazy? i dunno. When you have a GF, such low female emotional <deleted> from not nice woman occurred.
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