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  1. Actually, I have thought about that but after doing some research I am getting two different stories about that : I have found a section of the Condominium Act of 2008 mentioning that this action might be used ( actually in the case of co-owners who have failed to pay their common charges for more than 6 months ) and another one stating that the court has upheld their decision confirming that this was illegal and held up against the Juristic committee
  2. 555 very unlikely in this case but thank you for the example which might be useful.
  3. I misunderstood your question of course he owns it therefore it s not communal area anymore. Therefore the intention of the co owners to have these two areas delimited which, after enquiries, they have the right to do so
  4. Thank you for the sound advice: I agree that everyone should compromise as I am against any lawsuit. That being said, a beginning of answer to my question, lies in the following section of the Condominium act: Section 48. Special Resolutions Requiring Majority of Total Votes A resolution on the following matters must have the votes of not less than a half of the total votes of the joint owners: 4. An alteration on or a change in the Bylaws relating to the use or management of the common property, 6. A construction deemed to be a change in, addition
  5. I am confused: what is the difference between "sick people" and "sick minded": they are both sick and they both "need" it, so the "only" applies to both categories. I therefore take it, from what you are writing, that you are pro-legalisation of this plant. Correct ?
  6. Thanks. The problem now is that the lockable door , which is closed every day at 10 PM, gives access to the whole floor and the new owner declared that he will lock the door himself. That bothers the co-owners but it can be decided otherwise by the committee which brings another matter: Closing the area at 10 PM means that, if this owner does not have the key "to the communal area" he will be stuck inside or outside his room which is, by all means, not acceptable. I am also answering your second remark: I beg to differ as modification can be done if approved by at least 50% of the total v
  7. Hey Reviving this thread: the condominium where I live is fighting against a couple of co-owners who refuse to comply with the regulations, letters sent, talk with the management: nothing seems to do the trick and they refuse flatly to remove their belongings (desk/ TV/ miscellaneous) from the corridor. It is to be noted that they have never failed to pay any charges. It has been suggested to cut the water but the answer is that it is illegal. I know for a fact that it is applied in other condominiums. Would it be legal in this case, once approved by the the co owners during
  8. The communal area is separated from the units ....usually and yes, here is only this owner's unit on the floor ...now
  9. Maybe you missed the point where the space he bought and owns legally after 20 years of legal battle with the building is....part of the communal area. As I said, I am on the committee and the vast majority of the co-owners, not to say all of them, are against that. Therefore I am representing their voices. Of course, you are all correct but, that is not the point, I am not looking for your stance over the request but a reply to my question
  10. Thank you for your comment but that is not my question and I am definitely not looking for what one feels about it.
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