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  1. Thanks for the update: I am sure that you are correct and will confirm all this once my friend's situation is in the clear. On the other hand, I would disagree with you regarding your third assertion: my partner has applied and just obtained a short stay visa for a trip planned in November....
  2. As I wrote....wait Now, you are aware that Swiss air is flying out (Qatar too maybe) meaning that they are landing and I am pretty convinced that they do not fly empty. As soon as I can confirm/invalidate ....
  3. Normally you give your intended date of departure and you are confirmed 72 hours prior to the flight but, as mentioned above, I am not sure that one has to board a specific repatriation flight.
  4. I am waiting for some updates but from what I understand one does not have to be on the waiting lists for the flights. One of my friends left Thailand last month and sent a request for return a few days ago with the Swiss Air return flight included which is planned next week. Waiting for the final authorisation from the Thai Embassy in France which didn't address this issue (let's keep fingers crossed) I will keep you posted as soon as I am told.
  5. Agreed...and that is why I am confused as you all seem to be writing about the sixth year (so the number of renewed visas is irrelevant ) or I must be missing something as I am pretty certain that the immigration would not give an extension at a later than the date stipulated on the visa of the member.
  6. Ok...so you are saying that all the visas are marked equally? Yours is a 20 year if I recall correctly...what is written in your visa: PE visa ?
  7. Well I am confused or maybe I did not understand the comment I replied to. I was talking about the kind of visa the member is on: the immigration officer knows if it is a 5/10/20/life as the categories are labelled accordingly. Now, what you are saying is that they cannot know if the member is on their 1/2/3/4 or fifth year? But...the dates of issue and when the visa ends is clearly specified. How would anyone "not" know ? Again I might be misunderstanding Apologies in advance
  8. What do you mean, the immigration does not know what kind of "class" the visa is? If I am not mistaken these visas are labelled according to their categories and therefore the immigration officer is well aware of the duration of these visas
  9. All embassies are required to follow the laws of the countries where they are. Hence the inability to perform such in Thailand and all other countries where gay marriages are not recognised. This being said, there is not such a proposal in Thailand. It is "merely" a Civil union. If passed, the bill might allow different Consulates to celebrate same sex union
  10. Good luck with that...not many countries do consider these couples. I see many hassles with that Once the relationship is established, if it can be proven, what kind of visa will be issued ? A crucial matter, which may upset some, the list includes gay couples as, they too, are not tourists but lovers. 555 and that is only the tip of the Iceberg
  11. They are not selling it They merely adjust the dates of departure to a later one, although these dates are just for reference and no flights are programmed anymore (only for record) This being said, if one holds a non refundable Thai Airways ticket, as this is my case, and wants to fly it will be issued on another airline ( such as Swiss Air from experience)
  12. The titles says it all Although it was to be expected (Visa amnesty until 26 of September) Thai Airways has cancelled its flight for that month. I was notified this afternoon: has anyone received the same kind of news for a later (month) flight ? Still waiting for the right timing to go to Europe for a few weeks and back here without having to go through all these drastic measures. Not holding my breath though
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