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  1. Comedian JIM GAFFIGAN to perform in Thailand for the first time! Jim Gaffigan ‘The Quality Time Tour’ Live in Bangkok 22 March 2019 at the Scala Theatre Ages 6+ Jim Gaffigan, the Grammy-nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer and two-time New York Times best-selling author is set to perform in Thailand for the very first time with Jim Gaffigan ‘The Quality Time Tour’ Live in Bangkok, Friday 22 March 2019 at the Scala Theatre, presented by Live Nation BEC-Tero and The Comedy Club Bangkok. Jim Gaffigan is one of the world’s highest-grossing stand-up comedians, and has 5 specials streaming exclusively on Netflix. In December 2014, Gaffigan became one of only 10 comics in history to sell out Madison Square Garden and a few months prior, he had the honour of performing for Pope Francis and over one million festival attendees at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia. In 2016, Forbes magazine named Jim as one of the world’s highest-grossing comedians and streaming service Pandora announced Jim was the most popular comic on the site. In 2013, Jim’s first book, “Dad Is Fat” debuted at #5 on The New York Times Best Sellers’ List while his second book, “Food: A Love Story”, was released in 2014 and debuted at #3. Dubbed “one of our most intelligent observational humorists”, Jim’s most recent performance film “Noble Ape” has been a smash success and follows on from last year’s hilarious Netflix special “Cinco”. The “Noble Ape” film is drawn from his sold-out performances around the world including shows in England, across Europe, China and Japan. On top of his stand-up work, books and TV specials, Gaffigan has also featured in recent feature films including “Super Troopers 2” and “Chappaquiddick”, and voiced characters in “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” and “Duck, Duck Goose”. The Comedy Club Bangkok Chris Wegoda chris@comedyclubbangkok.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Comedy Club Bangkok and Live Nation BEC-TERO present JIM GAFFIGAN - ‘The Quality Time Tour’, Live in Bangkok! Come see one of world's highest grossing (and funniest) comedians of all time, in Thailand for the first time, March 22nd 2019 at the Scala Theatre, Siam Square. "The King of clean comedy" Wall Street Journal TICKETS ON SALE NOW at ComedyClubBangkok.com & ThaiTicketMajor.com , bit.ly/JimGaffigan March22 ! Ages 6+ For inquiries please email info@ComedyClubBangkok.com All new material! Different from all 5 specials presently streaming on Netflix and albums available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.
  2. Disrupting the Traditional Money Transfer Model DeeMoney is an innovative global money exchange and transfer provider with a digital transfer model that is disrupting the Thai banking scene. In defiance of the traditional money transfer framework which combines high fees, high commission, and slow transaction speeds, DeeMoney—with its convenient mobile application—offers expedient digital cross-border transfers for a fraction of the cost of local banks. Conventionally, 11,000+ banking institutions worldwide conform to the SWIFT process for money transfers, which was set up in 1973. In fact, telecommunications and networking systems in banking can even be traced back as far as the late 1840s. While technology has advanced dramatically the majority of international banking transactions are still sent via SWIFT today. The nature of processing money transfers through the SWIFT network means that financial institutions charge higher fees to cover operating costs and long transaction times, which hinders them from offering digital banking services which are aligned with customers’ needs of being quicker and more affordable. A company of firsts in Thailand, DeeMoney broke new ground as the foremost non-bank entity to achieve the Authorized Money Exchange License, International Money Remittance, and E-Payment Service Licenses in 2017. Which means it is in the exclusive position of being able to offer money transfer and exchange services both digitally via the DeeMoney App and at its signature outlets across Bangkok. DeeMoney has positioned its services to cut through the industry-wide restrictions and regulations that banking channels and other digital platforms use to drive costs up for money transfers, first starting with disrupting the traditional tiered fee model used by banks and traditional money transfer operators. DeeMoney’s 150 THB flat-fee is also an industry-wide first in that it subverts traditional transfer pricing models which fluctuate as the transaction amount increases. The company is revolutionising the way its registered members can remit money overseas digitally with its convenient mobile application. Ideal for all those who live and transact internationally, the DeeMoney app is secure, cost-efficient, and provides a great user experience. Once entered, recipient details are safeguarded within the app making repeat transactions painless—ideal for recurring monthly payments. Crediting digital transfer transactions is equally effortless. The DeeMoney app works compatibly with all Thai local bank accounts. To fund money transfers, customers can choose to: Make a direct debit from Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, and Bangkok Bank Use a QR Code with all Banking applications Pay through the K PLUS app The company believes in complete transparency for its customers and provides competitive transfer exchange rates which are updated on the app and its website daily. The real-time exchange calculator within the DeeMoney app shows exactly how much the recipient party will receive in the chosen currency. The transaction is not subject to any hidden operating charges, and the recipient pays no fees to receive the transfer either. As expatriation is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, international remittance has become a daily part of many peoples’ routine financial operations. Digital financial technology needs to match apace with such needs accordingly. For Thailand, DeeMoney’s revolution of the money transfer landscape makes it the ideal digital choice. Download the DeeMoney mobile application from the iTunes store or follow this link for Android devices. First-hand customer testimonials for the DeeMoney mobile app: “It’s cool! An excellent way to send money to India and other countries. Very low fee and faster money transfers.” - Hareesh C. “A friend of mine recommended DeeMoney to me when I needed to send pocket money to my children. I was really impressed by how easy it was compared to sending money to them through my bank. I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to [the] staff, both at the office and call center, for their assistance and clarifications with my transactions. It was made a lot easier for me with their guidance and support. I’ll continue to be your customer and will be recommending you to my friends as well.” - Racheda K. “Fantastic service and so convenient and easy. Just visit them once and then you have the option of doing everything else online. Loved it. Good Job there!” - Prashant D. “The DeeMoney team is really amazing. They listen to their customers and acknowledge them with appreciation. Truly customer-centric service. I hope DeeMoney reaches many more milestones.” - Naresh.
  3. A taste of Calderazzo on 31: Prized exquisite tender herb crusted milk fed baby lamb Prized exquisite tender herb crusted milk fed baby lamb. Pearls of Balsamic on grilled zucchini and eggplants. The crisply herbed crust opens to a delicate juicy summery dish Perfectly flavoured by Chef Marco Calderazzo. Check In and Share, enjoy complimentary perfectly paired fine Italian wine. ---------------------------------- Hours: 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM LUNCH Mon-Sun 11:30 - 14:30, Daily Special Menu ✆ 094-494-9951 Sukhumvit 31 (Valet parking) https://www.facebook.com/CalderazzoOn31/
  4. Education placements in Canadian institutions are at an all time high given the country’s high quality of education, high living standards, great prices, post graduate employment, and Permanent Residency opportunities. Bangkok, Thailand – Since it first started testing 15-year old students in Math, Science and Reading Comprehension in the year 2000, PISA test ranks Canadian education number #1 of all English speaking countries, and #6 in the world overall in the latest 2018 test. But high quality of education is not the only reason students are flocking to Canada. With one of the highest standards of living and consistently ranked top 5 places in the world to live by numerous ranking platforms, Canada offers a relaxed, safe, and friendly environment for overseas students to come study and work. Couple that with a great exchange rate (ie. = lower costs), a 3 year post graduate work permit, and Permanent Residency, and all of a sudden even winter in Canada does not feel so cold. Weather Sure, it does get cold but hey… can you make a snowman or go cross-country skiing, down hill skiing, snow shoeing, make a snow angel, play outdoor ice hockey, see the boreal lights or have a white Christmas in 30 degrees weather? And do you really think we live in Igloos (look it up eh?). We have 4 seasons and we do get hot weather. As hard as it may seem to believe, after one winter your body will adjust and winter will be just that – winter. Safety, great prices, and a high quality of education are not the only reasons students come to study in Canada. In a country built on immigrants that encourages immigrants to keep their cultural identity while embracing Canadian values, international students can be exposed to a ‘United Nations’ experience by simply attending classes. Vancouver and Toronto being two of the most obvious examples. But students in the smaller, less populated provinces can also meet students from over 40 countries in the classroom, and benefit from a total immersion experience in the almost exclusively English spoken communities. Learning English from native English speakers is much easier than with a class full of other foreigners. The best of both worlds one could say. Why Canada? Safety – live and work in one of the safest countries in the world. Great Prices – study one year for as low as 500,000 Baht (airfare & visa not included) High Quality Education – PISA ranks Canada #1 of all English speaking countries. Many universities in the top 250 world ranking. Work while in college or university Work up to 3 years after college or university Qualify for Permanent Residency as early as the first year after you graduate (depending on your province) Canadian citizenship - Multiple passport permitted Easy to de-tax oneself upon returning to your home country A warm and welcoming multi-cultural society Things to remember Ten provinces = ten programs. Canada’s 10 province operate as separate countries with the Canadian federation. Each province has its own Minister of Finance, Labour and Education. If you know the British Columbia school system, beware that what applies to BC does not necessarily apply to the other provinces. And within each province you need to check with the school district where your school is located, as things do differ (not much, but enough) between districts. Visas. Historically, Canada has a reputation as being a difficult and slow to get a visa. But things have changed for the better with study permits now being issued within 3 weeks on average, and the success rate in Thailand being in the mid to high 80’s %. The main reasons for a visa rejection are incomplete or poorly prepared visa applications, as stated by an IRCC agent at the recent CAPS-I conference held in Bangkok. Apply in Early. Canada is currently very popular with students given the quality, prices, work opportunities, and issues south of the border so apply early. Every student is unique. Your best friend’s kid might have liked a program a few years ago but that program might not be the right one for your son or daughter. Figure out what you want or need in a program and find one that matches your needs. And parents, get your kids to participate – they are the ones after all who will be going overseas. Be realistic and flexible. Remember, you are the one going overseas so you will be the one expected to adapt to that culture, be it Canada, Usa, UK, or any other country. Buyer Beware. Many parents & students simply believe everything their agent tells them, and then expect the Canadian school, or the embassy of Canada, to help them out when the program they are in does not work out. They can’t! So, do your homework on the program as well as the agent before making your decision. You can go online, contact the school district or university directly, talk to more than one agent, attend a fair and speak with Canadian recruiters directly. In the end, it is your responsibility. Today, Canada really should be an option explored by everyone wanting to study overseas and looking for life-long opportunities. A little of research upfront will go a long way towards finding the right program for you. New World Education Company Limited (doing business as Go Study Canada) is a Thai based company (next to the Chong Nonsi BTS station) with Canadian and Thai staff offering pre-imminent Canadian education programs and Permanent Residency education pathways to students in S.E. Asia. With offices in Vancouver Canada and Bangkok Thailand, GoStudyCanada provides first rate, up-to-date information and non-biased information on all aspect of a Canadian education followed by ongoing support to students studying in Canada. They are the ‘go to company’ in Thailand for the Embassy of Canada to Thailand most Canadian institutions recruiting in Thailand. For a free consultation in Thai, call the main office at 02-238-1752 or email info@gostudycanada.net. For an English consult with the Canadian owner and Managing Director, Mr. Rene Bourgeois, email rene@gostudycanada.net. See us at www.gostudycanada.net FB: GoStudyCanada Youtube.com: GoStudyCanada Thailand
  5. Sign up now > http://bit.ly/2X3CmVW Sign up now > http://bit.ly/2X3CmVW
  6. A Great Deal and a Great Deal More Sands Condominium on Soi 5 in Pratumnak is one of if not the most luxurious and well-positioned developments in Pattaya completed in the past few years. Sands is located right on Dongtarn beach. The beach has been undergoing a two-year renovation and beautification project which is scheduled to finish in April of this year. Sands residents have benefited significantly by this project with upgraded views and beach amenities. They say Luxury Comes as Standard at The Sands, and that is true. Just check out some their photos, or better yet get down there and see for yourself. Everything is finished to a high standard, and the outlook is amazing. Oh, and the beach. Did we mention the beach? The project is nearly sold now, and there are just a few units remaining. These are fully furnished luxury units and still available at developer prices. This is a great deal and one that rarely comes along. There are literally just a few units remaining at these prices, and they are not likely to stay on the market for long. If you have ever wanted to live in a luxury condo right on the beach, there is no better time than now. Hurry now before these units are gone and get a brand new fully furnished luxury condo at developer prices. For more information visit: https://sandspratumnak.com
  7. Affordable comfort in the heart of White Sand Beach, Koh Chang! Escape the madness and visit Koh Chang with white beaches, clean water and clean air. Paradise is just a 4 hour ride from Pattaya! The White Elephant Resort consists of 12 Bungalows surrounding our Fresh Water Swimming Pool and Pool Bar. All Bungalows with Air Con, Hot Water, minibar, safe, Coffee/Tea etc. Free parking in our private parking lot for all our guests. All our guests get 10% discount on their bills at The White Elephant Bar & Restaurant, located just in front of the Resort. For over five years The White Elephant has been the premier no. 1 Sports Bar on Koh Chang, showing the widest selection of Live Sports. We are also known for our unbeatable selection of Draught and bottled Beers. In addition we offer a full menu with English, Australian, German, Scandinavian and International favourites, including our popular All Day Breakfast. Check out our webpage: www.whiteelephantbar.com for up to date information and Online Booking.
  8. Find out more: http://bit.ly/2Gp6Pcb Find out more: http://bit.ly/2Gp6Pcb
  9. Digital Remittance Made Easy with DeeMoney For expats living in Thailand, high exchange rates, exorbitant bank fees, and surprise transaction costs all work to diminish hard-accumulated funds on international wire transactions. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions on online expat forums here, “What’s the fastest and cheapest way to transfer money to [insert country of choice here]”. And before 2018, options were limited to paying over the odds through PayPal, Western Union or a Thai bank of choice. There’s now a new digital alternative. Expats and small business owners are no longer restricted to Thai banking bureaucracy and extensive administration to wire money abroad. Fintech company DeeMoney, a subsidiary of the successful telecom provider SawasdeeShop, offers the only digital remittance solution available for exchanging and transferring THB into another currency of choice. True, it is free to send money through PayPal, but recipients pay a significant fee to receive transactions in accordance with the company’s high commission charges and operating costs. Payoneer’s ‘Global Payment Service’ does not include THB—which means that their patrons need to exchange monies before being able to ACH it to another country. And TransferWise is not licensed for THB transactions, so it’s not possible for customers to upload THB onto the platform. Trading it from another currency is achievable, but customers cannot add THB directly to an account balance—even with the company’s new borderless account feature. For those who haven’t signed up for a DeeMoney Membership yet, simply complete the registration process at the flagship branch on Sukhumvit Soi 8 or one of the other locations to take full advantage of the company’s mobile remittance application. Unlike a large number of Thai banks, DeeMoney places no work permit or visa restrictions on membership. Anyone can sign up with just one form of valid identification. The DeeMoney mobile app makes it easy for its customers to send money to international recipients in just a couple of clicks, anytime and anywhere. Once downloaded, crediting money transfer transactions is equally simple. DeeMoney works in commercial partnership with banks through API access allowing customers to link their bank accounts to the app to fund transfers quickly and without hassle. Such a partnership makes the DeeMoney app much more accessible and convenient for existing Kasikorn BANK, Siam Commercial Bank, and Bangkok Bank account holders. Another avenue open to DeeMoney members for crediting international wire transfers is through QR code payments. Customers simply set up the wire transfer to their chosen recipient then select the QR code option to credit their account. Once the QR code is saved to their mobile, DeeMoney members can open their default banking app to scan and complete the payment directly from their bank account. It’s secure, quick, and convenient to make online payments for all international transfers. DeeMoney’s Support page also provides detailed descriptions and videos to demonstrate each payment option in full here. To begin the DeeMoney pre-approval process, sign up here today.
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