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  1. Catch all the LIVE Sports this weekend at The Clubhouse Bangkok THE CLUBHOUSE SPORTS BAR & GRILL The Clubhouse is Bangkok’s No. 1 Sports Bar to enjoy a great night out with friends and really cheer your team on! We have 14 HD TV’s and two Sony HD Projectors across two floors so you’ll never miss any of the action! Our friendly staff can serve you a Full international menu including juicy burgers, tasty signature clubhouse wraps or chicken parmigiana. Sit in our air con bar
  2. How Roojai.com leverages creative marketing with digital technology Technology has been changing the way people buy products and services, and the outbreak of COVID-19 accelerated even more changes across all business sectors. As everyone is moving online now, and spending more time using the Internet of Things, it is interesting to see how Roojai.com has leveraged creativity to engage customers and enhance business performance. An industry-first: 100% online experience Roojai.com launched its complete online insurance service just a few weeks after
  3. Why should you consider to buy policy with excess? The Thai car insurance market is unique compared to other Asian market and worldwide. That's because most of the car insurance policies sold in Thailand are without excess. Based on our experience at Roojai.com, this is one of the reasons for the high number of road accidents in Thailand. Contrary to common belief, no-excess policies do not benefit the customer, the insurer or the overall society. The only winners in this context are the agents and brokers earning higher commissions on inflated insur
  4. Don't be charged. Take charge! With DeeMoney, say goodbye to bank's hidden fees. Sign up now at: deemoney.com/sign-up
  5. Latest Covid 19 Insurance Requirements for Foreigners Returning to Thailand Reuters. File photo The insurance required for a foreigner wanting to enter Thailand has changed dramatically since COVID 19 was unleashed upon the world earlier this year. From a very laissez – faire attitude where there was no insurance requirement, suddenly in March 2020 it was announced by the Thai government that any alien wanting to enter Thailand had to show US$100,000 of COVID 19 insurance, before they are granted leave to enter Thailand. This is shown at th
  6. Foreigners Who Die Without a Thai Will Could Have Assets Passed onto the Government There are thousands of Expats who are working or are retired in Thailand, but it is surprising who many may have a will in their home country, but they most never get around to making a Thai will here. Naturally if there are relatives back home, you do not want them to have the added complications at the same time as grieving, if you have recently passed away leaving no instructions. Without a Thai will everything from bank accounts to assets are frozen and it can
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