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  1. More to the point, if the UK are out of the EU then we have to pay 10% more for Hondas than they do in the EU. (AKA WTO tariffs)
  2. Yet Honda have said that doubt's about Brexit do have a bearing. And not forgetting that Honda have just signed a new significant trade deal with the EU. But let's put that to one side. The car industry is going through massive changes as cars head towards electric. It is "expected" that Toyota may follow Honda as their production lines in the UK are under performing. No doubt more will follow. Brexit has no role to play in the car makers changing their production lines but obviously they will continue to make the new electric models somewhere. For Britain to be a significant part of that manufacturing base they need to be inside the loop rather than outside. With all the doubt and indecisions at the moment it is obvious that the manufacturers will look elsewhere. Project fear? Come on guys, get real!
  3. Let's see if this holds water. 7 is nowhere near enough to make much difference in itself but we don't know if any others are sitting on the side lines ready to follow. Clearly good news in the short term for the Tories unless some of their MPs jump ship too. Too early to say what this will mean but at the moment Chucka Umunna is the only heavy weight in the bunch.
  4. And why should we go through all of that only to be worse off? If the clock is successfully wound down by May then MP's will reluctantly go with her deal. It is crap but still better than leaving with no deal at all. May knows that and that is why she is taking the route she is taking now.
  5. There are nightclubs all over the world that have pole dancers. Any of the people who watch "The Kardashians" will recall the young Kendall and Kylie gyrating around their older sisters pole in their house. There are quite a few exercise routines that also use poles. Long gone are the days when they were only seen on stages with strippers. Looks to me like the girls were enjoying an otherwise extremely tedious ride. Good for them!
  6. Exactly my point. Why did the leave campaigners promise us a deal that would have been good for the UK when they couldn't deliver it. The EU haven't changed their position on Brexit, they have been consistent from day one. The people voted leave because of what the Brexiteers told them.
  7. How about we leave with the deal that the Brexit campaigners promised in the referendum. Of course they cannot deliver that and so we are left with the utter shambles that we have. I am yet to meet a Brexiteer that voted to leave with no deal because they were promised a deal and an easy to achieve one at that.
  8. Combined with the total lack of role models or moral guidelines. The rot starts at the top and runs right down to the bottom.
  9. "It's May's deal or a long delay" according to Ollie Robbins talking in a bar in Brussels. That seems to be today's revelation. No doubt tomorrow it will something else.
  10. Seems nothing much has changed over the years. It was flagged as the third worst in the world when I lived there over ten years ago. Nothing get's done about it so you make your choice and hold your breath or head for the cleaner air elsewhere. As grown-ups we can make those choices but if you have children then you should consider the consequences carefully.
  11. It's May's plan to run out of time, forcing MPs to choose her deal over crashing out. May's deal is an enormous let down for the Brexiteers as well as for the remainers and Britain ends up far worse off than with no Brexit at all. But it is a Brexit of sorts and all the leave boys (Johnson, JRM etc) haven't come up with an alternative. They just keep telling May to go back and do better!
  12. Quite. Come on Vogie you know I was only messing! It would have been a simple leave or remain vote if they told people what leave (or remain) actually consisted of. It was too much wanna-do and not enough can-do. What we are left with now is cannot-do!
  13. I was watching that too. Had to smile when Johnson congratulated her . She was still singing the same old song but nobody is listening anymore. All the rhetoric sounds hollow and that really goes for everyone.
  14. Would be appropriate given the fool she has made of herself.
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