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  1. I agree with the sentiment but in reality they won't. Don't expect a breakout of truth and honesty any time in the future. We will continue to be treated with the same distain that we always are.
  2. And yet all too believable I am afraid. Johnson living up to his original reputation of lying and conning the people. Promising but never delivering. As time goes by I am sure other governments will be exposed for their bad handling of the pandemic but you can be sure that Britain will be up there leading the way. If there was ever a time when the country needed clear leadership and transparency then this is it but with Johnson and his cronies there is no chance of that. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it and so we just have to suck it up.
  3. True. But just as true are the pictures of the white guys masked up burning cars and smashing windows. I was out there when the poll tax riots were happening in London and the rent a mob thugs were mingling in with the real protestors and then breaking cover to hurl bricks at the police and through shop windows. Many of these people were carrying posters but as we know when you go to any rally there are banners and posters supplied for anyone who wants them. I have been listening to those being interviewed at many of the protest locations in the USA and it is as clear as day that they are not the ones being violent but genuine protestors.
  4. If I had a business looted or burned then I would want the people found and prosecuted. But as we know this is not the protestors doing it. It is the usual gangs of thugs that turn out at every protest meeting. Same in Britain, Germany, France and just about every other country out there. Of course there will always be those who believe Trump's twisted version but it's probably best to just ignore them.
  5. Wouldn't bother quoting anything from the Sun. They are not known for their unbiased honest reporting at the best of times. Still if you start your post referring to "lefties" then we can hardly expect anything being presented to be unbiased anyway.
  6. Leper of Europe is a bit unfair.. It is true that we have the highest fatality rate in Europe and that the government consistently screw up their response to the pandemic. It would help if Johnson and his crew would stop lying about what they are doing. This track and trace is just another example of claiming a success when they can't even get it up and running.
  7. Better not tell my son that, he meet's up most days in the local woods or area to bury the sausage with his girlfriend! It's nonsense. Brits and almost all other nationalities have always enjoyed al fresco sex. Half of my sex life when I was at school or college was outdoors! Police nearly always turn a blind eye unless it is around children or in a very public place.
  8. Off Kilter post rather than even keel I would suggest. Easy mistake to make though. You are lumping the genuine angry protestors with the opportunist thugs and looters that turn out at just about every emotionally high strung demonstration. First time I came across it was when I went on the anti-Vietnam rally in Grosvenor Square in London. We were all there with our CND posters, kaftans and Donovan (Britain's Bob Dylan clone at the time). Then the thugs arrived covering their faces and using catapults with ball bearings to fire at the police horses. The mood changed and although some of us tried to fight off the hooligans we were no match to the hardware they had with them. Then we had the poll tax riots. Same thing again except this time the looters were out in force as well. The vast majority of the protestors were ordinary people, many marching with their kids. But the "riots" will be remembered mainly for the violence and destruction of property, all done by the rent a mob brigade. These morons come out every time but never have anything to do with the genuine people using their right to demonstrate. Most people are able to differentiate the separate groups but there will always those who choose to follow their own twisted agenda. One of them is in the White House.
  9. Well it sounds like she was right to kick him out in the first case. Anyone who goes round to try and get his wife back with a .38 revolver instead of a bunch of flowers and a bucketful of humble pie deserves everything he gets. Sounds like a total jerk to me.
  10. Just some schoolgirls having a sleepover with some boy's along for good measure. Happens all the time!
  11. Eighteen years ago when living in Chiang Mai, my wife said she wanted to learn to drive. Knowing the "system" I insisted that she took driving lessons and passed her test properly. This she did and it took about two months of twice weekly lessons. All of this caused a lot of head scratching and amusement from her family and was put down to the crazy farang husband. Her uncle (a senior policeman) actually seemed quite annoyed by it, as he felt that they were above such things. Everyone in my wife's family including nieces and nephews, sisters and aunts and uncles drive (except for my wife's mother) and according to my wife she is the only one who took the test!
  12. Well plenty of unhealthy lifestyles all over Europe. Ignorance and a government who have been shown to have got the response spectacularly wrong is most likely.
  13. It is true that for the last week or so people are out and about much more. My son (17) started out meeting up with a couple of friends and keeping his distance, more or less. Then his girlfriend managed to sneak out and meet him in the local park and there was certainly no social distancing observed. Last night he met up with a group of his friends and they went off and played football together. On the other hand the distancing is still being observed at supermarkets and petrol stations and post offices etc. Mid June the big stores are due to re-open and the any social distancing will be totally out of the window then. The government, in hindsight, have stumbled along blindly with Johnson holding the white stick. The Cummings farce was the trigger for many people to just call time on the restrictions and the warm weather made the temptation so much more appealing. As for the schools re-opening, what a farce that is! It is rapidly approaching the end of the school year so why send them back now? Surely they should work on starting again in September so that they can bring the curricular back on course. It's just one stupid move after another. No wonder most of the schools are refusing to go along with the madness. Will there be a second wave? Maybe. My wife goes back to work on Monday with all the restrictions in place. She is just thankful she has a job to go back to. For hundreds of thousands that isn't going to be the case.
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