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  1. Everyone is allowed an equal voice over Brexit, just like everything else. Especially if they are EU members who have as much invested in this as any Brit. But I do agree that their input would carry more weight if they were more open as to their origin. Not essential of course, but makes it easier to respond.
  2. Boris is funny and very personable too. But in the way the pub joker is, nobody takes him seriously. Macron is sticking to the line he has always had and even Merkel is backing away from her earlier comments. You would certainly invite Boris to the drinks party but never trust him to actually pour the drinks.
  3. This is just the same old stuff over and over again, with the same arguments regurgitated. The media just keep stirring the pot. According to the Daily Mail (Ha!Ha!) his trip to Berlin was a triumph! After his meeting today with Macron, I wonder what the headline will be tomorrow. It's boring beyond belief!
  4. Nobody asked me or anyone I know. Another referendum would be a dumb idea as it just raises the temperature further. A general election is what is needed to get rid of this pathetic government. A referendum wouldn't do that.
  5. It's simple enough. Donald Trump is insane. Anyone trying to defend the morons actions have serious reality problems.
  6. By having an age of consent you are not indicating when it is expected that people will start having sex or that it is encouraged. Young people tend to do so as and when they are ready. Sexual activity is normal in teens after puberty. The only time this becomes sinister if they are being pushed or forced into it.
  7. Fondly reminiscing about my pre uni days when we headed down to Brighton at the weekend to fight with the rockers on the beach. No wearing helmets to hide our identity then. We were proudly showing the stupidity of youth for all to see!
  8. There is a similarity between Andrew and Harry. They are both siblings to the heirs to the throne and as such have far more freedom to live their lives the way they wish. Andrew was always pushing envelopes when he was younger and was often berated for some of his antics and choice of girlfriends. He even married an old slapper. Same goes for Harry but he was better with girl choices than his uncle. And in fact the same story with the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret, who really liked the high life in all it's forms and was a constant embarrassment to the palace wither over active sex life and mixing with villains.
  9. Well you are casting the first stone really. First of all the minimum age for a prostitute in England is 18 not 16. The age of consent is 16 when both parties are consenting but not when it comes to prostitution. Secondly the charges against Epstein were for trafficking and the seventeen year old girl with Andrew said she was instructed to have sex with him so it was not her choice. Thirdly Epstein is accused of trafficking girls as young as fourteen and it his association with Andrew that the palace are responding to, not the girl in the photograph. As for the assertion that "many members of this forum indulge in regular prostitution activities with ladies that look younger than say non-Asians and are less physically formed than many other races". Well somewhere in there is a grain of truth for some no doubt but to say "many members" is really insulting members who are happy in their relationships and don't feel the need to massage their egos by having young girls paw at them for a handful of baht. So maybe you should re-think your rambling post and stop second guessing the mindset of members here.
  10. One for all for all of us with Thai wives or partners. I am sure this guy would have thought "my wife would never do that to me, she loves me far too much!"
  11. Yes they are getting good at project fear these days. The economists, businesses, politicians (including 20 Tory MPs) from all parties and now the NHS. My wife received a letter this week saying that there could be a problem getting repeat prescriptions for one of the medicines she depends on if we end up with a no deal Brexit. It was from the GP but as a result of them receiving a warning from the NHS. Impressive to get that many organisations on board. Of course the learned Brexiteers know better.
  12. The will of the people in 2016 or the will of the people now? I agree with you about parliament but it is only now that people can see the consequences of what Brexit actually means. A general election appears to be the way forward so people can vote for the MP's who are on the same page as them today.
  13. Notice the tag line. "I have every confidence we will achieve an agreement with the EU that works for Britain". Should also say "however if we can't and we end up being out with no deal or the EU not playing ball then you just have to suck it up live with a truly crap outcome". Because that is exactly where we are now and heaven forbid we had the opportunity to change our minds.
  14. What is all this about the north. Recently went up to Newcastle and it is virtually indistinguishable from Central London. At least shopping wise. Same fashion shops, upmarket cafe's and restaurants (same prices too) and a lot of very fashionable savvy people. Same goes for central Manchester, where I went to uni. No whippets in sight but plenty of jags and beemers
  15. But isn't that what the Tories are now? They have to take no-deal off of the table completely are they won't get the votes they need. That is why everyone is revolting against Johnson. Expecting the EU to change their position is all a bit pie in the sky, I would have thought.
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