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  1. Thanks. Really reluctant to do it at the time and off course only moved the base as my business involves import and export. And when we finally dump these muppets in government I can always re-locate. In the meantime I can enjoy lower rents, taxes, business incentives and red tape. I guess the icing on the cake is I still live in the UK without the headache of worrying too much about the inevitable fallout from Brexit. As for posting here. I enjoy it. Lived in Thailand for many years and still travel there on business regularly (when I can). And of course have my in-laws the
  2. I am sure all the Trump supporters will be shouting "Fake News" along with their orange man-child hero!
  3. I made preparations some time a go. I moved my business base to mainland Europe along with thousands of others that could. The problem for businesses though is that they don't know what preparations to make because they are not being told by this useless government what the new regulations will be. They are screaming for clarity but get no response. Why? Well that is because the government don't know what to prepare for because negotiations are still going on. Easy to blame the businesses but it is, as usual, the government who are failing to come up with any clear instructions
  4. Well at least Trump still has Boon Mee to cheer for him.
  5. I saw her little hizzy fit on the news. Certainly made me smile. And of course it is a point of view and she is entitled to it, as long as she doesn't end up taking a hospital bed from somebody who does give a sod, or spreading the virus by her own selfishness.
  6. It's all about selling the movie. You mention "sex scene" with two of the stars and people pay attention. These days movies need all the help they can get to get people out there buying tickets.
  7. Obamas speech is being played on news channels around the world.
  8. For Thailand, China represents it's tourism future as we have seen in it's recent past. Every other country will play second fiddle to them.
  9. This is turning into the longest goodbye in history . And yet they are still negotiating, with the latest news being that both sides are saying they are close to a deal and are willing to compromise some more.
  10. I don't think there are many who would claim that Khan has done a good job, not me that is for sure, but neither did Johnson. The problem here is that there is a politically motivated needle match going on with Johnson and Khan. It is true that TFL was devastated when the pandemic took hold and the lockdown meant that nobody was using it. I know I was still going into London twice a week and witnessed it first hand. But Khan was slow to respond thinking it was short term and he was reluctant to make changes. Even now, knowing that Brexit and people working from home long term w
  11. Ads are for those who haven't made their mind up yet and they will make all the difference when it is a close call. In the meantime Trump doing his bit on the campaign trail, cutting his rally short in Eerie Pennsylvania saying "Nobody wants me" and storming out of an interview with CBS (60 minutes). Maybe he thinks his supporters admire him for his infantile tantrums?
  12. I agree. This has just turned into brinkmanship with neither side willing to lose face.
  13. I do wonder if Trump will stand for being muted or storm off in a hizzy fit!
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