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  1. Putting people in self isolation when coming back from "abroad" was always pie in the sky, just another stupid knee jerk reaction from Cummings and his lapdog Johnson. They were always going to have to backtrack it radically because it was completely unenforceable.`
  2. Female anchor people tend not to have their brains in their pants.
  3. Most ex-pats do and it is usually no big deal. I did it for years.
  4. They are hilltribe people and there is no stronger a community than that. In every sense of the word.
  5. There are plenty of drugs you can buy from a pharmacy that are illegal to sell without a prescription and most pharmacists in Thailand are happy to oblige. It is unlikely this pharmacist will press charges as it is very likely he was breaking the law by supplying the foreign thug in the first place.
  6. Yes but all will be fine because Trump has declared that he is all in favour of face masks after all! Thank god that the USA has such a well balanced intelligent individual in charge!
  7. Yes good result for all involved . Without freeing the whale sharks they would have lost their nets and the consequences would have been a tragedy on all levels. So Kudos to the crew!
  8. Donald doesn't like testing because it highlights his miserable failure in dealing with the Covid-9 pandemic. How about a gullibility test then? You could start in testing those attending the Trump rallies. I am sure the positive test results would be overwhelming but unfortunately, there appears to be no vaccine available for those poor souls.
  9. It is a shame then that the President of the USA doesn't endorse using masks at all.
  10. Just the government backtracking as they know the quarantine regulations they were promoting are unenforceable. It makes far more sense but with the UK being the worst country for restricting travel in the first place, any attempt to catch up is too little, too late.
  11. You have a President in denial and only interested in how this pandemic will affect his chances of being re-elected. So no leadership from him as usual, just him trying to play it down all the time. Which means you are left with the Trump believers and his ludicrous claims and the normal American people who will follow the rules in an attempt to beat this killer pandemic. People need hard wired instructions and to be told the truth about the virus. Something you will never get from Trump and his chums.
  12. Try tracking and tracing that lot! Many of those people will have sat in traffic for hours to get to the beach, many of them expecting to be able to adhere to the social distancing rules when they got there. After all Bournemouth has miles of sandy beach and is rarely over crowded at the best of times. I think the biggest problem here was that everyone gravitated to the centre of Bournemouth rather than further down the beach towards Boscombe where social distancing was easily achievable. So once you had found a place to park (always a nightmare in Bournemouth) and dragged the kids and the sunbeds and beachballs down to the beach, how many of us are going to say "Sorry Kids we have to give this a miss today".
  13. Yesterday, the hottest day of the year, a major incident was declared in Bournemouth due to the amount of people gathering on the beach totally ignoring the social distancing rules. Did this government really think that any families with young kids would actually stay away or keep their two metre space? Once the holiday season kicks off properly there will be a tsunami of people heading for the beaches.
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