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  1. No problems leaving, but do remember to leave all your money behind...
  2. Yeah, but he said it was still in the sealed duty-free plastic bags. You can get on a connecting international flight from Swampy with your duty free as long as it's still in the original package, so why not on a domestic flight?
  3. Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, and just about anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Yeah, 200 Baht was way too cheap, the driver must have been high on something when he quoted you that. Even using Grab, just to get from my house on Thepprasit to my favourite restaurant on Soi Lengkee costs over 200 Baht, and that's just a few klicks. I think the GF paid 350 Baht to get from the house to Nong Nuch gardens a while back using Grab, so around 500 Baht to Sattahip sounds about right to me.
  5. " New safety rules will be introduced to lessen the risks of accidents or death of foreign tourists." When will they figure out that rules are one thing, but if you don't enforce them properly then they're pretty much meaningless?
  6. Let's see now, according to Google, Thailand's GDP in 2017 was 452 billion USD. At 30 THB/USD that's around 13.5 trillion Baht. Tourism provides betwwen 10% and 20% of this, depending on who you ask and what definitions you use. So that implies tourism, including us long-stay tourists living here, is worth between 1.3 and 2.6 trillion Baht to the economy. And apparently they're willing to risk damaging that industry for the sake of 500 million Baht - just 0.02% to 0.04% of the income it brings the country. A kind person might say something about confused priorities, and having your cake and eating it too. Personally, I think the entire government consists of nothing but miserly, feeble-minded racist bigots.
  7. I can recommend Chris at Termite Tech, an American guy, with his Thai wife May. I've been using him for the last six or seven years and he's great. Knows his stuff, sprays inside and outside the house once every two months, and does a full termite treatment once a year, injecting into the ground all around the house outside and into the pipes running underneath it that were fitted when the place was built. From a house that had major termite problems when I moved in, I haven't had an insect problem in years thanks to him. Over the years he's sorted out not only the termites, but tiny ants in the kitchen, wasp and bee nests, and a tropical hornet nest (that one was exciting!). Very highly recommended, and not expensive. His phone number is: 082 207 1959
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