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  1. It would work fine in Pattaya too, as long as they're not wearing anything below the neck, lol.
  2. I doubt it. Firstly, I don't think China's economy shut down to anything like the extent that those in Europe and America did, as they were willing to impose total isolation on hotspots like Wuhan so that the rest of the country was protected. A month ago, China's economy was already running at around 90% of capacity, according to The Economist. The western democracies felt they could not get away with such extreme measures, and so they had to impose a shutdown across the entire country, which was much more painful for the many compared with China, if far less painful for the few who might have been isolated in the western versions of Wuhan. The second point is that, as in Thailand, it's the poorer part of the population that will have suffered the most and they are not the ones taking foreign holidays. I suspect that to many Chinese, the virus won't have made too much difference to their wealth so far, though western retaliation as well as western economic shrinkage as a result of C19 may well impoverish the Chinese far more than the virus ever did. Still, if they can manage to get GDP growth back up to 7% again they will be over the damage in no time. All in all, I suspect that it's western tourists who will be worse off when the dust has settled, especially the younger ones who may lose their jobs and are going to be left paying off the cost of the crisis for many decades.
  3. If the bar beer owners think they've got it bad with rent, spare a thought for the Gogo Bar owners. What's the rent on an open-air bar beer in Naklua, maybe 5K or 10K/month? A single shop house on Walking Street can cost 100-150K/month or more, and many of the Gogo Bars occupy several of these.
  4. What's the admission fee for farangs, are there any C19 discounts?
  5. This is from the Pattaya News: "A significant number of the recent repatriated nationals from Kuwait have tested positive in the past week, according to the CCSA. The majority are migrant workers who live in tightly packed conditions and have close contact with each other." My gosh, but it's a good job that migrant workers in Thailand don't live in tightly packed conditions having close contact with each other, or we might be in trouble!
  6. Well yesterday we had bad news on the Thai economy supposedly boosting the Baht, so the normal rules of economics clearly don't apply here and there's no need to worry about deflation. In fact, I'll lay you 100 Baht to a satang that just about every ordinary Thai person would say that falling prices are a blessing.
  7. What they're saying if you read between the lines is to ensure the headline numbers are as wanted and predicted, just like their Chinese masters do.
  8. Sounds like it might be the knell of doom for my chabaa bushes, lol....
  9. Forget the trees, the best thing they could do to "pretty-up" the beach in Jomtien would be to get rid of all the wretched soi dogs down there.
  10. Is Nong Nooch currently packed to the gunwales with tourists taking advantage of the discounts, lol?
  11. For most of the last decade, I've been meeting up with friends for a few sundowners at one or other of the bar beers on Soi Rompho in Jomtien. Now my friends have managed to get themselves stuck in their home countries, and since March I've been enjoying a quiet beer or three at home on my patio while watching the sun go down. I don't think I'll bother gong back to the bars now, at least not until my mates return here, and that's unlikely to be until some time in 2021. And if I feel like that when Thailand is supposedly clear of the virus, I certainly wouldn't go near the bars if the wretched thing resurfaces.
  12. Heck, you've got to feel sorry for these people, they pay City Hall good money for their pitches on the beach, but for months now they've had no income and through no fault of their own. I wonder of any of them even got the 5,000 Baht/month pittance from the government? When things resume, even if they can sell food and drink again, their income is going to be 50% of previous levels at best due to social distancing, and probably much less as there simply won't be anything like as many people around. So will City Hall cut the fees they charge the vendors by 50%-75%? Answers please on a postcard to....
  13. I'd never heard of them either, and the GF has never mentioned them, though being a peasant from "oop norf" she must have had contact with them. They definitely sound like the unsung heroes of the current situation, it would be nice to hear Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, the spokesperson of the CCSA, giving them some praise for their efforts. I'd also like Prayut to give them all a one-off gift of, say, 5,000 Baht each, but I won't hold my breath on that one.
  14. I just went to Big C on Sukhumvit in Pattaya and they still have the same QR code/book system set up, but almost all the Thais when I was going in were signing the book rather than scanning the code. I thought that was a bit odd, do they know something? If only I knew the Thai for "Mickey Mouse" or "Adolf Hitler", I might have seen what was going on, lol.
  15. This little extra is from the Pattaya News: "Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, the spokesperson of the CCSA..... This was the highest single day total of new cases in several weeks, he added, showing that border control and quarantines for all returning from overseas is needed and that although the situation internally was under control the situation around the world was not." Never a truer word was spoken.
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