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  1. Ridiculous to insist on cover of a certain amount of US dollars for policies issued by Thai companies that will cover treatment in Thai hospitals. Why not simply say cover of 3 million Baht and make life simple, since they clearly don't want foreign insurance companies involved in this particular gravy train?
  2. It sounds very similar to that Thai lady a few months ago who tested positive after leaving the 14-days quarantine. There was talk then by some senior medics that quarantine needs to be increased to 21 or even 28 days, but then the authorities decided that since she'd been in Loei that explained everything, lol, and there was no need to change anything. (Loud sounds of dirt being swept under a carpet.) Even way back in February and March, there were reports coming from China that the virus might have an incubation period that's longer than 14 days, so this is nothing new, but it certainly is p
  3. Well that'll have Chairman Xi and the PLA trembling! My Buddha, he might threaten to dispatch the Thai aircraft carrier, lol...
  4. The problem is that you have to remove your mask for eating and drinking and on long-haul flights from Europe and the US it's not practical to do as they do on internal flights and refuse to serve food and drink. Most people dislike wearing masks for any length of time and in the course of an 8 to 12 hour flight they will almost certainly take the mask off partially or completely. It's almost certain that in the toilets they'll remove it completely to freshen up, and if they're infected then they are likely to contaminate any surface they touch afterwards while wearing a mask and looking safe.
  5. Well at least they're finally admitting that they weren't tourists!
  6. Yes, the newspaper-that-must-not-be-quoted also carried that story this morning. It just confirms what was already obvious, that the people arriving here from China under the STV scheme are not tourists. It will be interesting to see if the same applies to the people supposedly coming from the country of Scandinavia, lol.
  7. It was bound to happen. After considerable success in managing the pandemic thus far, the government has become arrogant, complacent and greedy and is preparing to throw it all away. Don't they realise that the financial cost of a significant outbreak in Thailand will be a hundred times any pathetic dollars or renmimbi they can glean from tourism at present? And their people, many of whom actively despise this government, will not forgive them for recklessly causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. The truly sad part is that the CCSA, which has had an outstanding performance to date, seems to
  8. Something doesn't add up here. Why go through all this rigmarole and expense and lost time when they could have just hopped on an internal flight from Shanghai to Hainan? The island's at the same latitude as the north of Thailand and within the tropics, so if you fancy some warmth and beach time surely you'd head down there for a month, not pay good money to be stuck in a Thai hotel-prison cell for a fortnight? I call BS on this one.
  9. It only costs 500 Baht to have an agent get it for you, lol.
  10. If Thailand had a formal retirement programme then people would be right to complain, but it doesn't and most retirees will be living here on one-year extensions of stay which are just a temporary permission to remain in the country for a little while longer. While it was impossible to see why the Thai government might do it, there was always the possibility at some stage that they might change their minds about the permission. Well now we know the "why", and it's not something malicious, it's just the government trying to strike a balance between protecting its people and keep the economy fro
  11. A Fortuner is a nice big vehicle, but 10 Chinese plus the driver??? They must have been hanging out of the windows, lol.
  12. So who are these arrivals, are they mostly Thai returnees with a sprinkling of farangs allowed back for business or family reasons, with perhaps one or two Elite visa holders? 40,000 to 50,000 Thai returnees a month seems like an awful lot to me.
  13. There are some great deals on rental cars at the moment. Try Maks in Jomtien, or just search around for the best deal to rent a small car for a few days. No more expensive than taking four or five Grab taxis and much more convenient.
  14. Big deal. There's a lot of Australians stranded in the UK, but you don't hear them bleating about how badly their country is treating them. Grow up, for goodness sake, and realise that this is a global crisis, it's not all about you and what suits you.
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