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  1. Sometimes my older relatives in the UK send me birthday or Christmas cards out here and, as is the way with the older generation, they insist on writing the address in cursive. How the poor Thai postman ever deciphers that into an address here I'll never know, lol.
  2. Well, after all my good words about them, Thai Post let me down today, and my parcel from the UK is still in Banglamung. For some odd reason, it got to Sri Racha and was then sent back up to Chonburi, and from there it went down to Banglamung. That's a pretty roundabout way to get from Sri Racha to Banglamung, lol, but it meant it was delayed by at least half-a-day, and hopefully it'll be delivered here tomorrow morning.
  3. There's a thread on here about problems with receiving TOT bills late last year, and it seems to have been down to their merger with CAT, not the fault of Thai Post. I get a parcel sent to me from the UK every two weeks, and as you say at the moment it takes a week at most to arrive. The latest one arrived in Bangkok on Wednesday and will be delivered to my house tomorrow morning by, of course, Thai Post. If they are as lousy as you claim, then our parcels and letters from overseas would take months to get from Bangkok to our homes, not three days.
  4. If Thailand had a top-level virology lab, conducting research into ways of modifying viruses so as to make them more deadly, situated next door to Chatuchak, then the story might have some credibility. Now let me see, can anyone think of a wet market anywhere in the world with such a facility nearby?
  5. Pay some minion in the ASQ to pick up your favourite tipple from the nearest 7-eleven on Thursday so that it will be waiting for you when you check out on Friday. Not the same as drinking in a bar, I know, but better than yet another booze-free day.
  6. The slow approval here is presumably because somebody in the corridors of power is still trying to figure out how best to extort the most money from the vaccines.
  7. Just curious. My understanding was that some years ago they changed the rules so that your wife can no longer inherit your state pension when you die, so why do they want all the gubbins about marriage certificates and divorces?
  8. Misleading headline, here's the correct one... Thailand Mulls Inviting SARS-COV2 In by Waiving Quarantine Rule for Vaccinated Tourists
  9. Mayor of Pattaya proposes building a bridge to the moon to attract tourists. After all, he reasoned, the moon is Covid-free, so it's an obvious source of alien tourists to stimulate our economy, though we will, of course, require vaccination passports from them.
  10. Things must be worse than I thought back in the West if this impresses them,
  11. There's a good article in the latest Economist about China's vaccine rollout, or rather the lack of it, even though they started last summer. I've attached it as a two-page PDF file, and you can see why we're not likely to see any large numbers of Chinese tourists arriving this year. EconomistUS - 20 Feb-pages-35-36.pdf
  12. Now this statement really annoys me when I hear it, both here and in the UK. OK, so retired people may not pay income tax and social security contributions, but we have to pay VAT on much of what we buy, as well as additional taxes and duty on booze. We have to pay property transfer tax if we want to buy a house or condo, and depending on your circumstances you might have to pay anannual property tax as well (I do, and it's 7,500 Baht/year). Then there's road tax and fuel duty, and no doubt many other fiscal impositions that are impossible to avoid. Now I enjoy a drink, and like many retired e
  13. Have they lost their minds? Pathum Thani is recording almost as many cases as Samut Sakhon, and some days more! Meanwhile, what has changed in Bangkok since they made it a red zone? It's still recording a steady trickle of cases every day and they've done no mass testing in the areas adjacent to Samut Sakhon and Pathum Thani, so they have no idea what's really going on in the populations in those areas. Get ready for the third wave (or is the the fourth now, I've lost count, lol)!
  14. Missing a trick there, lads, not a single mention of ชนะ or chana, the Thai word for "victory". Here's a suggestion: why not rename it to, say, ชนะฝรั่งโง่, or chana farang ngo. Means something like, "victory over the dumb foreigners," lol.
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