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  1. RIP to the 34 people who lost their lives. It's not showing any signs of abating, is it? Just seven weeks until the Phuket sandbox idiocy pilot scheme is due to start, and to allow entertainment venues, bars and eateries to reopen they're going to need far fewer deaths and daily new cases. Maybe they'll get lucky, and maybe the authorities will simply gerrymander the numbers, but looking at the figures over the last month it's kind of hard to see how it's going to happen naturally.
  2. ...foreign tourists being happy to spend money to holiday in a place where all the bars and entertainment venues are closed, restaurants are take-away or delivery only, no tourist attractions are open, and in that famous beach resort, Pattaya, you're not even allowed on the beach! I suppose the Czar will simply wave his magic wand in late June and the current outbreak will vanish and the kingdom be restored to normality by July 1st. White elephants will roam the Thai forests once more and we will all marvel at the flocks of flying pigs.
  3. Free doughnuts with every shot, the Thais will flock to the vaccination centres! And it's technology that's already been proven in the US.
  4. The parcel was delivered safe and sound this morning, so all back to normal it would seem.
  5. Is a side-effect of Sinovac that it makes you very thirsty? Or does he always carry three bottles of water around with him, lol?
  6. That doesn't sound very promising. Mine was posted in the UK on April 30th and arrived at the Sri Racha sorting office this morning. From there it usually goes back up to Chonburi (why?), then comes down to Banglamung. I'm hopeful for a Wednesday delivery.
  7. I have a fingerprint-activated padlock which I wanted to use on my security gate as it would be easier than rattling around in my pocket to find the key. I bought this in the UK and it was not cheap, around forty quid. You had to let it scan your fingerprint in four or five different positions as how you touched the padlock would vary in practice. The trouble was that it really needed to scan it in a hundred different positions as it still often took three or four attempts to get it to recognise my fingerprint and in the end a normal padlock and key was quicker so I gave up on it.
  8. How many different targets have they announced in the last month? How about getting some actual doses of vaccine on the ground here and then into people's arms ASAP?
  9. Yes, or let the rest of the world vaccinate itself first so that it gets herd immunity and won't infect the unvaccinated Thais. Lots of money saved, and the PM can get the submarine catalogue out again, lol.
  10. Dream on, but first check out what's happening in the Seychelles.
  11. It makes you wonder why they can't simply keep people from congregating on the beach but allow them to swim alone? Too much effort, or too much discretion, perhaps? Two days ago, Pattaya News had a story about how the Pattaya police were fed up with people gathering in groups on the beach after dark. And what was the result of these thinly veiled threats? A blanket ban on using the beach or sea for exercise, apparently. Not a single "guilty party" got fined or hauled off to Soi 9, instead people who simply wanted to try and keep fit are no longer allowed to do so. If people can't s
  12. It seems that a new option is available to the well-heeled, this was in The Times today:
  13. It had to happen, rats deserting the sinking Thai ship, lol... From today's Times:
  14. Totally ridiculous, but sadly not unexpected given the muppets running the show here.
  15. Where are you based? If it's anywhere near Pattaya then Tony's gym and fitness place underneath the Lido Hotel On Third Road by the junction with South Pattaya Road is having a clearance sale.
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