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  1. 8 minutes ago, Pib said:

    The OP is talking "International Direct Deposit" where DFAS uses the SWIFT system to accomplish the transfer vs the ACH system.   Two different transfer systems. 


    If switching to the IDD transfer method which uses SWIFT you can have you benefit payment sent to any Thai bank...and to a regular savings acct that allows debit card, ibanking, etc....no need to "physically" appear at a branch with passport to accomplish a withdrawal or transfer....no need to be limited to the Bangkok Bank special/restricted direct deposit acct.   If remaining with ACH method Bangkok Bank is the only Thai bank that can receive the payment and it must be received to the special/restricted direct deposit acct.

    I read something to the effect that the U.S. govt was making what ever arrangements were needed to continue direct deposit in the correct format and that the recipients do not need to take any action.  I can not find that today, but it may not matter.   What you say makes sense and covers that issue.


    But as to using debit cards:    I have only dealt with Bangkok Bank so I only know what their policy is.  And that is any U.S. govt funds directly deposited must be in a single name account and have counter withdrawals only.  This was driven by the SSA mainly because of too many families not notifying SSA of a death and continuing to withdraw the payments via the ATM for months and years.   That is a corporate requirement, not a branch requirement, driven by the U.S. govt.  If they did not implement that, the U.S. govt would not directly deposit pensions and benefits.   The U.S. govt also requires all banks to report all U.S. citizens' accounts if they want to have access to the U.S. financial system.

  2. I am a little confused .... unless the post is addressed to those that do not want to use Bangkok Bank.   Pensions and SS benefits have been directly deposited in Bangkok Bank accounts  for years.   And the recent change in formats required by Bangkok Bank did not visually affect recipients of U.S. govt funds.   What ever changes were required were made invisibly for the recipients.

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  3. Your signature hat in the photos is an absolutely great effect.   Are you able to select the DOF?     The one 2 photos up where the focus is on the hat and the bar in the back ground is blurred is very effective.  As is the one further up where the focus is on the martini (? can't tell what is in it) glass with your hat and beer out of focus

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  4. You might go to Central Festival and visit all the providers one after another asking about service to your specific address and about their programs.   Based on what you see here so far and other posts I have seen over time, all the providers seem to be pretty much the same.   Competition forces them to be.

  5. I recommend that if you have reception problems you call your provider.   


    I have both satellite and fiber TVs.   I think it is immaterial that both are with True but, when I have any issue what so ever with reception on either one, I call True and they come out within a day or two and investigate.  Problems have always been corrected.  

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  6. My experiences say optometrists simply check your vision for glasses.  I have not no problems using a couple of the bigger chains for prescriptions and having glasses made, single vision and bi-focal, over the years.


    For a MD ophthalmologist's examination and diagnosis of eye problems, e.g., cataracts, both Ram and Bangkok Hospital Chiangmai can help you.  And both hospitals have ophthalmologist specialists that come from the CMU med school only on certain days and times. 

  7.  Lopburi3 is correct, AIS should have run through the process with you.  And you were right when you said the code (i.e., the wifi password) should be in the modem/router.   But were you using the password you set up for the modem's access to the AIS network?  Different password.


    Can you use your PC and log in entering user name as admin (most likely) and password and then go through the wifi set up and see what is there?  Have you tried that?

  8. You said your PC gets on line.  So as one poster was suggesting, I guess you are hooked up by LAN.   But I bet you are trying to use WIFI for the laptop.   You need to get on the PC (LAN connection), log on to the modem/router as admin/owner, and set up a WIFI password.  And then set up the connection on your laptop using that password.

  9. You have done some research.   My "research" has not shown any one agent as better than another, though there are one or two that have no office who will come to your home to do all the paperwork processing and then bring the completed, for example, 90 day report back to you.


    Do you have some specific or unusual need that you don't just use the one most convenient to where you live, shop, work, frequent?  That is what I have done over the years and it has worked out quite well.  Of course, you have to balance fees against convenience.

  10. I can not reply specifically about Pattaya.  But I recently saw a large transparent bag (1 or 2 kg, don't remember) of Thai natural peanut butter at Tops.  At this particular store, it was on the bottom shelf of the shelves with Jiffy Peanut Butter and jellies.  Is there a Tops in Pattaya?

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