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  1. Here's a live picture from the true crisis national emergency zone showing a sneaky interloper trying to get in:
  2. Yes he will. The Supremes do never want to see a President become all powerful to this extent. It abrogates everything the tripartite system stands for.
  3. We've seen a dangerous widening of Executive Privilege since Clinton reintroduced its power and used it 14 times. However, what Trump is proposing to do is outrageous in terms of discretionary power of the Presidency. In essence, he is taking a policy issue (where clearly no national emergency exists by any definition), and bypassing Congress to get funding. So, the test at the Supreme Court may not be whether he has the power to call the national emergency (which he appears to have clearly), but rather, does the basis for that national emergency need to meet any litmus tests or minimum standards of reasonableness. Because, Trump's certainly fails on this.
  4. Yeah, the tragedy of this is that it will turn into a huge fractionally-finished $8 billion+ albatross. Everybody knows the public (and private landowner) legal and Congressional fights that will ensue. Meanwhile, Mr. vanity will rush to grab money in every way to finish "show" portions where he will hold pep rallies with his brain dead base. The whole thing will be a stain of unfinished mess that will make the Ghost structures of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis look like a child's playground in comparison.
  5. The same kind where the President says it's actually not an emergency, as he just stated. Flaunting Presidential power. And, he might get away with it.
  6. The only national emergency here is that the real President of the United states is a right wing nut political TV news entertainer - Sean Hannity. How could something like this happen? https://www.thewrap.com/chris-cuomo-calls-sean-hannity-without-question-the-most-powerful-person-in-the-media/
  7. Yes, true for the visa, but I think the presumption is that even if you are "retired" from work abroad, with a marriage visa in Thailand you can still work and obtain a work permit. Of course you can always also opt to renew your marriage extension to stay using the Thai income but in that case you are better off renewing using a non-B extension because the marriage extension is more trouble.
  8. A marriage extension specifically allows you to work. However, you bring up an interesting point. If you are on a marriage extension using monthly income from abroad which you represent to be retirement income, would it cause the labor department to re-think this policy? I think not. I think this has no effect on ability to get a work permit because the labor department has no visibility into your visa qualifications I believe.
  9. Yes you are right in the case where your bank uses another domestic advising bank for the international part. We have heard bkk bank shows those ok as international transfers. What I was responding to is the information that immigration is aware of the issues with transfer coding and they are working with bank hqs to allow account holders to have more detailed letters as to the origin of those transfers. Admittedly not a guarantee using tw. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Yes, in this respect it seems the clear intent here is to impose strict monetary standards and strict compliance of those standards presumably in an effort to weed out those without the financial standing to comply. Truly seems to be a thinning of the herd with the have-nots being singled out,
  11. Yup. This is all about strict compliance, which means lots of people are going to get tripped up. The best advice is leave the money in a separate account and don't touch it, and then never worry about compliance. If using income or combination method, you need to worry that you never have a missed month payment, or that any monthly payment does not fall below the minimum because of exchange rate fluctuations or other errors. The good thing is that now all using transferwise should be able to have their banks prove up that that the transfers came from abroad.
  12. So, this clarification (thanks to Tanoshi BTW) illustrates pretty clearly that for those who do not wish to tie up 800k in a low interest bearing Thai bank account, and even better, not touch it for fear of messing up the new seasoning rules, that the preferred methods going forward for many people might either be combination method (tying up less cash), in either marriage extension or Retirement, or simply the monthly income method only in either marriage or retirement amounts. Before we had this clarification, there was doubt as to whether the combination method was viable anymore, so I think this clarifies that, at least for now.
  13. Everyone I know uses it every day, including myself, even if we know the routes inside out. The reason is the traffic monitoring and alternate routing it gives you is invaluable. I'm not sure who uses GPS in car units anymore, as everyone's life is on their smartphones and connected in later model cars with apple carplay or android auto now. Yes, it's mostly excellent, Occasionally it screws up a left or right turn, but mostly works. Not sure how the mapping is in Chiang Mai region, someone from there will have to advise.
  14. And the medical miracles keep on comin'. Most 71 year old guys are on restricted diets, exercise and blood pressure and heart medicines, and still come up with less than stellar medical exams. This guy lives on Big Macs and cokes and is pronounced in very good health. I'm sure the medical truth about the guy's fitness is about the same as the bone spurs story.
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