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  1. Corticosteroids e.g. Cortisol have the opposite effect to anabolic steroids e.g Testosterone - actually CCstds are also called catabolic steroids because they break down muscle, not build it up.
  2. As far as I can tell it is actually cyclist who are the ones doping up to their eyeballs. Oh, and by the way, if you are representative of your group, relax, we won't be coming down to the station, even though we are not doped up to the eyeballs.
  3. Here is a recommendation from someone in Thailand Mods: I am linking to 3rd party rec not the vendors website http://bodybuilderinthailand.com/buy-pharma-grade-ancilliaries/ Note: 1) It is not me! The website owner claims to use the site he recs. 2) Seems gets through OK with labeling but if it does get stopped it is a world of pain (many years ago, but friend had to go to customs and explain and then pay bt 6000 duty for OTC vitamins - even more of a problem if actual drug maybe 3) The guy whose website I linked to nearly lost his leg from injecting UGL Colombian fake gear (note: thousands of people inject UGL every day without incident but the risk is there). If it is Testosterone you are after there are a couple of Thai based i.e. Thai posting suppliers. They are probably as out of stock as everywhere else. Hummin in another Test thread posted pics of Rotex he got online so maybe PM him.
  4. I suspect most of these people are on cast iron inflation linked Government pensions/healthcare and had 30 year job security.
  5. Presumably you don't live in a condo building i.e. your home that has been transformed into something between a youth hostel and a refugee camp?
  6. If anyone is feeling like sh*t because they can't get T injections, the gel Androgel and capsules andriol are available at Boots and sliding door RX Pharmacy near Nana. Andriol is around Bt1000+/- 100 for 60 caps = 30 days medium dose. Androgel was Bt3,000 for 30 sachets = 30 days but did not check if 20 or 40mg sachets. Expensive and not as effective as T injections but maybe better than feeling lousy.
  7. SCB have flat out refused to give me a debit card (opened account while WP/employed at prestigious institution/position). BBL TFB and TMB issued them without me asking. Others claim to have Debit and CC - but i spoke to main HQ customer service and it was a flat 'no way', so not seemingly a branch thing.
  8. So when is the free sticky rice and mango feast for the falangs?
  9. So can you use whats left on an existing Rabbit card after 15th and can you top that card up before the 15th?
  10. Having done all this, you should do what a lot of the Thais do and install air conditioning.
  11. I look on these outright mentally defective Hollywood hypocrites with utter derision and contempt now.
  12. I would check to see if money earned with a work permit counts in the same way as money from outside T - it could be that it does as it is counted for other things such as condo purchase
  13. Lat time I was at CW there was an elderly gentlemen being pushed though immigration on hospital gurney complete with IV bottle. It was surreal.
  14. Being rich Liberals they assume the flooding will be confined to other people's neighborhoods. Should the rising tide reach their neighbourhood they will just call the Police.
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