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  1. Yes mate i think you are correct, but remember Nong Nooch gardens making a drama out of it is damn good advertising.
  2. Come come, why should you or anybody else be terrified of flying planes serviced by Thais? Somchai has just bought a new screwdriver, and a 14 pound hammer.
  3. Must be an election coming up, Prayut concerned for rice farmers.
  4. Well you have to give T.AT. credit for finding a new way of making publicity. Change from the honest taxi driver nonsense, no its truck drivers.
  5. Noted that you chase sub 30 year old ladies, but you conveniently dont mention what if anything happens after the chase, maybe you hope that the young ladies give you the kiss of life, whilst you are laying prone on the ground.
  6. Yes farming here has got mechanized, but my point is farmers will not change what they grow. The year before my accident i tried to get my wife, her father to diversify from nothing but rice to maybe corn, grass or other crops, i was told this is rice land we grow rice, nothing else will grow, have you tried other crops, i asked no, this is rice land. A near neighbour early 60s his daughter and son in law came to live with her parents, s.i.l. wanted family to use some land for corn, lime trees, f.i.l. said no this is my land i grow rice. Well with attitudes like that things will not change until the older ones are dead.
  7. Well i did not forget valentines day, my trouble and strife went with me to big C. She thought we were going food shopping, but no, i took her to a gold shop, and bought her a gold ring. Yes even a decrepit ole fart like me can be romantic.
  8. Come up with whatever strategies you want, the only sure thing is we are all going to die. Some sooner, some later, but it comes to us all, sod all anybody can do to change it. So while your here enjoy what time you have.
  9. Bring in whatever laws you want, rice farmers will do the same as before, thinking if it was good enough for my grandad its good enough for me. This is just a way of trying to control farmers, and moving everything into conglomerates like CP.
  10. Sorry i disagree with people getting upset when a doctor tells the truth. Doctors were telling me and my wife 8 months to 1 year and you will be walking again. My wife got angry with me when i told them BS, my spinal cord is broken and i know i will never walk again. Only 1 doctor told the truth his words were....you can only look forward to a wheelchair nothing more, and i thanked him for being truthful, the others were telling me what they thought i wanted to hear.
  11. Trans you are confused, is that because of the bill, or old age? Never try to understand government hospital bills, as they never make sense. Visit last month catheter change, and 30 high blood pills, bill 197 baht, this month only catheter change bill 245 baht, work that out if you can.
  12. I dread to think what kind of bar girls you have been with.
  13. Yes but are you not going with her? A night away, you naughty boy.
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