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  1. Cannot just fine them, foreigners involved, got to make a MASSIVE show, just to let foreigners know such things will not be tolerated.
  2. So T.A.T. staff are going to work from home, they might as well be at home, because when they go to the office, they just come up with fantastic figures for the number of tourists who are not coming.
  3. Foreigners are not covered? I am covered in our village, every time somebody dies i pay fifty baht, when i go my wife will get 20.000 baht.
  4. I use concrete rings for growing veg, have done now for more than 4 years. Put some dried leaves in the bottom, fill about 80 with soil, put in some cow manure, mix it in, no need to buy worms, they will soon find your rings, and enjoy dining on the manure.
  5. I use my mobility scooter out and about, i would be totally lost without it. Target for theft, i think you are getting carried away with that comment. Used mine now for over five years, never had a problem with anybody trying to steal from me. I have dropped things, cannot get off to pick them up, always somebody passing would stop help me, never a problem, been stuck on the rough track going to big C, several times people have stopped to help push me out, most times young people have been the ones to help.
  6. Thomas 0017, next time you have trouble sleeping open Thai visa, read some of the threads guaranteed to put you to sleep, works for me.
  7. This is a disgusting/ cruel way for the authorities here to cut the over burdened prison numbers. They say they are isolating prisoners, where are they being isolated? Not in any Thai prison, as there are no places to isolate anyone.
  8. Hello, are you having problems reading? Maybe time to go to Spec Savers. So in your opinion 3019 people with the virus and many dead is acceptable, pathetic. Even 1 person dead is 1 too many.
  9. Scouse 123 please explain how chubby chops will be able to sell watches, he cannot sell them, as he only borrowed them from a dead friend.
  10. Happy happy, he is the only 1 who is happy, how the hell can he be happy with the GIANT mess he has created with his dithering.
  11. Sick thats what it is, just a handful of officials thinking theres money in this for me. Leave the girl alone, butt out mind your own business, you money grabbing sods.
  12. Pathetic isnt it, the corrections department having to lie about this. But hey this is Thailand, nobody ever takes responsibility for anything here. She probably caught the virus from some of the many thousands in prison here with the virus.
  13. Bet that made his day, now he can pay his six thousand baht fine for not wearing his mask. Hopefully donations from private sector will get to where it should go, and not pocketed.
  14. Why would you want to be less sexy? If your sexy girl flaunt it, your avatar shows a beautiful sexy lady, that is what is drawing male members to your profile.
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