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  1. Well done that elephant.... Poor creatures being used to entertain tourists and make money. Looks like that 1 had enough, it along with all the others held in captivity should be allowed back in the wild.
  2. So management at Terminal 21blamed security and warned them about future conduct............. Absolute BS. This shows the typical attitude towards disabled people.... We dont care you are a second class citizen, you got money we help, if not p++s off, disgusting cretins.
  3. Somebody must have been very strong lifting that big rock he was hiding under, now out he is poised to wreak havoc again.
  4. Just more nonsense from the RTP, nothing to do with law and order, only to help protect those in power, so that things continue as now.
  5. Video required mate, that would be a must see, you jumping around clucking like an old hen.
  6. Nasty nasty, wgdanson was asking a civil question, if you want members here to help you, learn how to be civil.
  7. Whats all the excitement about? Just a normal day in paradise. Once again drunken taxi lout attacking people, thinking he is above the law. Now it will a 500 baht fine a couple of insincere wais, then on yer bike mate.
  8. It has been interesting reading some of the nonsense posts on this thread blaming Brexit. So can all those blaming Brexit, explain why Ford are pulling out of Brazil, is that to do with Brexit?
  9. Just another load of BS, last week we were told ....this will be the hottest year on record. Now there will be no drought, just another official spouting nonsense.
  10. Politicians tell Army chief....keep your nose out, your turn will come, sooner rather than later.
  11. Not only you Possum, i am getting the same, also error 500.
  12. Morals, thats a joke coming from a man with absolutely no morals. So he and his cronies are an example of morals, no i only borrowed the watches from a dead friend. Now is that a sample of their morals?
  13. That is what normally happens, but looks like she is trying to get back to the UK, then get her husband/ family over to sponge off the state.
  14. Since when did the N.L.A care about farmers? Answer..... Never, only thing they care about is.... Whats in it for me.
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