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  1. Well Ole Fatty never conceals his assets, he lumbers about carrying them everywhere, for all to see.
  2. This will end up dragging on and on in the hope people will forget about it, pathetic situation. Several government officials guilty of dereliction of duty, yet sod all is being done about it.
  3. He says the government hasnt got any budget to cover the sought after expenditure. Adding we wasted it all on useless personnel carriers and submarines.
  4. Gawd bad enough getting scammed by others, but scammed by a relative jeez just shows you can trust nobody.
  5. As others have already said, life is what you make of it. Take me for example live out in deepest Issan, most locals perfectly ok, just a few younger ones, who rely on drugs, but sadly that is a problem all over the world. I have limitations getting about, but if i get in difficulties many people step up to help, i try to make the best out of life. Now there are some folk, who just have to moan about anything/ everything, poor me people next door parked outside my house, and i spat out the dummy and made a scene, hells teeth there is a pickup parked outside my gate now, who is it? dont know few meters along the road, there is building work going on, maybe from there, but what the hell they aint making problems.
  6. Well her statement is actually correct, the poor flood victims are not being ignored. Many organisations/ individuals going all out to help flood victims, sadly the government is doing what they do best..... All mouth and no action.
  7. Thanks for the replies, some good ideas. 2 of my chairs were ally, 2 steel, wife took the last broken cross member chair to a local who reckoned he could braze it, when it came back it lasted 3 days.
  8. Another life lost due to very poor driving skills. If the bus was trying to overtake and skidded into the rear of the truck, pathetic driving. If the driver fell asleep, again pathetic driving skills, should have stopped, or should never have bee behind the wheel due to tiredness. Yet again another bus crash, when will the authorities stop turning a blind eye and do something? Answer never, too many rich hi-sos making money, and that is all that matters here.
  9. Gold toilet stolen from Blenheim palace, sadly Thames valley police have nothing to go on.
  10. Providing facilities to care for elderly people would be a good idea. Many so -called experts lined up ready to go, ready to scam the poor defenceless aged farang. Here is a perfect example...... A few times every year my wife is away over night, so a carer is required. Wife was going away beginning of this month, local lady comes and says.... I am a qualified carer for paralyzed people. So i asked my wife how/ where did she qualify? Ohh she do a 1 day seminar at the local hospital, and she now has a certificate saying she is a qualified carer. Hopefully if this idea gets off the ground, the carers will be better qualified than that.
  11. Whilst your idea is a damn good 1, being paralyzed makes checking comfort etc is not possible. My first wheelchair was bough opposite Khonkaen hospital, then after bought the same model from Lazada.
  12. First off i will not have an electric chair, because having 1 would just make me lazy, no exercise what so ever. Have i looked at the more expensive ones.... The 2 that the cross members broke were expensive ones. The present 1 that has just broke was a cheaper price. If you read Old Crocs post he is paying 6.500 baht for his chairs, my 2 broken cross member 1s were 4.000 baht more expensive than his.
  13. Attention seeking idiots, 200 of them so they knew the s++t would hit the fan, but went ahead anyway. Just shows you cant fix stupid.
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