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  1. Sad thing is, its going on everywhere, from the highest down to lowly clerks now. Almost everyone in a position to get bribes is at it. When caught out, deny, deny, deny.
  2. Long past time ole Prawit vacated, as he is a total waste of space.
  3. Great story line for the next Thai soap opera It is just unbelievable the scams/ stunts they will pull just for a place in the trough.
  4. Mate Lazadas phone number 020180000. My chairs have all been 22 inches, any wider would be no use to me, as i could not get past my bed to the bathroom. I am now on my fourth chair in just over 5 years, so if yours are lasting 2 years they are doing well.
  5. Bordant bloody cruelty, the owner wants a damn good thrashing keeping dogs in that disgraceful condition.
  6. Old Croc, you say the chair was too big for normal doors, did it state that on the product description? I am on my third chair from Lazada, and very happy with all 3, my problem is i do things around outside and damage them myself. Have you tried phoning Lazada? Can you let me know the make/ model of the chair please, so when oi order another chair i dont get caught out, as my chair has to get around my bed into the bathroom and the space is very tight. PM me if you dont want to post in the thread.
  7. What a load of claptrap, immigration officers are paid same as other civil servants, according to grade, highest grade being 11. The vast majority of ios are between grade 6 and 8 and the salaries are nowhere near what you posted.
  8. How very sad, just going along minding your own business, when BANG, your life is changed forever. Hopefully both girls can make full recoveries. This is a genuine case of a go fund me page, if it happens i will certainly contribute.
  9. What a crock of s++t, US warns against helping the ship. Who the hell do these clowns think they are? So if a country helps the ship what are the Yanks going to do? Sort out the mess in your own back yard, have you not messed up enough countries in recent years.
  10. Have to disagree with you, there is a third category, me being one of them. I am neither a Thai apologist or a Thai basher....... I bash everybody, be they Thai or farang. Sex whats that? So bloody long ago for me, i cant remember.
  11. Message for the so-called techies, please stop using 5 year olds to upgrade the site.
  12. Breaking news..... After Prayuts trip to Surin, he has ordered the local authorities to fix the situation in 7 days.
  13. The school director has set up a committee, why? NO NEED hitting any child with a stick ( what ever the reason ) is abuse. The teacher who did it should be sacked on the spot, and never allowed to teach children again.
  14. His wifes name is ....... Donna Summers....I need some hot stuff baby.
  15. Heres a thought, why not put all those lackies who are prancing around behind Sompong to work on the desks. That would help reduce the waiting.
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