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  1. What a load of bo+++ks, all that hype for what? He has just chickened out.... BIG baby.
  2. Not in every case mate, i get fluid in my feet every day, poor circulation yes, but not heart problems.
  3. Well Sontayan is certainly not the person who should be promoting sport and fitness, he is far too chubby.
  4. Surely you mean... Attitude adjustment, oops silly me, according to Prayut Steven is the only 1 on here with the correct attitude.
  5. This so-called government have come up with some crazy ideas before, but this surely takes the prize for sheer stupidity. Roads here are crazy enough with speed limit of 90, but 120 absolutely stupid.
  6. Well who would have believed that? Seeking attention for themselves, unbelievable.
  7. Amazing absolutely amazing, where on earth do they find these clowns? 6 million my a++e, nobody in the UK got any money to spend flying to Thailand.
  8. Interpretation of that.... Hurry up with the envelopes if you want a place at the trough.
  9. Very confusing post, you claim your friend was made paraplegic, then could move his arms and legs slightly. First paraplegia does not affect the arms, secondly, no way was he paraplegic if he could move his legs, go on now tell me i am wrong.
  10. He forgets to say who the necessary people are, he should have said after me and my cronies have had the jab, whatever is left can be used on medical staff.
  11. Come on plod wake up, every policeman should be made to lock up their guns in a secure cabinet at the police station before going off shift. This is not the first time an of duty drunken plod has shot innocent people, but it should be the last..... Lock up the guns on finishing a shift now. Poor man young family, clearly he was the main earner, possibly not able to work again, sad, so very sad.
  12. That is if there are any left after all the cronies have jumped in and said, me, me, me first.
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