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  1. No it is not safe, nobody is allowed to visit our home. Dogs are running loose, and 1 of them bites, so not a good idea, also as the gate has electric motor nobody gets in without us opening it.
  2. Yes you are correct, but he is not the first man to let his small head rule his big head. Many of us have done stupid things when women were concerned.
  3. After 14 weeks i finally broke my self imposed lock down. Charged my scooter, wife put wind in the tyres, went out the gate into the BIG world outside. Went to Global house and big C, with a mask on ( first time ). Lady in big C was shocked to see me as she thought as i had not been seen in so long, that i was dead. She looked disapointed that i was still here.
  4. Closed for 5 days !! Is that some kind of joke? Looking at the state of that freezer, the place should be closed down for good.
  5. Crazy man, thinking with the small head, instead of using his brain.
  6. His first thought about being tipped to become President of Thai airways was probably...... Whats in it for me.
  7. Why? Because i was on that plane. First flight into Swampy after the airport blockade, flight from Phuket. On boarding we were told we would be landing at Utapao, then mid air told Swampy is now open, we will be landing there.
  8. Sorry to say this but you are wrong, my wife will not need a lawyer. Arrangements can and have been made with the bank Dont waste time telling me i am wrong, because i am not, one thing that helps is knowing your bank manager. Amazing what can be done if you have a good/ helpful manager, mine visits our home, sits at the table eats with us, wife and manager being good friends since school days certainly helps.
  9. First i do not fall into any of your categories, i am me, an individual. Second, everything i have in Thailand, bank accounts, vehicles in fact everything goes to my wife. Third i would trust low level officials, as you call them , before i would trust any damned lawyer.
  10. Well you better imagine, because i did, and i was perfectly happy to do it.
  11. Not only Thais, my Thai will was done, and lodged at the Amphur.
  12. Only 2, must be a misprint. They are almost all of them are at it, so why only 2 under investigation?
  13. Yes true, but it is showing in their university standings.
  14. So according to you, i am a criminal, well i aint hiding, here for all to see, maybe i should run away and hide. My last sentence is just as ridiculous as your post.
  15. Heart warming to see things like this happening. Wish i could have seen the look on that little girls face, when she got that bike. Well done folks....... Prayut and cronies take note, whilst you lot have sat on your a++es counting your ill gotten gains, Joe public have stepped up, and helped out many desperate people.
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