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  1. I have just got a new passport, hardest part of it for me was checking my e-mails. Everything done from home, wife took my photo, went to photo shop get them print it, on her way home stopped at A.T.M. to transfer money, easy. I think anybody wanting to have all the hassle of doing it themselves is crazy.
  2. Did you use VFS in Bangkok? Or did you try doing things on your own? My passport was returned in 4 weeks, submitted on last day of August back in Thailand 4 weeks later.
  3. Well for once Prayut has done something sensible, had he left the emergency measures in place, it would have lead to major unrest and probably violence.
  4. Why does it cost so much? Certainly not food costs, my 2 dogs are well fed, chicken bone mince/ rice/ complete dog food. Costs me around 30 baht per day for 2 dogs. So how many staff employed? What are they paid ? Or is the management of the shelter enjoying a very good lifestyle?
  5. Bit of a nasty comment, just think 1 day you will be old, if you are lucky.
  6. That is a laughable comment, dogs are abandoned here almost daily, nothing is ever done to the owners, except of course if they expats.
  7. Most of us geriatrics should be thanking Tech doctor for changing things, as having to think where is the edit button etc, is keeping our old brains active, and keeping us alive a bit longer.
  8. Well done Thai visa, once again you are doing your best to p off members. Where is the click to top of page arrow? Every time you have 1 of your so called upgrades, it vanishes, then only reappears after members complain.
  9. Safe my a++e, just stay off the roads, stay off tour boats, then and only then they might be safe.
  10. Why !! Because no fanfare, no BIG show, in fact it would not even be news worthy.
  11. Confidential my a++e. Chang Mai police are clearly under orders from higher up, pathetic really.
  12. No mention of how long the prison sentence was for, so maybe he has friends in high places, and just a token sentence, or maybe he will never see the inside of a prison.
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