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  1. Well over the last few years several ladies have said hello handsome man, so it must be true.
  2. How tragic, a small boy going to his mum for protection, and his drunken step father bludgens his with a shovel. Sad thing is his mother will probably want to stay with the murdering step father, who should be locked up for life. R.I.P. little man.
  3. Must be fake news, as Rooster is not on the list..... Rooster, rooster where for art thou?
  4. So Nawat has been ordered to renounce his official status, what about those who stole the country?
  5. OP sometimes your wife can do your extension, sometimes not, it all depends on the individual immigration officer. I am paraplegic, and my wife has done my extension for me now for 6 years. For the last 3 years i have gone with her, but am unable to get out of the pickup, but an officer has come out to take my photo, 3 years ago we were told i did not need to go again, my wife could do it. Now 2 years ago my wife was going to do it herself, i said lets be on the safe side, take me along, and the officer insisted on coming out for my photo. If you are unable to go to immigration, get a doctors certificate, and your wife can do it alone. If you need any more help/ info pm me.
  6. Wow a packet of condoms was taken as evidence... Absolute BS, they are only evidence after they have been used.
  7. Well i have a St George flag, it will be raised on the 1st november.
  8. Whilst i am away my pal Ole Fatty will be chairman in my place, a suitable recliner is being installed for him, so he can have a much deserved nap during the proceedings.
  9. Now Khun Apirat you must be a good chap, calm yourself down. Please wait a while, your turn at the trough will come, at the moment it is our turn.
  10. How very tragic, such a waste of a young life, died helping his friend, died a hero. When oh when are parents here going to take care/ responsibility for their children, and either teach them to swim, or keep them away from deep water?
  11. Maybe i need new glasses, the headline states brazen shooting of 2 pretties, i cant see any pretties in the photos, just 2 plain looking women.
  12. The opposition can debate all they want, wont make a blind bit of difference. Prayut and his cronies will just go ahead and do what they want.
  13. It appears A.O.T. hierarchy are looking to top up their bank accounts with this bit of nonsense.
  14. Army commander Apirat is getting warmed up making speeches, putting the frighteners on Prayut. He is just binding his time ready for when he moves in for his turn at the trough.
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