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  1. New evidence, more BS, all they are trying to do is get themselves out of the hole they dug for themselves.
  2. What are you talking about? Warsaw was purely a military operation, you clearly are trying to twist history to German thinking, not the truth.
  3. I would have no problem with that, ticketing, means drivers fined and paying fine at the police station. If they were harrassing motorists, and pocketing the money thats different.
  4. Now you want our help Tanes.... Should have been more accommodating towards us in the past. No all as you plonkers were interested in was Chinese tourists, stuff the farangs.
  5. Here you go... 1 for you .... 1 for me, hang on a minute boss, surely we need to give some back to the victims.
  6. You sure are living in fantasy land, division of marital property, yes in a perfect world maybe, but maybe you have not noticed, we dont live in a perfect world. What should happen, and what actually happens is not the same thing.
  7. Please stop, it is clear you have no idea what goes on here. All you are doing by keep prattling on is making yourself look pathetic.
  8. If he paid for the house, he can live in it, what a clueless comment. I paid for the house, left to go work in the UK, Buriram court gave my ex the house i paid for. I was divorced, lost my house, car, motorbike and only found out 9 months later. So that makes your comments nonsense.
  9. You clearly have no experience of what goes on here, you keep going on about things you know nothing about.
  10. He is not right, i am speaking from personal experience.
  11. What nonsense, police wont touch domestics, utter rubbish.
  12. Sad that many members are prattling on about flat chests. It is the lady that matters, whether she is a good person or not, not the size of her breasts.
  13. Forget the fact you are in the house book as father of kids. Wife wants you out, she will win, if she gives the local police chief money, your gone. She will do anything, even have you killed, and dont laugh, it has happened before. Money talks here with the police, events will be made up to get you jailed, police will say/ do anything she wants, if she hands over enough money.
  14. No he is not, you forgot about me.
  15. Well mate, when i had my accident, i was wearing the freebie helmet supplied by the Honda dealer, so yes a plastic Thai helmet would have saved his head. the only part of my body not injured was my head.
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