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  1. Why have them? As Ivorbiggun says they only ever seen parked up outside highway police boxes, never out patrolling the roads as they should be doing. Just another serious accident caused by stupidity, when will it end? It will never end until proper driving tuition is introduced here, and when will that be? Never.
  2. First laugh of the day.... knowledge, experience, age, he certainly has got a sense of humour.
  3. Come on Steven, show us what a man you are by being the first to volunteer. Just think what your idol would say.
  4. You hate this forum? Might i ask why you go to the bother to post, if you hate it so much. Please close the door quietly on your way out.
  5. The poll says 86.3%, i have never met anybody who speaks anything good about any of them.
  6. When i go out on my scooter, i wear cloggies, never go to school functions, as my wife would be busy attending to things, like thing she needs is having to spend time checking if i am ok.
  7. Why would i need shoes? Cannot bend to put them on. Last time i wore shoes was 4th oct 2013.
  8. Not a daft question mate, just after i got home from hospital, Hotandsticky visited me. At that time i was confined to my bed. When he was leaving, i said to him, on your way out please pass my shoes. Silly sod spent 5 minutes looking for my non existent shoes, before it dawned on him.... What does Colin need shoes for.
  9. Yes, problem is i need someone to find them for me.
  10. Socks, socks, cotton bamboo, i am not bothered, if i could get socks on i would be very happy.
  11. You certainly are having a bad day dear, go back to bed and start again.... Good idea i think. You dont like my posts? Up to you then, use the block button. PS you like my emoji?
  12. Thai rehab plan...... Ok lads just carry on as before, when we need it a bit more cash, we tap up the government, worked before, will work again.
  13. British Dutch, German, American, what does it matter? Me, i hate everybody, no matter what nationality they are.
  14. You have not seen an African mate, because you only used 1 eye, had you used 2 maybe you would have seen 1.
  15. Tragic, so tragic must be so heart breaking for any parent to lose a child. Saying that, the school should act immediately to make the school safe for children. Years ago, i would go collect my ex wifes son from kindergarten, his teacher would not allow him out of the room until i was at the door to collect him. That should happen at every school that has kindergarten children.
  16. So Prawit reckons MPs were too busy Yes busy doing nothing. Either they were sleeping, or busy preparing or counting brown envelope contents.
  17. I take it from your above comment, you have never been screwed over, threatened with being shot, by the police here, well i have, you dont like the comment i made about them.... Tough.
  18. Just another day for plod, does not take much to make them a laughing stock. Most of their daily antics are laughable.... New movie carry on pc Somchai.
  19. Never mind do the maths, being stuck in a wheelchair is hellish, nobody gives a rats a++e for you. Idiots who ordered those bollards placed there are devoid of brains, stupid pricks, ohh only a woman in a wheelchair, she does not matter.
  20. Just reading the bit..... Life coach !!!! Is more than enough to cast doubt on his statements, life coach, hes only just started to shave.
  21. Sorry Kriangsak, the government are far too busy monkeying around themselves, no time to help you fix the problem.
  22. The arrogance of the an knows no bounds, he is an absolute disgrace. Saying that, he fits right in with the rest of the arrogant plonkers in government here.
  23. Of course they have, got to have plenty on hand in case the peasants start to revolt.
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