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  1. We use M.S.I.G. good company, made a claim, nobody came, they just accepted our before and after photos. Claim paid in full within 2 weeks, nobody can do better than that.
  2. Well theres a surprise, no concrete measures reported, there never are, its all wind and p++s. Same as every time before lots of useless talk, but no action.
  3. Wake up mate, you expect another Thai ( Issan ) person to translate something for you and you think it will be an honest translation dream on it will not happen.
  4. If you are that paranoid, time to move on, if you cannot trust those around you, give up, get out, before you end up having a breakdown.
  5. A tour company boss was over heard saying, thanks dad.
  6. 7600 wow, wow, wow, bit different from when they used to spout off about 39 million init.
  7. How do i manage to brighten my very dull/ boring days???? Easy just read what nonsense T.A.T. are coming up with, guaranteed to bring a HUGE smile on my face.
  8. Why are you commenting on what other countries do? What other countries do has sod all to do with how the crazy bar stewards here drive.
  9. Prayut was yakking on last week about he was going to be the first, then chickened out ( baby). Anutin is normally all mouth, but at least he did what he said he would do, good for you Anutin.
  10. This governments water management plan???? Thats a joke, the clowns just make up things as the go along, only plan they have is the 1 of how to keep their snouts in the trough for as long as possible.
  11. Reading your post i thought it said fart++g in the red sea Now he would never do that as he might follow through like he did on a recent trip to Issan.
  12. Well when i was locked up, they wanted 40.000 baht in cash, returned after the case was finished in a cheque not cash
  13. Amazing Thailand, just amazing, shoot a poor defenceless noodle seller, whilst drunk, got locked up, then hey presto he is free to do it again, or just disappear, BIG chunk of cash suddenly appears for his bail. Stinks of corruption.
  14. Vaccination plan? U avin a laff? They aint got any plan, just make things up as they go along, i.e. Say what they think the public should hear, truth or not, that dont matter.
  15. Get yourself sorted with a yellow book, sorted, no need for resident certs anymore, easy.
  16. Very fitting send off for a remarkable man, truly a hero. Respect Sir Tom, R.I.P.
  17. What a load of bo+++ks, all that hype for what? He has just chickened out.... BIG baby.
  18. Not in every case mate, i get fluid in my feet every day, poor circulation yes, but not heart problems.
  19. Well Sontayan is certainly not the person who should be promoting sport and fitness, he is far too chubby.
  20. Surely you mean... Attitude adjustment, oops silly me, according to Prayut Steven is the only 1 on here with the correct attitude.
  21. This so-called government have come up with some crazy ideas before, but this surely takes the prize for sheer stupidity. Roads here are crazy enough with speed limit of 90, but 120 absolutely stupid.
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