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  1. I am sure that I saw the same comment on a different thread a couple of days ago
  2. Surely, a large object coming down the train track with one big light in the center and its loud horn going off must have given the driver a hint that a train was coming. What is the point of these half barriers at the crossings??? I always see cars and motorcycles going around them.
  3. Colinneil, you are probably correct but my money is on " he was speeding and She had come out of the gas station and was heading to make a U-turn without looking." I wish I had a dollar for every time a motorcycle came out of a side street and cut in front of me without looking over the past 15 years. Fortunately I have only hit one, 3 kids on a motorcycle, no helmet.
  4. "Thai army chief General Apirat Kongsompong indirectly criticised Thanathorn's meeting with Wong" What has the meeting got to do with this tosser????
  5. And years ago, these same people welcomed the army with open arms (including the ones on hear) and they will now be the loudest complainers, completely ignoring the fact that they supported the coup and prayut
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