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  1. I agree with you that if the owners of shops etc stipulate that condition of entry is to wear a mask, then if you want to go in, wear a mask. However, people are responsible for their own safety, if they are paranoid about this virus, it is up to them to take what ever precautions that make them feel safe.
  2. And "new normal" <deleted>, it's either normal or it's not. End of.
  3. Really??? Philippines, not hot and humid??? Saudi, not hot???? Australian summer, not hot???
  4. "Recently she has been an advisor to health minister Anutin Charnvirakul." She should have advised him to learn to keep his mouth shut.
  5. I will take Thaksin any day over the clowns that form the government now
  6. Blame the corona virus, it seems to be the excuse for everything at the moment
  7. You need to ignore the foreground and look at the striped bikini in the background to the right. It will help you recover from the shock.
  8. Because this is not about the numbers or the virus, this is about control and the government are seeing how far they can push people before they start to push back. In reality, there is no virus related reasons for the state of emergency to be extended.
  9. There is no big deal, it is just the government and media keeping this rolling along for their own benefit
  10. What's going on in Thailand is that this type of thing is now coming into the public domain.
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhh anutin is going to be the poster boy for the campaign. Can't ya just see him there yelling out "Where are all the dirty, smelly farang"?
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