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  1. Sure, looking at their faces on pictures (and not only this one), they look so happy. So happy to be forced by Chinese authorities to go back to work because the Leader has said that now priority should be given to Production. Sad.
  2. Are they going to do a press release each time a farang got it ? What's next : being spanked in public places by Anutin?
  3. OMG, running to temple for merits. I am scared for our beloved General Commander. We need him ! We need him ! We need him !
  4. Their computers cannot run more than 3 digits numbers. We're safe
  5. It has to be a farang! Their communication lines to hide their inability and incompetency to deal with this crisis is to point at us as much as they can, each time they can. True or fake is not the issue.
  6. OMG, That's so useful these guidelines. I am sure every Thai is learning a lot from your guidelines. The question is : What do YOU do to support them, to help people to implement them or to enforce them????
  7. They are all farangs, can't you see ! Not good to be an Italian in Thailand these days !
  8. It would be time to do so !!! After PM - what a shame - refused a 2000 bahts compensation 2 weeks ago.
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