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  1. I believe you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Tai so that could be an option.
  2. OP, thanks for the tip about not signing but I am curious how someone with your knowledge was not aware that flying in to Don Muang with a long stay history and no tourist visa was inevitably going to lead to refusal of entry.
  3. I didn't get an overstay stamp. I got a very nice female immigration officer who made a tiny note. Maybe I'm extremely lucky having never had any problems with immigration at the airport, or maybe it's just the unlucky minority who make the most noise (understandably) on this forum.
  4. I don't think immigration would baulk at that as there are hotels and lounges in the airport that departing passengers can use after they pass immigration. As long as you have your online boarding pass, it would be fine.
  5. Here's an idea. If you depart immigration at Suvarnabhumi on 13 April, even if it's just before midnight, you won't get an overstay stamp or fine. Then you can sleep on the floor of the airport until you're ready to check-in. Or there's plenty of seating with no arm rests if you prefer. There's also hotels inside the airport that you could use.
  6. Still seems a bit unclear whether the airline would be able to take you back to the stopover city. Do Thai immigration even care?
  7. The train is not going to work very well if you're carrying heavy luggage.
  8. So if I book a Malaysia airlines flight from London to Bangkok which has a short stopover in Kuala Lumpur, would I be allowed to return to Kuala Lumpur rather than London if I was refused entry at Suvarnabhumi?
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