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  1. So what? It's still going to be detecting the virus long after you've ceased to be infectious so the problem of false positives remains. This will be a particular issue as large numbers of people become infected over the winter and recover but still test positive weeks or months later.
  2. Oh yes. All the domestic tourists will abandon Samui and probably everyone on the island will be tested.
  3. I agree. Look at the farce that was Australian quarantine a while ago where people were actually catching it in the facilities and then spreading it when they got out. It seems obvious that if you have asymptomatic covid cases mixing with those not infected in the same hotel, the virus is going to spread and as the test isn't 100%, it's inevitable that eventually some cases are going to be released into the community.
  4. It seems some people are talking about 60 day covid extensions and others are talking about 60 day family extensions. It might be helpful to specify which one applies to you when replying.
  5. Well of course the vaccine companies are the ones who know how effective their vaccines are because none of them have yet published the efficacy data. It's not perfect but it's a lot better than just pulling the 30% figure out of your <deleted>, which is what the author of the article you posted seems to have done.
  6. One day someone will count how many extra people died of heart disease and stroke as a result of these insane lock downs that caused people to reduce their exercise and gain weight.
  7. These lesser coronaviruses are already widespread so that rules out your big idea.
  8. Very misleading title. He's talking about the limitations of some of the trials, not the limitations of the vaccine. Pfizer is so confident of theirs they've already started producing hundreds of thousands of it. Considering it will only get approved if it is more than 50% effective, it's safe to say theirs is much better. Some estimates have it as high as 90%+.
  9. It would be good to know which offices are doing this. Given that the taxi cost from my home to MTT is about 700 baht return, I wouldn't mind flying to Chiang Mai to get it all done in one go. But if there's a closer office, that would be even better.
  10. That shouldn't be a problem as there's a box to tick saying unable to obtain embassy letter. This has been discussed in other threads.
  11. If I can't get the date of my stamp changed to 30 November do you think I could apply for a 60 day extension at the same desk?
  12. Thanks for the report. It makes me want to try another immigration office. Hopefully though when you return your stamp will be good to 30 December.
  13. Was the OP asking for generic visa advice? Thanks @Pla Simon for another report on the 60 day extension. I think most immigration offices will be providing it come November.
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