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  1. Maybe only the dirty farangs? Aren't they the ones not wearing masks.
  2. Perhaps thats what should happen in response to such a revolting proposal. They already have probably hundreds of thousands infected they have not identified because of the tiny amount of testing, so how are the numbers going to reduce. Numbers are going to increase not reduce. Looks like this is a fixed plan. Why are they not going out imposing the restrictions. Why are all the construction sites still carrying on as if nothing happened?
  3. Its only a very small number of test kits. Millions are needed. And who are these test kits and masks, etc for? Will they really go to the public hospitals? The virus is very likely here to stay for a long time until there is a vaccine. I understand that plaquenil from suppliers here has been requisitioned by the government. Will it go to hospitals, or who is that likely to be kept for?
  4. Thanks for the posts guys. Much appreciated. I went to Soi 13 first and the booth there is working ok. The hours are limited but that should not be an issue. Sending Two pics of detail for any people who need to know. Cost 120 baht for a set.
  5. Thanks for the ideas guys. The photo shops closest to me are closed. I will try asia copy center, then trendy in the next couple of days.
  6. I have to renew my visa soon and need to get photo 4x6 for TM8. Since the photo shops are closed, i may need to look for a photo booth. The previous thread on this subject is very old. I will be going to one stop at Chamchuri Square. Do you know if there is a place for photos there? I recall having seen some booths in shopping centers but cant recall which ones. Can anybody advise where they may be in town. I am in bangkok near Sukhumvit soi 22. Central world Maybe? if its open? Are there any possibly at Makkasan rail station?
  7. FYI, The difference between gold futures and spot price widened again this morning. So there must still be some problem with supply lines.
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