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  1. Mind you, perhaps I should also warn the OP about Batangas. If you go to Puerto Galera, do not stop over in Batangas. I used to live there for several months, and because of the gun culture and shootings I consider It to be a very dangerous place to stay.
  2. Yes, correct. The South has some very dangerous areas and people should be warned. If you go to Mindanao or the deep South you need to have very good friends you can trust, who know the areas.
  3. Then you would love a trip to Baguio and around the mountain roads. A long time ago i used to work surveying there in the mountains and camped out in several places. You would best do the trip in the dry season January to April. Rainy season has some of the highest intensity rainfall in the world. Been there done that. Very scary when you cannot see the road in front or the sides of the road to pull over. To enjoy it most the last time i went i hired vehicle in Angeles. Easy to hire there. But you need a good vehicle, SUV preferable. Car no good on parts of the mountain roa
  4. Did a lot of travelling there, but some years ago. would help if some others can update on nightlife, even if Covid has decimated many places. There was Booze and birds in most places. Beaches and scuba diving are very good in several popular places. Booze, no problem be careful when you are out on your own. Watch for the pickpockets in the tourist bar areas. As with anywhere, be careful with guests and keep your money safe from them. Many hotels require guests to deposit their ID card. Insist on it. If you want beaches and scuba diving Cebu is very good. You Fly to Cebu.
  5. Perhaps important to note that Thailand is the only country in the bottom half of the worldometers table below 86th place that has any size of a problem with new cases. the others are all very small. Maybe that some countries have not reported yesterday yet, but still stands out. So most of the others near the same level are now well under control, and Thailand is the odd one out with this second wave coming later for some reason.
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