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  1. Steve and others. Thanks for the replies. Just going to have to brave it I guguessI planned to go last month, then the COVID mupoets went running around Rayong, and so I've got hotel dates that I've got to use. Anyone been recently and can recommend a bar for a beer (in the rain) or a recommended restaurant?
  2. An interesting concept, if I understand correctly. You mean, negotiate a payment plan with owner / developer i.e. say it is 7m then say 2m deposit and 5m × 84 monthly payments @ 59,500 per month. Something like that?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I've looked for current status on a dedicated Samet website etc., but there's nothing that I can see. Anyone else have any updates for Samet for this Friday 14th?
  4. Thanks again for everyone's replies. I ran some numbers using different interest rates from 5% to 7%, over 10 years. Considering rent is so cheap, and it continues to be a buyers / renters market, then if you invested the deposit in the stock market and continued to invest the premium for buying over renting (i.e. the mortgage payment is more than equivalent rent), then at the end of 10yrs the investment would be worth more than the property (assuming 25% increase over 10yrs) and the passive income from the investment would easily cover the rent. When factoring in other costs of ownership (insurance, property fees, future property taxes, maintenance and replacement of kitchens / bathrooms / furniture / maor appliances / etc.), it makes no financial sense to buy. It is cost neutral at best, but more likely cost negative to own versus renting; and highly unlikely to be cost positive. Ownership is of course more than just financial considerations. There is the emotional comfort (or anguish?) that comes from "owning" your home and the feeling of security and pride that comes with that. The jury is still out on that aspect for me, but at least now I have a feeling for the financial considerations.
  5. Thank's for the replies guys. No, I don't have PR but in the process. It's a buyers market at the moment, which is why I am interested. I could scrape together the deposit, and will be keeping on eye on hipflat etc. Although I am interested in used property, not new. The units in the new places are impossibly small and the layouts pretty crappy with very narrow and deep units. The bigger units are impossibly priced. 7-10% interest and 50% down..... I'll stick with renting until I get PR.
  6. Hi All, I'm not looking for a penny perfect quote. Roughly speaking, assuming a 30% deposit and 70% loan, what will be the cost per million baht over say 10 and 15 yrs? Roughly what is the interest. For what it is worth, I'm looking to buy a condo on the 7-10MB range, in Bangkok. So borrow 5-7MB, something like that. I have a work permit etc. I've tried googling this, but come back with such a wide range of answers it's hard to tell what is what. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, I'm booked to go to Samed 14-16 Aug. I believe there's a weather warning in place at the moment (9 Aug), but assuming that eases are the speed boat operators up and running again (to drop me at the beach in front of my resort) or is it slow boat only? If slow boat only, whats the best pier to go to for the slow boat? I don't mind paying an extra few baht for (relative) safety and convenience. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Everyone, Is Samui coming back to life yet? Are hotels, bars, and restaurants on Chaweng open yet? Is there a chain discussion on TV.com or somewhere else with regular updates? Thanks in advance.
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