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  1. Thanks Khun Per. I'm going to go ahead and still travel down. The main purpose if the visit it resting and chilling out anyway I have also heard there are COVID tests upon arrival for bkk visitors. Apparently, that it is not as bad as it sounds, and doesn't take long - anyone heard anything?
  2. Has anyone here gone overseas, or personally know someone that has gone overseas to get the vaccine? From what I can gather, to be feasible you'd need to get the the single dose J&J version. Fly somewhere, get the vaccine, have a weeks holiday there, come back and have a weeks "sandbox" semi quarantine holiday in Phuket, and then return to Bangkok. Any real life "how to" stories?
  3. Khun Per and Tropicalevo, Thanks for your replies. I think we'll give pig Island a try. Is is close enough to hire a private long-tail rather than cramming into a tour speed boat? Guess I can ask the taxi drivers where to go for nice seafood. They'll surely have an idea. Chaweng beach road is even quieter! OMG, it must have tumble weed at this point! Anyway, looking forward to getting there for some fresh sea air. Thanks guys.
  4. Hi Everyone, Following a great 10 days in Samui at Christmas & New Year, I am optimistic that Songkran will be great too . Booked Malibu Beach Resort 10th to 18th (8 nights) opposite Central Festival on Chaweng. Trying to make a loose plan for what to do. Is it fair to assume that it will be a similar state of "openess" as it was over Xmas, with a few night venues open on soi Green Mango and Fisherman's Village, then not much else? Authorities are planning "no water fights" in Bangkok, I assume that will carry through to Samui too? Any news on that? I
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