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  1. I have actually tried to delay my karma for the past 76 years by practicing safety.
  2. I have received several of these pfishing emails over the past couple of months. I simply forward them to [email protected] after I, like you did, log in using my normal method.
  3. I burned about 2 packs a day for more than 25 years. I didn't give a rat's a** what anyone said about my smoking. I always noticed that those who complained the most were previously smokers. I quit smoking in 1988 and promised myself that I would never complain about, or to those who smoked. I have kept that promise. For those who have asked, I have always tried to be helpful in giving advice and encouragement in quitting. I quit cold turkey on New Years day in 1988 and have never and will never touch another. Some people, cannot do that. My wife could not quit cold turkey. She tried the patch
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