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  1. chiang mai has a lot of reputable massage shops, some of them even employ ex prisoners like that lilla place with the purple signage .. loh kroi road however is a different kettle of fish .. that being said if you don't want to end up in a porn movie just go for a foot massage ..outside. there is a great anime massage place near kad suan kaew across the road behind the first row of houses .. ive never been in there, but its known for the girls dressing up as anime characters... and i was told by someone doing legitimate massage that they offer the extras.. im sure in loi kroh most of them do .. i even had a 2 month fling with a girl from there.. before i left one time
  2. yeah speaking as someone who has been on a lot of songthaews in chiangmai and mercifully a few tuk tuks .... the problem as someone said isnt with the songthaews .. sometimes they wont go where you want thats for sure, but generally its a cheap way to get around. The tuk tuk drivers like the majority of them sadly everywhere are a different kettle of fish. I was in bangkok in 2017. i met this american couple who had been given a tuk tuk driver by a police offier .. apparently he was only by law able to charge 50 baht per hour according to him. The tourists gave him 1000 a day anyway ,, but in chiangmai ... the only fee they understand is "150 baht" for any distance and dont get on one near the tha pae gate or it will be worse
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