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  1. Thais have the option of accepting the default state quarantine; which is utter <deleted>. My Thai wife, who by the way also needed a CoE, as all returning Thai do, choose to pay 60k for a slightly more pleasant experience. I myself am in the last days of ASQ as well, many Thais using the same lovely hotel (Movenpick). At just north of 73k for 15 nights, with excellent service, decent food and a large 80sqm suite, hardly a rip off or unfair deal (works out to less than 5k per night). In addition I paid about 150 euros for the insurance, specifically covering Covid-19. Emirates c
  2. Please.... there have been like five documented, known instances where a second infection occurred. Still an extremely rare thing. Hardly anything to freak out about. Then again, freaking out about trivial stuff seems to be the norm these days...
  3. You are paranoid for a very, very good reason. IMO it would be completely insane, given the current circumstances, to burn all your bridges and move to a third world country that has proven again and again, that it has very little (read none, zero) concern for "guests". I am not saying that you shouldn't move here, period. However, at least wait until the situation goes back to some resemblance of normality and do not, ever, burn your bridges back home. Maintain ties back home and keep your property. In case things go belly-up, at least you have a place to return to.
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