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  1. The Koh Kong Provincial Court on June 17 released two Chinese nationals after they paid a fine for the illegal possession of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccines without permission. Nuon Vutha, provincial Military Police deputy commander, told The Post on June 17 that joint forces from the provincial health department and Cham Yeam border checkpoint officers arrested the duo on June 16. The two, aged 42 and 53, resided in Cham Yeam village of Mondul Seima district’s Bak Khlang commune.
  2. Schools reopening should not be delayed, says Takeshika Kasai, WHO Director for West Asia and Karen Hulzf, UNICEF Country Director for East Asia and the Pacific. As the global epidemic of Covid-19 enters its second year, the safe reopening of schools has become an urgent priority. Learning in school is very important for children’s education and the potential for their lives. The long-term losses from school closures are enormous, both for individual children and for society as a whole, which is difficult to justify. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the evidence shows t
  3. PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – The United States is ending a Cambodian aid programme aimed at protecting one of the country’s biggest wildlife sanctuaries, citing worsening deforestation and the silencing of those who speak out about the destruction of natural resources. The U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh said in a statement on Thursday that it had invested more than $100 million to combat deforestation and despite some progress high rates of illegal logging had continued in the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary. Since 2016, Prey Lang had “lost approximately 38,000 hectares (93,900 acre
  4. The Ministry of Agriculture is establishing the Marine Dolphins Safety Sanctuary in the waters of Kep, Preah Sihanouk and Koh Kong provinces to preserve marine dolphins living around islands off the coast of Cambodia. Department of Fisheries Conservation director Ouk Vibol said on Monday that the Marine Dolphins Safety Sanctuary is about 8,000 hectares located around Koh Ach Ses in Kep province; Koh Rong, Koh Tang and Koh Pulawai in Preah Sihanouk province; and Peam Krasaop in Koh Kong province. Vibol said that according to the ministry’s plan, the establishment of the Marine Dolph
  5. Foreign arrivals to Cambodia dropped by 92.9 percent in the four months this year to only 82,839, according to a report from the Ministry of Tourism. From January to April, Thai tourists, 41,794 to be exact, topped Cambodia’s tourism market list, accounting 50 percent of the total foreign tourists during the period, pointed out the report issued on Tuesday. Chinese and Vietnamese tourists were ranked second and third with 25,986 and 4,814, respectively, it underlined. Phnom Penh International Airport handled 38,346 passengers as tourists, a 94.3 percent drop, the report stated.
  6. General Department of Immigration (GDI) officials are discussing revisions to the new draft law on immigration to prevent foreigners from entering Cambodia illegally and to supervise those living in the Kingdom more effectively. The revisions draw wide support among civil society organisations. GDI director-general Kirth Chantharith said the main content of the bill focused on preventing foreigners who had committed offences from entering Cambodia and imposing penalties on offenders. “The draft law also improves control of foreigners living in Cambodia, both foreign inv
  7. Kea Sokun rapped about a territorial dispute with Vietnam and Cambodia’s economy. A court in Cambodia Wednesday upheld an 18-month jail sentence against a rapper convicted last year for his songs critical of the government, disappointing his supporters who say he was merely expressing himself. Authorities arrested Kea Sokun and fellow rapper Long Puthera in September 2020 in the northwestern province of Siem Reap after they released songs that claimed that the government mishandled a border dispute with Vietnam and that Prime Minister Hun Sen’s lack of
  8. All kinds of business in state markets are permitted to resume from the onset of June 15, according to a new decision issued by Phnom Penh municipal governor Khuong Sreng late on June 14. The municipality first allowed state markets to reopen on May 20, but only essential commodities such as food were permitted. The markets still have to follow health measures including requiring everyone to wear mask, maintain distancing, wash hands with sanitisers and scan the "Stop Covid" QR Code before entering, among others. read more https://www.phnompenhpost.com/natio
  9. There are crypto exchanges and traders in Cambodia but the legality of bitcoin in the country is still unclear. The fact is that Cambodian financial authorities have not declared bitcoin as a legal tender. Many people are trading bitcoin hugely in Cambodia without having issues with the authorities involved. There are business owners that accept BTC as a payment option. You can also buy bitcoin at the best rate in the market on Remitano P2P to start your bitcoin trading journey. Many Cambodians are concerned about the warning from the authorities like the Na
  10. Cambodia today passed the 40,000 COVID case mark – with over 38,000 cases coming via ‘Community Infections’. Cambodia today announced 693 new COVID cases, bringing the total for the Kingdom up to 40,157 with 5,457 active cases. The high death toll continued with 7 new COVID deaths being announced today – bringing the total to 368 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia. As has been the recent trend, a case and death breakdown was not released by the Ministry. All but 33 of these new cases were Community cases This brings the total number of Community cases to 38,671.
  11. The National University of Management has been recognised as 26th among the world’s top 50 universities for Entrepreneurial spirit by the World University Universities Commission. According to the Ministry of Education, the World University Universities Commission, which organises the annual evaluation of the World Universities Ranking (WURI 2021 / The World’s Universities Ranking with Real Impact 2021), has announced the university rankings. read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50875134/cambodias-national-university-of-management-ranked-26-among-top-universities-in-t
  12. YouTube blogger Forgotten Temples Cambodia has shot this amazing video of Srah Damrei – a large, sandstone sculpture of an elephant. It is joined by several other smaller sculptures which have been dated to the 8th or 9th centuries. read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50874496/video-giant-elephants-of-stone-in-srah-damrei/
  13. A foreigner has been sent to court in Siem Reap province on a charge of child sex abuse and soliciting child prostitution. Siem Reap Provincial Police have announced that the foreigner – named as ‘Xavier Vincent G’ aged 51, a Belgian national living in Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap City, was arrested yesterday morning. Colonel Chea Heng, director of the Siem Reap Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police Office, said that three women living in Chong Kaosou Village, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap City – who are the mothers of 4 young girls – originally filed t
  14. As recoveries have outstripped new positive cases in Cambodia, the death rate from Covid-19 too has steadily increased. After the first death on 11 March this year, the death toll has climbed to 348 with 13 new deaths in less than 4 months after the outbreak of the deadly February 20 Community Event. A number of the Covid-19 deaths were recorded as death on arrival at the hospital, some when they brought to the hospital in a very advanced stage of infection. The February 20 Community Event broke out, out of the corrupt practices among a hotel security in a five star qua
  15. The government is on the alert to crack down on illegal gold mining activities as the country’s first commercial gold mining is set to start operations this month. Renaissance Mineral (Cambodia), a subsidiary of Australia-listed Renaissance, is set to start extraction production of gold at its Okvau Gold Project in Mondulkiri province on June 21. With the capacity of gold mining at three tonnes per year, the firm is expected to generate gross revenue at $185 million per year and the royalty revenue for the government from the firm is at $40 million. In a statement issued on Thursda
  16. Fed up over non-compliance of preventive measures, Phnom Penh City Hall may reimpose lockdowns in some areas and reintroduce the three-zone system – Yellow, Orange and Red. City Hall on Saturday announced that it noted recently that after restrictions were eased, the owners of private companies, financial institutions, restaurants, markets, workers, employees and some business people seemed to be relaxed and are neglecting the implementation of health measures. It said because of the risk that could lead to serious outbreaks in the community, it is mulling reimposing lockdowns in s
  17. For the past 17 years, the US Embassy in Phnom Penh has been proud to support the World Heritage Foundation’s conservation activities at Phnom Bakheng with more than $4 million from the US Ambassador’s Fund. The United States for Cultural Preservation (AFCP), has also assisted in the skills of hundreds of Cambodian professionals and workers in various activities related to conservation, architecture, construction and management, according to an announcement of the US Embassy yesterday. According to the US Embassy, the project to preserve Phnom Bakheng, which dates back to the 10th
  18. Cambodia has today recorded its highest number of deaths for a single day, as the total case count went over the 38,000 mark. The high death toll continued with 15 new COVID deaths being announced today for Cambodia – bringing the total to 335 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia. Meanwhile, The Kingdom recorded 468 new cases to bring the total cases for the country up to 38,427 with 6,227 current active cases. As has been the recent trend, a case and death breakdown was not released by the Ministry. All but 31 of these new cases were Community cases. This brings the
  19. Ministry of Health Mam Bun Heng today issued a letter to capital and provincial governors to remind them to strictly administer the Covid-19 Rapid Test to all travels entering Cambodia. He said that the announcement is to remind officials they must examine all travellers’ health who enter Cambodian territory via land borders, air or waterways by using a Rapid Test. If a person is found to be positive for Covid-19, they must be sent to hospital for treatment and anyone travelling with the patient must be sent to a quarantine centre for 14 days, he said. He added that gove
  20. reuters PHNOM PENH: Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh on Saturday (Jun 12) began overseeing the dismantling of "floating home" communities on the banks of the Tonle Sap River over the objections of longtime residents who say they have nowhere else to go. For generations, the floating wooden houseboats of Phnom Penh have been both livelihood and way of life for mostly ethnic Vietnamese families, home to fish farming and interconnected by warrens of hand-built bridges interspersed with sunken poles and small boats. "Our ancestors have always been here," said K
  21. Police in Takeo province’s Kiri Vong district on Thursday burned 12 marijuana farms in a 2,865-square-metre area in the foothills and valleys of Preah Bat Chonchum commune. Captain Sem Sok, chief of the district’s Anti-Drug Unit, told Khmer Times on Friday that the owners of the marijuana farms fled before police arrived. Cap Sok noted that after the raid, police seized thousands of marijuana plants as well as other related materials from their farms. “After the raid, police destroyed all the marijuana plants and other related materials at their farm,” he said.
  22. Train travel has largely ground to a halt in Cambodia due to the coronavirus but railway fans can still get their fix aboard a stationary carriage converted into a hipster cafe. The country has more than 600 kilometres of track extending from its northern border with Thailand to the southern coast, but decades of war and neglect have left vast stretches damaged and coronavirus has shut many remaining services. A new airport rail link was closed last year and passenger trains to the seaport of Sihanoukville have been suspended since March when Cambodia was hit with the w
  23. Reports of new infections come as Cambodia marks its 300th death from the disease caused by the coronavirus. A growing number of elderly political activists held in Cambodia’s notorious Prey Sar Prison are testing positive for COVID-19 as the coronavirus spreads unchecked through the penal system, inmates and their family members said Thursday. Reports of the widening prison outbreak came as authorities announced Cambodia’s 300th COVID-19 death and 36,666th infection, marking a grim milestone for a country that just over three months ago had yet to report a s
  24. Defense official says full access would go against Cambodia’s sovereignty. The U.S. embassy in Cambodia said Friday that its defense attaché was denied complete access during an invited visit to the country’s largest naval base, but a Cambodian official told RFA that Phnom Penh had never agreed to a full tour. The tour Friday came 10 days after U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, during a visit to Cambodia, voiced concern about Chinese military presence and construction of facilities at Ream Naval Base on the site of a U.S.-built structure Phnom Pen
  25. A repatriation agreement has been inked to return 27 Khmer artefacts after their seizure in the United States. New York District Attorney’s cultural office representative Cyrus Vance and Cambodian Ambassador to the US Chum Sounary on Wednesday executed the agreement during a ceremony that other officials attended online. Among the 27 artefacts were several Angkorian Buddhist and Hindu statues such as a bronze meditation Buddha on a Naga, a statue of Shiva and a Buddhist sandstone sculpture of Prajnaparamita. Minister of Culture Phoeurng Sackona said: “The win-win policy of the gove
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