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  1. its ok, most people can wait 'til 4.05 a.m. for a beer
  2. website update, mentioned on another topic. lots of new features. I think the header is too large though, and not necessary .
  3. it's more like- having to do the TM30, AND scrolling past something not needed. too much hard work
  4. that's exactly what I was thinking.... hey 'okrules', says your locations 'Earth', you sure about that ?
  5. me too on annual extensions, so got out of that rut. I forget amount but was high, 1000 B I think. taking the 'iss really. bus to trat on suks, van to border, goes past the pier for koh chang. do the border, kaoh kong (sic) was really a wild west town 10 yrs ago, very dark and just getting a few new hotels built. got a new road with bridges that goes to snooky and PP, so maybe built up now. good for trying the local beers for one night though. if budget could stretch defo recommend a few night in koh chang as you say.
  6. dunno if it still runs, I used to use big bus, overnight to Nong Khai, has a VIP section, 3 seats across, as comfortable as a bus could be. was by the mosque on suks, opp nern plab wern.
  7. even overnight at koh kong via Trat. hated that border though, tea money demanded every time I went through there. is the other one in chantaburi closed now ?
  8. my 3... 1.sek loso 2.pang nakarin kingsuk 3.job2do (reggae, do do do and more good 'uns) used to love going to karaoke and singing some of these, bit old for that now though....
  9. and agree again. ( not the age thing though, I don't know you) but seems you know yr stuff so hope the op takes note. I've had to use earth as a neutral at socket on occasions to prove machines work but neutrals missing, never left it connected, just to 'prove', then proper sparky gets the fun job. but yeah.... nice one
  10. no escape from this, whether from drink bottles or food, stuff is everywhere now. apparently we eat a credit cards worth of plastic a week...………. apparently
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