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  1. white wine is cheap in 'Aus'. you know where you want to be...
  2. yeah i remember it being there around 2003? must have moved shortly after that?
  3. I've got a suggestion for the 'Singha Corporation'. Try and find the old recipe for Leo when it was 5.5%, and tasted ok, very drinkable. relabel it as 'Leo AIW' (as it was), or 'Leo BTO' (back to original). as all beers seem to have been messed around with around the same time, 2008/2009?, i'm sure it would prove very popular, once again.
  4. i always mark the tyre to the tubes valve, so i can check the tyre in relation to the position of the puncture. sometimes get a small, even minute, piece of glass/ stone/ thorn that you wouldn't feel running your fingers along the inside. i do this because of similar problems to yours in the past. i don't get caught out anymore.
  5. what's a buger? options are macdonalds, BK, most restaurants down buakhao have them on their menu. anything with beef in it. beef is a 'plant based meat'. cows eat grass. there you go.
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