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  1. No they wont make you go there. BUT , you will have to book and pay 7 nights in advance at a Samui hotel , regardless of whether you have already done that in Phuket , or you own a condo or luxury villa in either destination. Because the reason you can come is to save Thai tourism and we really dont give a damn if you have a good holiday or not.
  2. Guess who was responsible for allowing 3 big party venues to open on Phuket over a long weekend ( including Cafe del <deleted> ) and unleashing a new wave of Covid upon Phuket ? Guess who is not doing that again ?
  3. Well done Thai GIrlfriend ! Did they give you any sort of Certification ?
  4. " "Phuket officials are keeping quiet on foreigners being able to register for the Covid-19 vaccine. 2 weeks prior the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that foreigners could register for a Covid-19 vaccine. Earlier, Thaiger wrote that many (nationality not specified) who registered for a vaccine had their registration mysteriously canceled." Thaiger 7/6/21
  5. When I went to a private hospital I always use , they said , "We are sorry. There isnt enough vaccine supply yet. Try next month." I went to a private hospital , I dint say you should not. I do , however , try to minimise my visits.
  6. "While the prime minister had said, earlier today, that a contract had been signed for the purchase of 25 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said that the Ministry of Public Health is “expected to sign term sheets” for the procurement of 20 million doses of Pfizer and just five million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines later this week." When cops want to uncover big lies , they put 2 suspects in 2 different rooms , ask the same questions and uncover anomlies in the individuals stories which they use as indicators t
  7. Have you read the whole thread ? One place issuing vax is not "Mass Vaccination". As I said - "Sure , a few foreign plebs with work permits/pink books will get a vax , and they will say , "Well WE got one " , and that will be enough to have us all scrambling back to our laptops and hospitals ( that we really should be avoiding ) in the mistaken belief that we are next." So where did you join a mass of farang getting vaxed yesterday ? Oh , and how did YOUR registration go btw ?
  8. I went to a Bangkok Hospital facility and they said they werent taking registrations as there was no vaccine supply to administer even though they want to administer it.
  9. Read this! Understand it ! There were NO mass vax's today , despite all the hoo haa ! Predictably , even puting your name down for a vax was a failure .. Accept it and go back to laying on "their" beach , playing sport with other expats , relaxing and doing what you enjoy... Im not anti-vac , but its futile and sad to think of yourself as deluded enough to believe they have any interest at all in your well being , and , after all , the sooner you contract it , the sooner $100k US in Insurance flows into Thailand ... Vax enough for us MAY be h
  10. Its not 'ineptitude' ... imo , its planned ! Its planned in order to dominate headlines , it placates because it makes it LOOK like somethings happening , makes it look like they care , announcing the vax is coming , and you just have to register ( 555) causes any concerted "anti" movement to scatter in disarray HOPING , really hoping , that if they just do what is asked by the authorities , they will get what they desperately want. Its not coming today , nor the 9th , nor even by the end of the month. The General already said he didint intend to do anything
  11. You've just read the utter despair of at least 50 people who have wasted a day and achieved Nothing , part of Nothing , or the promise of Nothing , and you ask this ? The obvious answer appears to me to be , "YES ! You can even have both ! Just complete the online registration and get yourself an appointment time ..."
  12. The body in the pic appears to be male and have jeans on. Hardly good swimming attire. Wet jeans are well known to at least hasten drowning. Has anyone read that Papa was a adequate swimmer or not ? If Mumma fell in , and she also had voluminous clothing , a Sari for example , it is possible that Pappa went to her aid and they both drowned. Drowning is what the investigators assume. And the coroner confirms. And any sort of struggle , electrocution etc , would leave tell tale signs. Sure , assailants could have held them under , but any attac
  13. So I presume you are registering to receive a vax , and to get a vax you need an appointment time ? So if you didnt get an appointment time , what do you do now ?
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