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  1. A buddy of mine was due to extend his 1 year Retirement Extension on (O_A ) the 7th. He somehow misread that and turned up at Phuket Immigration on the 17th . He had the required papers and was told that because of Corona all was ok , and his Extension granted. So some tolerance there.
  2. You are not wrong there ! My gf had a bright striped golfing umbrella whipped from her hands by wind and land on a road . 15 seconds passed by the time we got to the edge of the road. Another 10 seconds passed as we watched a Thai in a Mu7 approach or she would have run out to get it , he did not not even try to break or avoid this big bright umbrella and simply run it over ! Hard to fathom !!
  3. Sorry for your loss. Are you aware of if your father got his pension sent to him ? As a retiree , and to qualify for a Retirement Extension to stay in Thailand , your Dad would have had to have the equivalent of 65,000 baht minimum arriving monthly into a Thai Bank account ( which he would likely have spent as it arrives ) OR 800,000 baht at time of application , ONCE per year, and in the Bank for 5 months. A recent addition to the law is that he could possibly spend that money down to 400,000 baht , but always had to have 400k in a Thai Bank to cover emergency contingencies such as a hospital bill ... a funeral could fit that requirement to. So he may have left some cash in a Thai bank somewhere. But as others have said , the Thai are ruthless when it comes to free 'pickings' , and if he did have a girlfriend then I imagine that savings would be gone. The landlords 'damages' will probably include back rent , so any search for cash that he is aware of he will probably claim. Like others have said , its highly unlikely you would be libel for any debts here if nobody knows you and you arent living in Thailand . Since you have so little info to go by its probably best you let this one go...
  4. He is 100% incorrect ! I work on beach cleans in Phuket and the biggest source of pollution is local people who throw rubbish into the klongs , which then float onto the beach. Local fishermen are a huge problem , throwing tangled line , meal styrofoam boxes , Bubble styro for home made floats and bottles containing yellow p!ss, outboard oil bottles and water bottles and little brown bottles overboard. Bigger boats contribute large rope and net tangles and big light bulbs and fluro tubes. But as for on the beach , it is exactly the demograph in the article. They love to pile trash up at the base of Palm trees - lots of 7/11 bags containing pumpkin seed bags , and invariably 2 plastic straws still in their covers. Then strewn willy nilly , coke cans and long bottles of Chang or Leo and a few discarded blister packs of some over the counter tablets.. Its fric**en disgraceful...
  5. 15,000 baht was actually promised , then the Government Elite thought about how that would eat into their precious $ US226 billion reserves , and that could erode the high value of their baht and current fabulous buying power , and so decided not to deliver on that promise . So now its just 5,000 baht that the common Thai may or may not receive. This is contrary to the law - "Section 33 of the act stipulates that people forced to stop working through no fault of their own are to be given 62% of their daily wages based on a maximum monthly salary of B15,000 for a maximum of 90 days."
  6. Its interesting to note that those who like to hint at a massive conspiracy never state a possible motive , because any suggested 'motive' can be seen through immediately. With every economic indicator heading south , and without the factory fodder lined up at their jobs , I cant think of any power structure that stands to gain. The only thing 'better' off is the environment , so unless it was Militant Greens who grew Covid-19...
  7. The area of Phuket that was constantly having cases and cross infecting was Bang Tao. This is a Muslim area with NO BARS and plenty of small Mosques. So I appreciate what you are saying.
  8. Officials a avoid the sun and beaches , so we got buckleys of them considering swimmers and surfers , but golf wherein people congregate closely at tee off , is open...
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