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  1. It was a white Fortuner ! Of course its driver took right of way !
  2. Thailand has it all over them until they do a 30 day Visa free entry...
  3. Not really "news" I guess. Some of these dolphins seem to frequent the bay next to where 'Racha Ferries' operate out of at Don Sak. Ive seen them the last 3 times while Ive been waiting to drive on to the ferry going to Samui. Beautiful animals .
  4. Watch the video. The bike rider was behaving with the abandoned elation of many who arrive in Phuket for their dream holiday and drive like idiots because they see they can. He drove straight into the minivan . Now half the TV 'post accident investigation experts' want someone to hang out to dry. And they're pretty much the same crew who happily left their former countries , calling them 'nanny states'. Yet they want a 'nanny state' in Thailand - wherein somebody ( as long as it isnt themselves ) can always be blamed . And when that does happen , the punishment to is NEVER enough ! They want entire families to lose the bread winner to incarceration - and then have their hands out in order to survive , just like happens in their previous nanny state! The rental shop has lost 40k on the scooter already. A months living for many a TV 'expert'. The punishment is built in in this scenario.
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