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  1. Maybe Ive been missing a lot - but if the Kurds in Turkey have been continuously and violently committing acts of terrorism , then I must have been slept through it ! There appears to me no justification for Turkeys actions except 'old animosities' , or political expediency for Erdogan. "Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio noted that "at request of this administration the Kurds served as the primary ground fighters against ISIS in Syria so U.S. troops wouldn't have to." Despicable behaviour from an ally !
  2. I got lots of information by page 16. I gave up after that, I formed the view that we all are starting to know what we dont want to know. And that is that we are living in a State run by Nationalists that are becoming more 'ultra' by the month. I say 'month' because a new Edict is handed down lately pretty much EVERY month ! And one of the earmarks of Nationalists Governments throughout history - has been to overly focus on "evil" foreign influences 'despoiling ' all the good work the Nationalist COULD have done , but for evil ;others' . I dont forsee anything progerrive voming from this , ;OUR Nations Wealth ' e
  3. The article says - "Immigration police data shows Thailand has received more than 80,000 applications for non-immigrant visas so far this year." The key word is "applications'...
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