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  1. In response TAT has revised their figures on tourist arrivals down , to 20 million by December 1 .
  2. They are still asking for 300 for one here in Phuket last I knew. The "hansum young man " working at Patong Office once demanded 1000 from me for a Resident Certificate , the scumbag.
  3. Exactly !New cases are going down, why not point that out ?
  4. I asked an older Italian guy about his 300 Super and he said I should buy a new PCX ! I also noted , when visiting the new Vespa shop in town , that parts/accessories were surprisingly expensive. Like a rubber floor mat at 1500 baht !
  5. Pretty much back to the same same as last April. A whole year of talk , thousands of proposals and 'maybes' and millions of words printed. And less than 1% of the population immunised. Sigh.
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