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  1. Hi all,

    Appreciate some views on this. I've been on a continual non B for 9 years never had a bump in the road here. Only flight I managed to get for a visit home was on 1st April. Non B expires on 31st March. I am forwarding my documentation at home this time for another visa rather than an extention. Does anyone forsee any grief at Bangkok for being over and do I have to pay a fine before being summoned by immigration for depature?

    If it would involve some condescending gestapo like dance because of this at Suvarnabhumi and effect my application when sending to the consulate I'd rather just go down for a 7 day extention as I still have time?

    Many thanks for any help.

  2. Seems that every time I come back to this thread in the hope of finding out some info on the rumoured 400 all I find is crap on Kwak 650's or drivel about the cbr150.

    How about posting in the relevant forums if you have something to say about thise bikes?

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    I rememeber sometime prior to the release of the new CBR 150 everyone on here saying that there was going to be a streamlining of models and no way that they were going to release a new bike. Even Richard was adament it wasn't going to happen.

    I went and asked the owner of the local Honda dealer I have been visisting for years and he staright off the bat said new one on the way 100% he'd seen it already at one of the dealer invites. Sure enough it was on the shop floor some months later.

    OP, I'll go and ask him sometime this week about a 400 and let you know what he says.

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  3. Hi,

    This has had much discussion over many years without ever being an iron clad answer.

    Could you please clarify whether foreign school teachers who have worked many years (8) for the same governement school and given the same 1 year contract can refuse to then sign a significantly changed contract at expiry of the old? If so are they entitled to severance pay as par with the private company dispute guidelines? Furthemore, is there a minimum period in which a new contract should be presented to a teacher for him/her to look over before agreeing or not? Discussed this yesterday with somone who has been given just 1 and a half days notice to sign before current work permit expires.

    Many thanks.

  4. Hi all,

    I've been considering a Ninja 250 or CBR 250 for a while. However, I have also heard that Triumph may release a 250-350 in Thailand which would interest me. Some sort of genuine makeover of the Ninja appears long overdue and they must be getting financially caned against the more value orientated Honda which would lead me to think a genuine update would be on the cards. I also read that Yamaha may enter the 250 market.

    I lean towards a Ninja, but would not want to buy only to have a genuine new model released shortly after. The Honda really appealed, but I have heard of a few common problems (kickstand, gear selection and jerky throttle issues) that have not been rectified and has put me off one.

    Anyone feel that with a few new bikes maybe in the offing that it is not a good time to be considering buying?


  5. TAWP:

    Instead of protesting the students right to bring their cars home at lower tax-rate, how about protesting the tax-rate to import 'luxury' products here?

    Steady chap, that would require use of the grey matter and taking on a few vested interest groups who make a tidy some from it no doubt. smile.png

  6. Apologies Aidenai,

    Scrolling through quickly I incorrectly read your name for another member who without wanting to resort to the same pathetic and unhelpful comments I mistook for you.

    Hopefully as already stated, someone else with something positive will comment. There seems very little information at present probably due to all schools who may have staff in this dilemma not having even considered it. :)

  7. I personally know a number of teachers who haven't been informed about the changes in requirements, and there have been many, and neither has the school. Many work in schools in small towns and villages and have been teaching for years with no problem getting their WP renewed and visa extension up until very recently. There have been some who have had their WP and Visa extended without a problem and others who haven't been as lucky. The schools had no notification by anyone at the Ministry of Education or TCT about the Thai Culture Course or TL and the teachers didn't either.

    After hearing this I asked recently at the school where I work and my Director said they haven't had any formal notifications either, we only know due to our own research. It is a complete shambles! One day someone without a degree, Culture Course Certificate or TL will get a WP and visa extension and the next day someone who has completed the Culture Course and has a degree but no TL will be refused, and that is at the same office! Teaching experience is very rarely taken into consideration and that is much more important than whether someone spent a few years getting drunk at university 20-30 years ago while doing a degree in Aromatherapy or Equine Management.

    It's very hard to verify whether the Ministry of Education or The Teachers' Council of Thailand was selective in sending the teacher license information to the Educational Service Area Offices and the schools. Especially since the TCT teacher license requirements apply to both Thai and foreign teachers. Obviously, the Thai teachers don't have to sit the culture course. The same applies to information sent to the Immigration Offices nationwide and the Labour Offices. Regarding that, it's reported that even until now, not all Immigration Offices and Labour Offices enforce the rules as written in documents they've produced themselves. I'm taking about Police Order 777/2551 (2008) or Labour TT2 (2010) and TT1 (2011/ 2012).

    Whose fault? I don't know.

    In our rural province we were ordered in November 2006 to register at The Teachers' Council of Thailand. In April 2008 we couldn't get a extension of stay at Immigration unless we were able to submit the TCT provisional teaching permit. In April 2010 it became mandatory at the Labour Office when renewing the work permit.

    Your last sentence about the necessity of having a university degree or not is another discussion and is an inappropriate generalisation.

    Moreover, I see you using TL all the time. TL stands for teacher license and that document will be given when you have a university degree plus a certificate of the Thai Language, Culture and Ethics course plus passed the 4 sections of the TCT Professional Knowledge Tests. Not to mention the other routes such as the education degree or foreign teaching credentials.

    Your posts in this topic Aidenai appear exactly the same.

    A chap asks for advice on a predicament that quite a few TEFL teachers with a wealth of experience will face shortly including a couple I know. I fail to see anything you have posted in this thread as remotely helpful. Just banging the same 'traffic warden' like drum.

    I will follow this so I can perhaps help those I know. Hopefully posts will be made of a more positive and helpful nature by some other members.

  8. Any News on this bike for the Thai Market ?

    Bennche Megelli 250R


    Also release date for the Yamaha 250R ., ? ?


    I really love to buy this Yamaha its awsome !

    An American review I read of the Megelli 250R didnt read so good. Made in China and they said very flimsy fairings that had cracked even before the test ride, underpowered, compared to the Ninja, and quite a few other not so flattering remarks.

    The Yamaha 125R is made in India. Available in Australia at a very competitive price to the Honda CBR125 (old 150 in thailand) Also Yamaha have a 150 R version of the same bike, but down on specs from the current CBR 150.

    Yamaha have squeezed a 1 pot 250cc engine into the same frame, but I think revised suspension and rim size to suit. Apparently almost due for release now. But as Yamaha dont import the 125R into Thailand I cant see them bringing in the 250. But hey I am not Yamaha so anything could happen.

    The yammy is a very nice looking bike.

    Yamaha are also entering the MotoGP3 class next season so development of a 250 1 potter could add more competition to that market. I read also that Aprilla are developing a 4 stroke 250 to compete, so the global compitition for the road versions could be heating up nicely next year.......but probably not if u live in thailand!!

    Kawasaki with their 2 pot 250 will become the oddball of the market. Although I saw somewhere they are doing a major upgrade to the 250 Ninja so maybe also coming out with a 250 single??? to compete.

    Compete with what? How is the 250 Ninja twin not competing with the Honda single? The numerous tests I've read have been very even and the only thing that goes against the Ninja bar a genuine 2013 cosmetic spruce up is the price.

  9. Hi guys,

    I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction by anyone who knows the cheapest options for starting BA degrees in Thailand, preferably online?

    I realise the Thais can start at many institutions for virtually nothing (weekends etc) but was not confident about it being the same for us! I know a few good teachers who appear that they will have to stop with the pending 3rd waiver issues, unless there is a late u-turn that looks unlikely. Obviously earning 30-40k a month leaves very little scope and it is more for submittance on the above than anything else.

    Any help would be appreciated so I can pass it along as I'd imagine there will be a lot of anxiety as the deadline gets nearer for quite a few.

    Many thanks for any help.

  10. aurelius- Get a grip Pal and if all you can do is make way off the mark presumptions and insults about people asking for something that is simple and straight forward just about anywhere not just at home, why reply.

    Any kind of document/letter would have done, I remained calm and respectful throughout thanks.

    Many thanks to those who replied with positive suggestions. I have subsequently been advised by an ex-employee that they will deal with it for me in the regional office which is well within travel distance for me, so I shall see if they can.

    If not I will PM you Ian many thanks for the offer.

  11. Hi all,

    I wondered if you would offer advice on best way forward dealing with Bangkok Bank on an issue which belies belief quite frankly.

    I went in my local branch to request a bank statement be sent me or issued that has my address on it in Thailand. I have to have proof of my address via a bank account statement or similar, for a fairly simple Forex account application outside the country. BKK Bank couldn't or wouldn't help as it was not the branch I opened the account in!

    I then travelled to the branch I opened it in years ago and they said they couldn't do it. The teller informed me that no facility in any capacity to write a document or print out anything exists at the branch which has your address on it.

    I know there used to be someone who posted regularly on here who worked for them and wondered if they or anyone else would offer any advice on this. I have frankly never heard such a ridiculous statement in my life from a bank. The teller thought I was from planet Zog even for asking apparently as I was helped by a Thai friend to converse.

  12. 3rd class is what you describe, 3rd party medical and cars/bikes, bailbond

    I think you are right about it being called 3rd class & apparently its the only option for scooter sized bikes under a certain amount of CC's, ie: Im pretty sure they wont do a 1st class policy on a fino. BUT the way I see it, is if everyone else is covered & ur just up for a fino replacement, then sobeit & at least thats a start.

    There are limits on the policy like 200,000 baht per person injured up to 10 million baht, bail bond I think was 200,000. Driver on the insured bike also gets some basic coverage, it wasnt all that flash but certainly better than nothing.


    Could you please tell me where you get this insurance for a 125 scooter type machine as at present I only have the compulsory 3rd party junk. Even at 2000 baht it seems worth it to me.

    Many thanks,


  13. When you say 3rd party.. i presume you mean the extra insurance (2,000b for 2 years). in that case he should certainly have called the insurance and yes it would probably have turned out differently.


    Insurance doesnt want to pay unless they have to. Police backs off more easily when insurance is present, so do "witnesses".

    In general, never admit fault, or actually do not speak, until you insurance rep asks you to speak

    Can someone clarify, what happens generally if a car is hit by a bike in the rear and say needs the bumper replacing? Can we take it that it is a normal Wave type 125 that has the two statutory tax/insurance items. IS the insurance that the bike has adequate. I see this regularly and just wondered.

  14. Darren,

    It's run of the mill. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As for the rest; wide negative aspersions as to other teachers who work in Thailand, incorrect legal positions, cheap shots on motivation and that one person's view of a school can be vastly different to another for a multitude of reasons. I think the posters said more about themselves than Satree Phuket.

    Take where you worked previously for some length of time and expect it to be more or less the same!

  15. I've followed the news on this and the no fuel injection upgrade rumours have persisted for more than a year or two along with it's impending axe completely. It's also been one of the speculative discussions for a while on the board now. Having held on for the last 2 years hoping it would be changed over to fuel injection and not seeing the sense in Honda scrapping the bike I have never believed it.

    Well, tired of waiting and the yeh and ney debate here, I popped into my local Honda dealer today and talked to the manager who remembers the farang face and I get on with well.

    I brought the topic up and he assures me that the bike is not only going to continue in production but will have fuel injection from around May/June 2010. I asked him 5 or 6 times if he was a 100% sure and he is. I pushed him on how he could be so sure and his reply was because in the last week or two he has been to a Bangkok meeting on the phase out of certain models, and the new Fuel injection model was actually there for him to look at. He's SEEN IT- CBR 150 FUEL INJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just as a double check my gf (who knows a Honda dealership owner very well) is going to get her to phone up Honda on Monday and clarify it. But I'm taking it as gospel and the ney sayers can remain so as long as they want. I'm enjoying a Chang or two and awaiting the day in the not too distant future, where I can slap down my baht and ride away my FI CBR 150! :)

    Oh and please any 'I can piss farther than you' big bike brigade go and post on a topic someone else cares about.

    On the other hand he could've been pulling my leg. Stupid farang and all that.........................


  16. Never known the mechanics stick to the service schedule but don't sweat it <deleted>. As long as the oil is changed you're not in danger of breaking anything and it's hardly a big deal.

    It's not the point Maka. When you go to a franchised Honda shop, you expect the mechanics to have undergone some rudimentary training on behalf of Honda. They are representing the brand ! To me it seems that the Honda mechanics are just high street mechanics wearing uniform.

    I take my Wave into the franchised shop to be serviced on time. They duly write the date and mileage in my book and stamp it up but they do nothing more than change the oil and give it the once over.

    They HAVE advised me about changing the rear brakes and the chain etc but they have NOT changed the spark plug or air filter at proscribed times.

    I showed them that in the book it calls for a spark plug and air filter change. They then looked at a chart on the wall which was a very large version of exactly what was in my book.

    Lots of them looked at the chart.

    It appeared to be the first time they had seen the chart.

    These charts are produced so that muppets and chimps like you can follow a simple template as to what is required at each 6k service interval. It really isnt that difficult. They are not merely wall adornments.

    They also overly inflated my tyres. I noticed this as the bike nearly shook itself to death over small road ridges on the way home. However, they have a proper air pump with a huge dial-faced gauge on it. If only they'd turned their heads and looked. 50psi is too much. At speed, in this heat, that could have caused a blow out. Why should i have to check up on a franchised Honda mechanic's work ?

    There certainly is an element of 'Thai people not like - too expensive'.

    When ever i have a puncture, i choose the 90b replacement tube instead of the 10b patch. The mechanics laugh and call me lavish ! Go figure!


    I'd change the garage to one you feel more confident in if possible. I don't know how many you have in town, I'm fortunate to have 5 or 6 and have changed to a quiet smaller outfit where the mechanic seems quite happy to take his time and be thorough. There are some good guys out there.

    You are quite right with what you say, it's just you face so much of the same things day to day anyway, that if you sweat all of it you'll drive yourself insane in the end!

    All the best,


  17. SouthernSeaKirin or anyone else who knows,

    How does this league work in the national scheme of things? If a team is top of their division at the end of the season do they have to then play the top teams of other areas of the country?

    Many thanks,


  18. Forget the 4 speed clunking Wave or similar ancient puppies. The trannys are a pain in the arse. Go modern with an auto scooter instead from any of the majors. Honda, Yammy, or Susi. The money is the same. Only Thais still drive those old fashioned clunkers. Buy one used for 35-30baht with under 6000km. Buy from a falang or buy new and lose 10k out the door.

    Awful things, I don't agree at all and the OP specifically said he wasn't after an automatic.

  19. Aitch52 and anyone else who is interested,

    In regard the Wave and replacement chains. First chain went at 17000 km and I was told the Honda replacement was not up to much by an ex Honda mechanic. Went for a heavy duty replacement with sprockets and it was about the same price. Got it done in one of the 'Bad boy' tuning shops. I recall it was a D.I.D and the guy held up the difference I could see it instantly, sprockets and chain looked double the weight!

    Just had it replaced last week again and the bike is now showing 53000 km's so it speaks for itself. I also recall them saying you can't take a link out of the genuine chain but I had one or two taken out the non-genuine one along the way.

    Never known the mechanics stick to the service schedule but don't sweat it <deleted>. As long as the oil is changed you're not in danger of breaking anything and it's hardly a big deal. I remember asking for a change of spark plug a little early and within a day it died on me and was misfiring. Careful what you wish for eh! Took it back they swapped it for free. Other than that I've had brakes replaced a couple of times and that's about it.

    Fingers crossed it should last me as long as I need it. I do the oil every 2000 k's and it appears as strong as ever for a bicycle with an engine! :)

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