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  1. It's actually an Excavator, about 4 x heavier than a backhoe...Karma is a bitch, now he and his boss are going to have to pay to clean up the mess...better than a fine!!
  2. His photo in the opposition rag was very unmilitary, he is wearing a white T shirt with a red neckband, plainly visible under his regulation shirt! Not done when out of the barracks old boy!
  3. Poor insulation, high humidity...very poor installation, fitted by a man in a "songcran" shirt and an old pair of pliers?
  4. "Forget about Trump for the moment. Just imagine any situation where a senior official in the administration appears to favour Russia, such as taking Russia's side against the advice of the various agencies (CIA, NSA etc) who are tasked with protecting the interests of the USA, having meetings with Putin with no officials present and where the translator was forced not to divulge the content of the meeting and had to hand over the notes (normally such meetings, even if classified, would be recorded for posterity)." Ok, let's look at HRC, when she was Sec. State she had many meetings with donors to the "Foundation", where are the notes for posterity? Where are the notes for the Uranium deal? where are the notes for the meetings with the DNC while she was a government official? All I see is a picture of Trump with a baby in his mouth, dripping blood, whenever a "democrat" makes a comment about Trump!
  5. Maybe using a russian computer has generated "leftist" leanings??