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  1. A water pistol filled with water, shoot them in the face....total confusion, disraction...even works with dogs fighting each other!
  2. It was just an accident! Cpl Plod was just emphasising his desire to enter the club when the "stupid" noodle seller walked into the bullet. The noodle sellers stupidity was further suggested when after being politely asked to stand up, to show he wasn't hurt, the man insisted he was in fact hurt! The Cpl then punished the man for lying! Nothing to report here? The Noodle seller had obviously been shot before he came to the club and conspired with the guards to get the Cpl into trouble! Clearly the Cpl was "tired and emotional" from the stress of long hours and overwork
  3. I've been trying to organise a flight to Oz, one way about AUD$3-6,000 no seats available as only a couple of flights a week! bloody nonsense!
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