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  1. A couple of years ago 5 policemen were sentenced to death for murder, they got bail for the appeal, the Judge warned them not to approach any of the trial witnesses!!
  2. The so called "Australian Border Force" staffed by Australian public service officers level 3 to what ever, are basically a group of people with severe personality disorders! A quick look will see thieves and and petty criminals pepper their ranks. If you read the Australian Federal Ombudsman reports on the ABF you will see the total arrogance and inability to accept errors of judgement when dealing with the public! They are never held to account!
  3. I would have pulled her nose, she obviously wanted get away with not paying, the taxi is his "rice bowl" she spent more on her KFC than she would have on the taxi...book her Danial!
  4. Certainly, I became friends with members of the Queens "Cobra Division" in Saigon in 1967-69, I think they were protecting a construction battalion in Central SVN?
  5. It's all a record in the public domain...look it up yourself!
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